Portofino Virtual Tour: A Glimpse of the Italian Masterpieces


Purchasing real estate properties can be such a daunting and laborious task, even before the pandemic. Aside from all the paperwork and the close coordination necessary with your broker, there’s also the need to attend open house after open house. With the dawn of technology, checking your house is so much easier with the Portofino Virtual Tour.

To add to this, you would also need to carefully consider the neighborhood a property is situated in. What are the establishments and road networks nearby? What’s the overall feel of the neighborhood? How is each lot laid out? Which house and lots for sale within the community have the prime location? These are just some important questions that seemingly only a physical tour can answer.

As we are still coping with the pandemic, we may not have the luxury as we had before of being able to go on several physical tours to different communities with the same peace of mind. Thankfully, we are now living in a fast-paced modern world, where we can conveniently get almost anything we need using one of the greatest inventions of mankind: the Internet.

If you’re a buyer from a faraway location, or if you simply want to get a better grasp of your options first before exhausting effort in going on a physical tour to help you in your decision-making, viewing a virtual tour beforehand is the next best thing for you to do. Just like with a physical tour, you are also able to inspect and get a great feel of your prospective properties through these high-quality virtual tours.

With the advancement of camera technology, you are able to see every nook and cranny of a luxury home for sale in stunning ultra 4K quality through a virtual tour. You can also manipulate which areas to look at and what kinds of angles you want to see the property in all in just a few clicks, which makes it at par with, if not better than going on a physical tour.

Luxury House and Lot Portofino Alabang | Luxury Homes by brittany corporation

Portofino Alabang has the most beautiful houses in the Philippines.


The Portofino Virtual Tour, Powered by Leading Technology

The Portofino Virtual Tour is powered by Matterport, the leading spatial data company that specializes in innovating a platform for all-in-one 3D data. They have created a Cortex AI platform, which makes it possible for spaces like houses, residential communities, and commercial properties, to be viewed comprehensively through an immersive virtual tour.

Upon accessing the Portofino Virtual Tour, there are a couple of clickable buttons both above and below its page that will aid you during your search. On the top right corner, you can click on the menu button to reveal several options. First, you can click on ‘Locations’ to choose which parts of the neighborhood you’d like to see first, such as the entrance and its amenities like that of the court, clubhouse, and playground. You can also select ‘Model’ to choose which model houses you’d like to view right away.

Secondly, you can click on ‘Maps’ to view the variety of the residential enclaves in the community, along with their locations relative to each other. There’s Amore at Portofino, Portofino South, and Portofino Heights, respectively. You can pick either one of them to jump to the virtual tour for that specific neighborhood all in one click.

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Lastly, you can also see the videos or head on straight to the photo album through the Menu above the page of the Portofino Virtual Tour.

Amor-3-planting-event|luxury homes by brittany corporation

A water fountain in the middle of the community marries the beauty of nature and man.

How Do Virtual Tours Recreate The Traditional Open House Experience?

If you’ve selected one of the model houses, you’ll discover a lot more nifty features that will greatly help you in your search for your next luxury home. A new window within the page will open up, and you’ll find a couple of useful tools in the bottom left corner.

There’s the ‘Open Highlights’ button, which will allow you to select which area of the home you’d like to view. Your cursor will act as your eyes, as you can click and drag around the screen to view whichever part of the rooms and living areas you’d like to see next or look closer at.

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If you simply want a general overview of each area of the home without having to click around, you can simply click on the ‘Play’ button to automate the Portofino Virtual Tour. Aside from wonderfully recreating the experience of going on a physical tour with all these tools, there are more exciting features you can utilize which make virtual tours even better.

The biggest more opulent mansion | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Portofino Alabang will bring you to the most beautiful places in their virtual tour.

Why Virtual Tours Can Be Better Than On-Site Tours

Still, on the bottom left corner of the window, you can either click on ‘View Dollhouse’ or ‘View Floor Plan’ so you can have an expansive view of the property’s entirety. There’s also the ‘Floor Selector’ button to instantly take you to either floor of the home.

What’s even more awesome is the ‘Measurement Mode’ button. Gone are the days when you’ll either have to ask your broker the exact measurements of the different nooks and crannies of so many prospective properties or have to manually measure them yourself. This is particularly handy if you’re meticulous with such details. Simply click on one point then to the next to accurately measure the distance between them. Whether you’re on the lookout for expansive spaces or simply wondering if a king-size bed will perfectly fit one of the bedrooms, you can conveniently plan ahead.

Direct your gaze then to the bottom right corner of the window and you’ll see just a few more exciting features of this virtual tour. Aside from the ‘View Fullscreen’ button, you can also take advantage of the ‘View in VR’ feature if you please. This will definitely take your virtual tour experience up a notch.

You can easily collaborate with your broker or your family as well in the initial home-buying process using the ‘Share this Space’ button, which allows you to share the virtual tour on different social media platforms. You can also simply copy the link to share through any means on the web.

white mansion with pool view in the evening | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The security is tight to make sure you only have the very best.


The Portofino Virtual Tour: Giving You The Bigger Picture

Because of all these amazing features, the Portofino Virtual Tour is able to show you in great detail just how awe-inspiring the residential enclaves are within the wonderful, master-planned community of Vista Alabang. Located just by Daang Hari, it is accessible not only to several key establishments but also to a well-planned network of expressways and thoroughfares.

Sure, it is of great importance that you inspect every detail of your next luxury home. You need to be as detail-oriented as you can be, along with your broker. But being meticulous goes beyond just making sure your next property is exactly how you want it to be. You would also need to see the bigger picture and look closely as to where these properties are situated.

The way the Portofino Virtual Tour is set up takes this need into account. Not only does it allow you to view your prospective properties and communities, but it also allows you to get a good grasp of what kind of neighborhood each residential enclave is located in.

Exploring Options For Your Next Luxury Home In Just a Few Clicks

Right from the beginning of the virtual tour, you’ll already notice that Portofino adheres to being a thematic community, greatly inspired by Italian architecture and way of life. From its refreshing pocket gardens and spacious roads lined with lush trees and greenery, to its incredible architectural details like gabled roof tiles in bold colors, rounded balconies, and high ceilings, you won’t have to travel far to get a glimpse of Italy.

You wouldn’t really expect anything less from what’s developed by Vista Land & Lifescapes, one of the most distinguished homebuilders and a pioneer in themed luxury property development in the country. One of its subsidiaries, Brittany, is just one of the Vista Land projects offering luxurious living through a remarkable selection of properties in prime locations. Portofino in Alabang is one of them.

Brittany has three exceptional developments at Vista Alabang: Portofino South, Portofino Heights, and Amore at Portofino. With Vista Alabang covering a sweeping 1,500-hectare land area, the Portofino Virtual Tour will definitely be immensely convenient for you to compare one property from another with just a few clicks.

luxury mansion in portofino alabang | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Brittany Corporation assures that this beauty is not just “skin” deep, but is beautiful everywhere.


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 Portofino: Luxurious Living The Italian Way

 Viewing the luxury homes and comparing them with one another is one thing; immersing yourself in the community they are in is another. Portofino doesn’t only aim to mimic Italian communities through its architecture and aesthetic. What’s more, is it aims to give you the whole experience of living life as the Italians do, where luxury and relaxation are not only found within the four corners of your home but also in the community around you.

You can get a good aerial view of the amenities of each residential enclave in the virtual tour. For example, the pool in Amore at Portofino, or the Clubhouse, Playground, and Court in Portofino Heights.

Beyond the gates of each neighborhood are a few key locations within close proximity which you can also get a good glimpse of in the virtual tour. For starters, there’s the Evia Lifestyle Center. This one-stop establishment gives you endless options for all your essentials. It houses AllDay Supermarket that’s perfect for your grocery runs, AllHome for your home furniture and appliance needs, All Green for your drugstore must-haves, Pet Buddy for your pet’s needs, and a whole lot more retail stores to take care of your every need.

There are also several restaurants and cafes for you to choose from in Evia. Whether you’re out to have some retail therapy, or looking to explore new spots to relax in, the Evia Lifestyle Center will be just nearby your home for your convenience.

Another key establishment nearby as shown in the virtual tour is Palazzo Verde, which you’ll see why it’s hard to miss. One of the country’s most exceptional luxurious events venues, it is exquisitely designed with grand Victorian architecture all around its high-end facilities, making it the perfect place to be when celebrating the grandest of occasions.

You can also see on the virtual tour just how near the communities are to the Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway (MCX), and that’s just one of the major thoroughfares within close proximity to these luxurious residential enclaves.

Vista Alabang is also accessible through the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), and the various communities are strategically located in such a way that you can simply take a 20-minute drive to reach the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA 3) and Bonifacio Global City (BGC). Just add 10 more minutes to your drive and you’re able to reach the Makati Central Business District as well.

This is the Italian way of luxurious living, as promoted by Portofino. It’s where relaxation and high quality of life can be found not just within the walls of your home, but also around your entire community.

 Immerse Yourself in the Italian Masterpieces by Portofino

 With all the functional features of the Portofino Virtual Tour, you’ll surely be delighted in immersing yourself in the Italian masterpieces shown through its featured model houses.

To quickly jump to touring around the model houses, you can select ‘Maps’ from the Menu and choose a community to look at. In Portofino Heights, you can virtually tour around the model houses Raphael, Antonello, and Ghiberti. As for Amore at Portofino, you can immerse yourself in viewing the model houses Leandro and Carletti.

Common features among these homes are their high ceilings which beautifully open up space, giving you more room for natural ventilation and lighting. These homes also prioritize making room for spacious balconies, welcoming porches, and meticulously designed courtyards. The way each home is built and designed marries strength and beauty together, ensuring that the fine details on its design don’t sacrifice but enhance the integrity of its structure.

rotonda with fountain and plants | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The virtual tour does not just tour you in the luxury homes, but also the community surrounding it.

The Portofino Virtual Tour: Your First Step to Owning Your Next Luxury Home

 Purchasing a home is indeed a demanding task. By taking a virtual tour of your prospective properties first, you can greatly lighten the load of the process.

This gives you the advantage of being able to thoroughly prepare first before touring on-site. You’re able to easily narrow down your choices and get a great feel of the community first so you can carefully consider your next step.

With so many selections out there in the market, you’d unambiguously want nothing but the best. Moreover, with the virtual tour, you can also involve your family in the process by sharing it with them to ask for their input.

You can also complete the purchase even without a physical visit and by just merely communicating with your broker and utilizing the virtual tour. Thanks to the technological advancements in today’s modern age, even all necessary paperwork can easily be filed and signed electronically.

Undoubtedly, purchasing luxury real estate properties is now much easier and faster. With the help of functional online tools like the Portofino Virtual Tour, you can streamline the process of home-buying, along with other forms of online or offline research.

As social distancing guidelines are still in place and face-to-face interactions should still be kept at a minimum, you can opt for the virtual tour first so you can make your scheduled tripping appointment more efficient and much faster so as to limit exposure. Furthermore, it’s highly advisable to closely collaborate with professionals like brokers and lawyers, who can assist you in making good decisions for your next home investment.

Go ahead and immerse yourself in touring around exquisite Italian masterpieces through the Portofino Virtual Tour. You may be a step closer to owning your next luxury home.

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