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The charming English villa in the Philippines known as Lawrence sits on a property that is 803 square meters in size. It features a two-car garage, an indoor courtyard, a den that can be used as a guest room on the first floor, a sizable family room with a toilet and bath bedroom on the second floor, and three complete bedrooms, including a master suite with its own walk-in closet, and a guest room on the first floor.

The towering obelisk stands in front of the main gate and the enchanting artificial lake directly across from this property. Lawrence is a spacious home that is a crowning piece of property that is suitable for the elites and the privileged few. It is located on an enormous lot that is 803 square meters in size, perfect for your huge family.

The luxury community of Promenade within Brittany Santa Rosa

The Promenade community, which was developed with painstaking attention to detail, features a broad choice of luxurious apartments as well as vast building lots from which to select.

Promenade in Sta. Rosa Laguna is a bustling development that spans an area of 300 hectares and has an ambiance that is evocative of the lovely and attractive countryside of Old England. The development was designed by the Brittany Corporation.

The preoccupation with luxury and elegance that Brittany Santa Rosa has provided the impetus for this atmosphere. Because it is located in an area that is home to some of the most prestigious golf clubs in the Philippines, such as Sta. Elena Country Club and Canlubang Country Club, and because it provides a view of some of the most forward-thinking architectural designs, Promenade serves as a model for a luxury lifestyle.

One of the examples that highlight how Promenade actually does include magnificent architecture and retains an Old English-style community is the luxury property that is known as the Lawrence luxury house.

Santa Rosa, Laguna-A progressive lion city in the south

In the not-too-distant future, Santa Rosa Laguna will witness unavoidable growth due to its excellent position and easy access to both commercial and residential areas.

The city has been the key driving force behind all successful accomplishments. The Sta. Rosa City Laguna is symbolized by a lion, therefore the fact that it has been acting so lion-like is totally natural. A significant urban hub that serves as the location for one of the region’s economies, which is expanding at one of the fastest rates.

The popular Laguna de bay sits within its province where it is considered to be the largest lake in the Philippines.

This expansion is made feasible by the region’s exceptional terrain, a steady influx of capital from major corporations, and competent local governance. The area is also close to active road infrastructure expansions and expressways, putting it in close proximity to the business districts like BGC, Makati City, Villar City, and the whole Metro Manila. Because there are a lot of schools and universities in the neighborhood, it is also an ideal place for individuals who are considering raising a family or retiring and settling down.

Lawrence luxury house and lot within the Old English-themed community of Promenade

The fact that Brittany is home to its very own exclusive themed community has proven to be advantageous for the region in terms of luring in new business patrons and consumers.

In addition to being a fantastic investment opportunity to acquire a property within the Promenade and other Brittany Corporation’s project developments, this has been Brittany Corporation’s competitive advantage in the market.

The magnificent architectural design of medieval country estates in Old England served as an inspiration for the architectural design of the luxury villas on the Promenade, which were designed to evoke mental images of those styles. These styles were designed to evoke mental images of medieval country estates in Old England.

In addition to this, it includes a sizable lot and is built with materials that have the longest track record of use and are known for their durability. The well-crafted appearance of the façade of a building may give the impression that its occupants lead an elegant and sophisticated way of life.

Enjoy amenities and leisure parks within Brittany Sta. Rosa | The province is more than just Laguna de Bay

Amenities may, without a doubt, play a part in your decision to purchase a new luxury house or to invest in real estate. As a result, the amenities offered by the project need to be of the highest quality.

The Promenade has a clubhouse with event halls, a basketball court, a breathtaking view of a secret garden nearby, and an exquisite grand fountain, among other world-class amenities. The nearby golf courses, Sta. Elena Golf Club and Country Club Philippines, are regarded as two of the country’s finest golf courses.

The proximity of these two courses to Promenade makes them easily accessible on foot. Wealthy individuals and businesspeople frequently participate in golf, which may be played in the area surrounding the Promenade. They enjoy participating in golf as one of their leisure hobbies.

And if you are planning a family reunion or other events that demand a large space, a community hall that can also be used as a function hall would be the ideal place for such an event.


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Brittany Corporation by Vista land offers this spacious Lawrence luxury residence in the Old-English-themed neighborhood of Promenade. You should not hesitate to invest in a real estate developer with a history of success.

You can schedule a consultation with Brittany Brokers, Direct Marketings, or Brittany property investment consultants and specialists to discover more about the benefits, advantages, perks, and privileges of Promenade property ownership.

If you have any additional questions or would like to schedule a property viewing to Promenade, Georgia Club, Augusta, or any other Brittany projects, you may contact the Brittany Online Sales Elite team at 0956 199 1097

  • 803 sqm
  • 349 sqm

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