Boost Your Heart Health For World Heart Health Day


We are celebrating World Heart Day this September 29, 2021, and what better way to celebrate this special day than by looking for ways to boost our heart health. We were taught in school that the heart is one, if not the main, most important organ in our body because it allows blood to circulate around our body. The blood then sends oxygen and nutrients and in return, removes carbon dioxide and other waste products for healthy body functioning. A lot of people are ailed with high blood pressure.

We prevent the early onset of common cardiovascular diseases such as abnormal heart rhythms, coronary heart disease, hypertension, heart attack, heart failure, and many more by boosting our heart health. In this article, we give you 7 tips on how to strengthen your heart. To give you a quick preview, these tips all pertain to a change in lifestyle and will be more effective if done altogether.

How to Boost Your Heart Health Easily

1. Exercise Daily for that regulated heart health blood pressure.

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Knowing what exercise routine to follow will help you achieve your health and fitness goals. | Image from pexels


In almost every health matter, it is always good to keep the body active. Cardio exercises are the best when it comes to boosting your heart health and lowering high blood pressure. According to a Johns Hopkins exercise physiologist, aerobic exercise or cardio is the best for heart health because it promotes circulation which will result in lowered blood pressure, improves your endurance, helps control blood sugar, and in consequence, reduces the risk of getting type II Diabetes.


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Some examples of aerobic exercises include brisk walking, jogging, swimming, dancing, cycling. These exercises will not just train your heart and body but also torch those calories. Studies reveal that at least 30 minutes of cardio workouts every day will help you hit the ground running.

It is also important to note that you should observe your body while you work out. Don’t push yourself too much because you will gain strength over time. Fitness can’t be achieved overnight and you can always take breaks in between sets to stretch your muscles and catch your breath. Consult your doctor before testing a new workout regime if you have just recently healed from an injury or illness.

2. Eat Food Rich Omega 3 to lower blood pressure

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Omega-3 rich food such as fish, nuts, and plant oils are proven to boost heart health. | Image from Pexels


A great deal of our health is also depending on what we consume. Food serves as our energy and we must pay attention to what we give our bodies. It’s true that you can eat anything in moderation, but moderation is also a subjective term and the perfect food planning really depends on our health condition.  What we eat can directly affect our chances of heart disease. Those that do not eat healthy fats nor a healthy diet are at great risk of heart disease risk.

Have you ever heard of fatty acids? The term has a negative connotation because of the word “fatty” and we automatically assume it’s bad for our health. But in reality, these are actually vital nutrients, especially for heart health. Omega-3 are fatty acids that can be found in oils, nuts, and fish. Since the body doesn’t produce this, it’s important that you consume food rich in Omega-3.

Omega-3 boosts heart health and reduces the risk of a heart attack. Studies have shown that the benefits of consuming Omega-3 rich food will show just after 3 months of regularly including them in your daily diet. Food can really control risk of heart disease risk factors. Food can control blood pressure and can make a heart healthy overall.

3. Have A Reasonable Sleeping Schedule to avoid high blood pressure

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Sleep is important because it recharges our bodies and strengthens our immune system to fight parasites that enter the body.


Everyone needs sleep. Our bodies need sleep because we need to rest but this is also where our brain works to heal parts of our body that need it. While asleep, the body produces white blood cells that can attack the viruses or wounds in our body. The immune system is dependent on sleep to ward off parasites and if you don’t get enough sleep, this weakens. 

Sleep gives the body a break and if you don’t get enough hours of sleep, it weakens your body as a whole. Poor sleep quality affects our mood and energy levels which may lead to anxiety and depression which are risk factors for heart ailments. Heart health and sleep are closely related in that sense. Having a reasonable and consistent sleep schedule will prevent us from having this chain reaction. 

Sleep problems such as insomnia and sleep apnea can lead to heart problems if left untreated.

4. Manage Your Stress for your Heart Health

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Managing stress is easier said than done but it’s better to know that you are in complete control of how to deal with it. | Image from pexels


Stress is unavoidable especially these days. Many stressors are present, including the ongoing health crisis which adds to our personal worries. Stress manifests in our bodies and can trigger heart health problems. Our organs are interconnected with each other which is why mental health can significantly affect other organs, including the heart. Since we can’t eliminate stress, what we can do is learn how to manage them.

We cope with stress differently and some things that you can try to combat stress is to talk to your family and friends, disconnect from social media for a while, meditate, write journal entries about your day or what you’re grateful for, work out, watch movies, listen to music or podcasts, and reconnect to things that you really enjoy doing.

5. Drink Alcohol in Moderation

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Light to moderate drinking can reduce the risk of heart attacks. | Image from pexels


Studies conducted on the relationship between alcohol intake and heart health have been yielding mixed results. Some claim that alcohol can be good, while some claim it can cause adverse effects. A recent study published just this July claims that moderate alcohol intake may not just be acceptable but also may even be protective for people who have heart ailments.

This study, which is said to have the largest to examine the effects of alcohol on the heart, reports light social drinking reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other heart problems. But this does not mean one can just drink to their heart’s content. Before deciding to drink, let’s talk about the definition of terms.

By one serving, it means 12-ounce beer, one 5-ounce glass of wine, or 1 ½ ounce of liquor. Alcohol nowadays comes in big containers and has different alcoholic content levels. These are also important factors that you need to consider before drinking.

6. Don’t Drink Your Calories

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Replace your artificial sugary drinks with water. | image from pexels


This tip is closely related to watching what you consume. But this tip is more focused on what you drink. Heart health is also about making sure your glucose levels are normal. It’s best to reduce your intake of sugary drinks because not only do they add calories but also greatly affect your blood sugar. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), high blood sugar can damage blood vessels and nerves that control the heart.

People diagnosed with diabetes are also at higher risk for heart diseases because of too much “bad” cholesterol and high blood pressure.

7. Visit Your Doctor Regularly

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Visiting your doctor regularly will allow you to know the status of your heart health and what measures need to be undertaken to pre-empt severe heart ailments.


This last tip goes without saying. It’s always better to know your heart health in order to know what steps you need to undertake. If there is something to change about your lifestyle, it’s best to know it early on so you can start working on it.

The doctor will know what to recommend and will ask you to return for another checkup. Always show up at your scheduled checkups because health should always be your top priority.

8. Prioritizing Your Heart Health at Brittany

Heart health day is not just celebrated every 29th of September but it should be every day. Health has always been the top priority even before the pandemic began. In order to live your life to the fullest, you should be in and good health. Everything is dependent upon your actions. The doctor may be of big help when it comes to giving advice on what steps need to be done but the execution of these recommendations depends entirely on you.

At Brittany, we want our homeowners to have a clean bill of health. Our luxury homes and exclusive enclaves are built to ensure that every need of our homeowners is well taken cared of. Brittany is also an industry leader in real estate and the pioneer of thematic developments in the Philippines.

Having the most beautiful mansions in the Philippines, Brittany also prides itself on providing world-class luxury houses and a lot to allow our homeowners to live in their luxury.

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