The Convenience of Buying Luxury Real Estate Online


Buying luxury real estate online: is it possible to do? While it is now possible to buy nearly anything you need or want online, ranging from groceries to food, clothing, and even big-ticket items like designer purses and limited edition sneakers, the Internet has also made it possible for homebuyers to find luxury condos or houses and lots for sale online and request for online consultation with a real estate broker. And because of these extraordinary times, much of the home buying process is now done online, including paying your downpayment and signing legal documentation using an e-signature service.

During these extraordinary times, buying luxury real estate online requires more diligence and seeking subject matter expertise from professionals you can trust.

During these extraordinary times, buying luxury real estate online requires more diligence and seeking subject matter expertise from professionals you can trust.


So yes, you can buy luxury real estate online; and even if we weren’t facing an unprecedented situation similar to now, it makes a lot of sense. Let’s say you are planning to move to a luxury home where there’s more room for you to finally have the home office you want or an upscale property where there are fewer neighbors. To buy a luxury home online, you would first want to search all luxury homes for sale in the market today that will suit your needs before reaching out to a real estate broker.

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Digital Tools To Help You In Buying Luxury Real Estate Online


Buyer and investor searching on her macbook laptop for online property listings of luxury homes - Luxury Homes by Brittany

There are several digital tools available today that could help homebuyers come to a decision faster, especially when deciding on buying luxury real estate.


Technological advancements have made the traditional ways of searching for a home and buying luxury real estate over for good. Digital tools now allow home buyers to find a trove of information about potential properties based on what they are looking for and have the capability to make key decisions wherever they are: 

1. Map-Based Search and Research

Google maps listing of Crosswinds luxury Swiss resort in Tagaytay City, Philippines which is perfect for buying luxury real estate online - Luxury Homes by Brittany

Listings and property pages nowadays can now be found on web mapping products that offer data points that can help you make real estate decisions.


Most listing websites allow you to filter your search down to the city of your choosing. From there, the search results will display luxury homes for sale within the location of your choosing. 

From here, you can check out and understand the neighborhood of a potential luxury property by studying its proximity to surrounding lifestyle and social infrastructures, to have a good idea of the facilities and amenities available. For example, homebuyers with families will want to check available schools, parks, churches, supermarkets, and shopping malls in the area. A professional will want to check how close it is to the workplace, restaurants, transportation hub, and entertainment facilities to support the fast-paced lifestyle. 

2. High-Quality Virtual Tours

360 Virtual tour of Crossswinds Luxury Swiss Resort in Tagaytay, perfect for buying luxury real estate online - Luxury Homes by Brittany

Aside from the property, developers like Brittany also capture aerial views of Crosswinds Tagaytay, a Swiss-inspired community of luxury homes, and the surrounding neighborhood from different angles using drones.


Trippings or appointments – wherein a real estate broker brings prospective home buyers to the location of the actual model of a luxury home or the actual luxury home for sale – are quite popular pre-pandemic. This is because it allows home buyers the ability to fully experience their potential home, including the surrounding neighborhood, so you can see beauty in every detail.

Technology has allowed home buyers from faraway locations to inspect and get a feel of their potential future home via high-quality virtual tours. The advancement of camera technology now enables capturing every nook and cranny of the luxury home for sale in ultra 4K video. Some developers go the extra mile by integrating it with 360-degree interactive panoramic images of the property and the surrounding neighborhood in different angles and stitching it up in a way for potential home buyers to simulate a walking tour with just a few clicks.

3. Verified Properties

Luxury house models with Italian architectural designs at Portofino in Vista Alabang - Luxury Homes by Brittany

You can view verified unified information about a potential property (and more) straight from the developer’s website.


Typical house and lot units can be easily found online, but they sometimes do not contain verified and unified information about a potential luxury home. As such, it is a good idea to get information from the developer’s website so you can be assured that the information is accurate.

Moreover, the developer’s website also has other relevant information about the luxury home that you may have missed during your home search. It could be other luxury homes that have not yet been listed in any other listing platform on the market, to the latest information about the infrastructure that will improve the quality of life in the neighborhood where the luxury home for sale is located.

4. 24/7 Chatbox

Brittany Corporation official website equipped with 24-7 chatbox inquiry feature - Luxury Homes by Brittany

Chatbots help home buyers gather more information or make quick decisions about a luxury home they are looking at directly with a real-life real estate associate.


Social media and messaging apps have shifted many homebuyers to communicate with real estate brokers from the traditional calls or SMS via the network. Aside from the fact that they are cost-effective (you only need to be connected via WiFi or your existing mobile Internet plan). You can even share images, files, and other relevant documentation to help speed up the online buying process. 

But not all real estate brokers are online 24/7. To address this concern, developers install a chatbot, which is a software application that pops up from the website and engages in a conversation with potential home buyers about the property they have visited online.  The chatbot is programmed to answer popular questions and requests. In most cases, they can even initiate real-time actions, like sending a quote or help process a downpayment online.

5. Online Payment Facility

Pay Now feature of Brittany's official website features online payment options with bank partners when you buy real estate online - Luxury Homes by Brittany

Making a reservation or processing a downpayment on a luxury home for sale is now possible via a secured online payment facility, which offers a variety of payment options.


For faster and more convenient payment options, developers like Brittany offer online payment solutions for easier and smoother real estate transactions, including buying luxury real estate from their website or affiliated realty portals. Utilizing an online payment facility with a variety of payment options, including e-wallet and international remittance payments, Brittany helps encourage more home buyers and their families to take the all-important step towards owning a luxury house and lot property for sale electronically.


Are there Cons of Buying Luxury Real Estate Online?


Filipino family of a mother, father, and toddler enoying the comfort and safety of a luxury home at Brittany

The biggest drawback of doing everything online is being unable to see your potential luxury home in person before you commit.


If you like to do things traditionally, then being able to physically visit the luxury house and lot for sale and explore the property is an experience you treasure. There’s nothing better than being inside the property and imagining a luxury home like yours in the future with all of the things, and people you love. While verified property pages, videos, virtual tours, and high-quality images provide you with all of the information you need to know about the property, there might be some things that you can’t truly grasp, especially if you are doing it for the very first time. Even the richest people in the world rely on experts to ensure that they get the best value of the luxury home they paid for. 

With that being said, a real estate broker can guide you to make sure you are making the right decision for you, from your home search to choosing your financing.


Tips When Buying Luxury Real Estate Online


Red bricked two floor mansion with high ceiling in Old English fashion with a white picket fence balcony and an indoor carport garage, and a healthy grassy mini garden with pink flowers, on a corner lot surrounded by palm trees and other trees | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Start your journey of owning a luxury home with Brittany by checking their property offerings to explore a community you want to be a part of. 


Tips to help you navigate the process online


1. Know what you want, and what you don’t want first, before searching.

Are you looking for specific amenities and features in a luxury home for sale? Noting it down will help not only you, but also your real estate broker figure out what upscale property you are looking for within your price range, or even above that. It is also possible that your real estate broker may have the latest luxury homes available that have not been listed yet, but checks all of your boxes and is situated in a coveted position. 

2. Evaluate your final options.

Evaluating your luxury home options can be a complicated process to do. It can be because they have certain features or aspects that are non-negotiable or that the other might be located in a coveted address with better security. 

You can always organize trips to help you arrive at your final decision if you wish to visit at least your top options. You can make an appointment with Brittany to have a real estate associate correctly endorse your property viewing schedule. Simply complete the form here and wait for a response from one of Brittany’s sales representatives.

Sometimes, it all comes down to pricing and financing, especially for luxury properties that are neck-to-neck in terms of your wants and needs. See the next item to learn how to evaluate using financing options.

3. Consider financing options.

In many cases, buyers are putting down far more on luxury homes. Sometimes, picking the winner means choosing the luxury home that has been prequalified or pre-approved. Sometimes, it also means choosing which bank or lender has a shorter financing approval process. Also, it can boil down the luxury property that requires less financing paperwork. If you have are on a timeline, you will decide on the luxury property that you can own quickly. 

4. Don’t Forget Your Potential Obligations.

Owning a luxury home comes with the obligations of different complexity and scale as compared to a typical condo or house and lot. This means maintenance and upkeep, improvements, utilities, homeowners’ association fees, and even property taxes will be significant. that you need to take these into account should you push through with one of your final options. Consulting experts such as tax and financial planners, bankers, and attorneys will help you provide more insight into your potential purchase.

5. Consult someone you like and trust.

Most agents will be able to show you a property, but the great ones will even have access to luxury properties that’s are not on the market yet and other information that can help steer you through the process seamlessly. 

Brittany takes pride in being the luxury residential arm of Vista Land, one of the Philippines’ major homebuilders and integrated property developers. As the first to design and build modern luxury dwellings, luxury houses, and lots in the Philippines, developments have become rich in character and sophisticated in their thematic appeal. As award-winning modern luxury dwellings, Brittany pioneered these five luxury residential communities. These luxury residential communities are strategically located near vital establishments such as commercial establishments, schools, hospitals, and grocery stores, and are accessible via major highway networks and thoroughfares. They are inspired by the world’s most appealing places.


Brittany’s five luxury house and lot developments


1. Crosswinds Tagaytay’s Swiss Themed Communities

Crosswinds Tagaytay is a luxury estate that offers luxury houses and lots, as well as lots only, townhomes, and condominium units in a secluded sanctuary. Imagine yourself in a peaceful home surrounded by over 35,000 native pine trees in the countryside.

2. Portofino Alabang’s Italian-inspired Themed Communities

Portofino Alabang offers award-winning luxury homes inspired by cosmopolitan Italy’s elegant flair and grace.

3. Brittany’s Old English Themed Communities in Sta. Rosa

The Southern, classic-themed luxury homes in Augusta and Georgia Club, themed luxury residential communities located in Sta. Rosa, calls to mind the sensibilities and serenity of the Old English neighborhood in the US.

4. The grand yet cozy mansions of the Promenade in Brittany Sta. Rosa

Enjoy the quaint English countryside and live in the grand luxury mansions surrounded by hedged cobbled paths at the thriving 300-hectare master-planned community of the Promenade.

5. La Posada’s San Franciscan-Inspired Communities in Sucat

La Posada features Victorian-inspired modern luxury homes within a hilly residential community, reminiscent of the streets of San Francisco. 


A drone shot of Portofino South, and Amore at Portofino, with Palazzo Verde looming in the background | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Panoramic view of warm Italian houses surrounded by tall palm trees and pine trees, and rising above them all is a classic European orthodox style church.


Final Thoughts


There is no denying the fact that buying luxury real estate is made easier, thanks to the online tools available today. However, you always have the prerogative to supplement your online research with physical offline research, down to the developer’s track record and building quality. With the social distancing guidelines in place, especially with face-to-face interactions,  you can schedule your tripping appointment in advance so you can visit and inspect the actual luxury home safely and have a full understanding of what you are going to buy.

Moreover, it pays to work with experts to help you make informed decisions. From the real estate associate and broker to your banker, lawyer, and even your financial planner, the right people will ensure that you are in the right hands every step of the online buying journey.

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