How to do Luxury Travel with Kids


Amazing, fulfilling, extraordinary – but sometimes exhausting, is how life changes when you become a parent. And with all the associated essential (and non-essential) equipment and tools, luxury travel with kids may be one of the most challenging times and you should be brave enough to consider it.

But fret not because some of the world’s best and luxurious hotels are now catering to people searching out luxury without leaving their children at home, and those who want to get an easy and hassle-free travel fix and feel supremely well looked after at the same time.

Keep in mind that luxury travel with kids can still be wonderful and fun. You just have to consider a few simple rules to apply and live by.

So, if you are still worried about the dilemma of whether to brave a night flight to selecting the best kids-friendly hotel and curing jet lag, here are some top tips to ensure a family holiday that still feels like a luxury.

What to do before you travel with kids

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Check the passports before you travel with kids

Flat lay of travel with kids essentials including a laptop, a camera, sandals, sunglasses, a polaroid, and a bag full of clothes and personal accessories | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

It’s important to prepare all your travel essentials when traveling with kids. | Image from pexels


 Many of us know that we need a passport to travel abroad. What you might not know is that your passport has to be valid for months before your scheduled trip. Most countries require at least 6 months of validity while others require less.

So, make sure to check everybody’s passports for expiry dates months before your intended travel, particularly the kids’.

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Travel with kids = Planning the trip

 From where you will be staying to how you will get to your destination, it’s worth putting in the hours so you know exactly what to expect when you get there. Many affluent families refer to luxury travel advisors to take the stress out of planning for luxury travel with kids.

You have definitely booked your flights for your trip, but remember that your pre-booking shouldn’t end there. You might be used to showing up at a destination, getting a feel for the town, experiencing the culture and exploring the place, going on endless adventures, and picking a beautiful place to stay. This doesn’t work with kids.

When you arrive in a new place, you’ll want to go straight to your hotel room, drop off bags, and allow your kids to rest if necessary. This is especially true if it has been a long journey to get to your destination.

It is important that you should know where you’re staying before you arrive. Anything that you can book ahead of time lessens the things you have to worry about while trying to keep your family happy on your trip.

Dark skinned young little girl excited for her travel with kids with curly black hair hiding in a light colored wooden cabinet | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Kids can be a handful. Planning your trip to the T can help make your travel smoother. | Image from pexels


What to do on the plane

Some of the best luxurious destinations require long-haul flights and as we all know, long haul is still doable, even after parenthood. The chance that the kids might sleep, for a bit, is preferable to trying to keep them entertained for hours in a very limited space. This will be very challenging so brace yourself.

Travel hacks when you travel with kids

 Traveling with kids can be very rewarding, but it also entails a lot of work. It translates into more time packing, increased baggage fees, and more patience and hard work.

But know that you can hack a lot of common problems that arise when traveling with kids. Here are some travel hacks that every parent needs to know before your next vacation.

1. Use butterfly clips to construct a blanket tent over your kids while they sleep. Aside from being a source of fun and entertainment, it can protect them from glaring overhead lights and screens, which gives them a chance of staying asleep.

2. Getting through an airport without a stroller seems impossible for some parents, so consider switching out your regular-size stroller for a portable, more compact, umbrella stroller. There are yoyo buggies that can be taken on as hand luggage, which can make your trip easy and hassle-free.

3. Consider onesies for children to wear on the plane. They are cozy and easy to change too.

4. Everyone is used to bringing hand sanitizer along when traveling. But remember that we have to ensure that the tray tables, window shades, and even armrests of an airplane are also clean so it is best to bring a pack of antibacterial wipes to wipe everything down before taking a seat.

5. Pack light and don’t overdo your hand luggage.

Caucasian woman holding designer bags on her way to her luxury travel with kids | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Your carry-on bag shouldn’t be too big nor too bulky lest you end up being overwhelmed. | Image from pexels


6. There are fun and tactile ways to keep kids busy if they’re sitting next to a window, and won’t leave a mess.

7. Bring snacks and make sure to go for variety and volume. Giving kids a snack can also help pass the time on a flight.

8. Enjoy shared responsibility as parents – even with the seating arrangements. Take one child each and sit in pairs

9. You have to explain the journey to your kids, especially if it is their first time flying and traveling in general. Let them know what is going on and what to expect. Encourage them that traveling is fun and that airplanes are interesting too! Why don’t you try igniting some wanderlust in them before the trip by counting planes on the tarmac, guessing where the other passengers are traveling to, and looking out at the clouds, houses, and oceans too.

For night flights when you travel with kids

With cramped airplane seating, riding a plane isn’t the most pleasant experience, especially if you have rowdy kids. Little children are not really into sitting quietly for hours and they usually get scared of the ear-popping changes in air pressure.

If you have a long plane ride, make sure to buy a few small, cheap toys, wrap them up, and surprise your kids as soon as they start to get antsy. Unwrapping the toy becomes a whole activity for them. This way, the kids can spend time unwrapping and then playing with the toys. Imagine how you can kill at least half an hour per toy.

Manage your jetlag

Crossing the country can throw a wrench in your kids’ sleep schedule. According to, jet lag is temporary and typically lasts for just a few days in babies and toddlers before they have adapted and are back to normal. You will know if your kids are out of sync with their sleep needs if they are either fussy or extra clingy. Depending on your child’s age, adjusting to jet lag can be tricky.

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Hotel stay

Interior of Lawrence house and lot for sale luxury house model in Promenade luxury travel with kids | Luxury Homes by Brittany

If you travel to the Philippines, the interior of your hotel room should be like the Lawrence of Promenade in Santa Rosa by Brittany Corporation.


When you’re traveling with the kids, do your best not to hotel hop anymore. If you’re going to a different part of the city, obviously, you will have to look for another lodging. However, if you’re staying in the same general area for the entire duration of your trip, it will be a lot easier and more convenient for you and your family if you stay at the same place for the entire time.

The Kid’s Club

Vacations should always be relaxing but when traveling with kids, it can be hard to keep them entertained. Many luxury resorts offer special kid’s club programs and activities for enrichment and fun, so parents may relax and enjoy their time together. But remember, these luxury hotels are not geared primarily to kids. They pamper adults while also offering kids clubs and services that children will love, too.

When it comes to family, we know that there is nothing better and more important.

Nothing opens children’s minds like new experiences, new places, new encounters, and you’ll get plenty of these no matter where you travel.

So, make sure to use some of our tips to make your trip easier and more fun. Always remember to enjoy it. Leave lots of time, pack your things well, and make the travel part of the entire journey. Know that you and the whole family will be okay, and you’re supposed to be enjoying yourself!

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