Top 12 Features of a Modern Luxury Home

What defines a modern luxury home? Is it the number of rooms and baths? Is it the size of the house and how many stories it has? Is it the number of smart appliances that can be monitored and managed by an app or software? Is it the vastness of the gardens, or simply the sheer number of square footage? As everyone wants a home that is both aesthetically pleasing and equipped with features that offer a comfortable lifestyle, a modern luxury home sets itself apart by offering future homeowners features that define the luxury living experience they aspire to have. Because of this, property seekers are now looking beyond the price tag and how huge properties are seen in house for sale listings online.

Red bricked two floor mansion with high ceiling in Old English fashion with a white picket fence balcony and an indoor carport garage, and a healthy grassy mini garden with pink flowers, on a corner lot surrounded by palm trees and other trees | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The price tag is not the only thing that defines a modern luxury home.


So what features make a modern luxury home? Here are the top features that you can only find in an upscale property.


Beauty in Every Detail: What Makes a Modern Luxury Home


1. A Top-Notch Kitchen

Spacious white sleek and modern kitchen with built in ovens, upside-down wine glass holder, and touchscreen stove on the counter, overlooking other areas in the house | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

A spacious kitchen equipped with professional appliances and furnishings is a hallmark of a modern luxury home.


In a modern luxury home, the kitchen needs to be integrated with function, luxury, and style. Bold textures, rich hues, and exotic materials are just some of the qualities that make the kitchen more luxurious in a modern luxury home. You’ll often find marble, granite and even diamond integrated into kitchen islands, cupboard handles, and even the lowly pantry.

Also cooking up gourmet dishes also require restaurant-grade appliances. Homeowners feel confident and happy to cook up a storm in a gourmet kitchen, and will welcome the rest of the family to join, even as bystanders. Kitchens in modern luxury homes are also integrated with technological advances that make it even easier to do the things you need to do. From refrigerators with temperature control and capabilities to ensure that every food is fresh and accounted for and automatic dishwashers, cooking up a storm in the kitchen is no longer a chore. Moreover, appliances and tools nowadays are more energy efficient too, which is great if you have more than one cook who likes to whip up culinary creations.

2. Spa-Style Bathrooms

Sleek modern bathroom with a centerpiece minimalist bathtub next to a glass door shower room, on an elevated floor with backlight, also showing a clean mirror with built in vanity lights above a sink, as well as an automatic toilet with bidet | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

No longer seen as just an essential, bathrooms in modern luxury homes are now furnished like a top-notch spa.


We spend a lot of our mornings (and sometimes in the evening) in the bathroom. And as we spend more of our time at home, we now consider our living spaces more than what they function as. As such, bathrooms in some modern luxury homes are installed with the latest furnishings in the market today to help homeowners decompress after a long day: overhead rain showers, sunken tubs, jacuzzi, and even a horizontal massage shower system. The water system is also temperature and pressure-controlled, which is great for people who are temperature and pressure-sensitive.

Luxury also means furnishings that add beauty, comfort, and innovative functionality.

Some modern homes have smart toilets that are customized to make it comfortable for people using them. Massaging bidets, optimal seating height, heated seats, automated seat lifting, contactless flushing, and even health tracking are just some of the many elements of the smart toilet that can sometimes be confusing but makes up for a great experience every single time.

To make the bathrooms more spa-like, gone are the cold white tiles and monochromatic colors. Bold textures, rich hues, and exotic materials are also brought to the bathroom. Glass, bamboo, and rattan, plus mood lighting are integrated as accent pieces to help set the mood and further elevate the experience. Bath spouts and chrome taps are swapped with brass or other aesthetic material to help tie together the look.

3. Plush, Hotel-Quality Bedrooms 

Warm and cozy luxurious bedroom consisting of a dark queen size bed with thick duvets and colored pillows next to two suede brown armchairs each with a floral pillow, a bedside table with a warm color lamp and frames, an abstract painting with a golden frame, a modern round chandelier, a corner potted healthy green leafy tree and other fern plants, a big textured carpet on the dark wooden floor, beside a curtained entryway or glass doorway to an open air balcony that’s spacious enough for a coffee table book with potted plants, and blue and white cotton couches across each other, by a big framed abstract painting | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Warm, comfy beddings, mood lighting, and plush furniture of the highest quality material make a hotel-quality bedroom.


Another sign of a modern luxury home is the level of comfort offered by its bedrooms. Whether it has floor-to-ceiling windows or a balcony or outdoor area, the bedrooms feel like a vacation that you wouldn’t mind waking up to (or staying in) every single day. 

One wakes up at a massive California King bed topped with a fluffy headboard, bolster and accent pillows, a duvet, and the softest comforter you’d want to wrap your body around forever. Aside from the comfy bed, the bedroom is also furnished with a comfy accent chair or two, where you can spend time reading a book (if you don’t feel like sleeping). The walls and floor are also padded to help set the mood. 

Some bedrooms even include convenient installations like automatic lighting and window blinds systems, so you can open and close them either by a click of a button or by voice command. To up the comfort of these modern luxury bedrooms, some opt to install a mini-pantry filled with snacks, drinks, and other food items should you want for a midnight snack.

4. A “Secret” Room

Dark skinned young little girl with curly black hair hiding in a light colored wooden cabinet | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Who doesn’t love surprises? A secret room is a mini-adventure not only for the kids but also for the rest of the family.


Modern luxury homes may have all the technology and high-end luxury features you can cram into, but nothing beats having special living spaces like secret rooms. These secret rooms are rooms where the entrance or the door is hidden from the rest of the home, but it can be anything that you want it to be as. A secret room can be behind a bookshelf or an obscure wall, and when opened, is a secret retreat from the rest of the world, or at the very least, the rest of the household. Moreover, a secret room can also act as a security and safety measure.

Upper floor living room with orange leather armchair and two cream color suede couches with patterned couch pillows, a golden round coffee table on a thick abstract carpet, a flatscreen TV on a sleek table, plants in a sleek shelf, and framed abstract artworks on white walls | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Having a secret room is an excellent way to transform extra rooms in a modern luxury home.


5. A Smart Home Monitoring System

ight skinned hand installing two round home security cameras or CCTV that are color white and have built in mics | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

A smart home monitoring system gives homeowners an added peace of mind, as a luxury home has plenty of things that can attract some unwanted attention.


A modern luxury home has the latest cutting-edge network-connected systems, equipment, and appliances that can remotely and automatically be monitored to ensure safety and security. Today, homeowners equipped their luxury homes with motion sensor lighting, internet-connected security cameras, and software connected to other utility systems in the home so they can all be monitored via an app on your smartphone or tablet. These help homeowners gain insight not only into how much energy their household consumes, but also identify security lapses that you can immediately address.

6. A Walk-in Closet, or Room

Rainbow colored closet with colorful shirts on grey hangers in a white cabinet | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The walk-in closet is an extension of the bedroom, but it can be more than that in a modern luxury home.


There are walk-in closets, and then there are mega walk-in closets. In a modern luxury home, organization, luxury, and even security are important things that a walk-in closet (or in this case) needs to have. And for people who has a lot of high-end garments, accessories, shoes, bags, and other valuables, they need to have a walk-in closet that has durable shelves and containers to organize their clothes, mirrors, and proper lighting for them to see themselves trying it on in different angles, and racks to put selected items on display. 

7. A Cozy, Well-Connected Home Theater

Back of an olive skin colored man with waxed black hair and a striped grey sweater, choosing a movie on his flat screen TV that’s installed on the wall over a glass desk with two modern lamps | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

A home theater or a media room allows homeowners to have that surround sound, cinematic experience any time of the day.


Most high-end homes these days include some kind of home theater or media room. This is because the living room does not have any and is reserved for receiving and entertaining guests. The home theater in a modern luxury home is equipped with the latest set of cinema-grade speakers, a huge LED, flat-screen smart TV with the latest streaming apps, and a very comfortable lounge and recliner chairs for optimum viewing. 

8. A Game Room That Will Keep You Engaged

Three black men in hip and casual attire drinking whiskey in an indoor bar and playing billiards on an orange pool table, while music is playing and flashed on a flat screen TV installed on the wooden wall, with two speakers on both sides | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The game room is a great place for the members of the household to let loose by playing video games, board games, or classic games like pool, ping-pong, and mini-golf.


A game room may have an entertainment area where you can also watch games, but it is also a room where you can have a good time with the rest of the family by playing games. A game room may be furnished with items dependent on its homeowners, but it usually is a spacious space where you can install a pool or ping-pong table, or a shelf full of classic and modern board games. A video game enthusiast will also ensure that there’s more than one TV screen or monitor so he can play a streaming game while keeping tabs with his opponent or co-player online on another screen. The game room is also furnished with the latest video game console system and popular video games.

9. A Well-Furnished Home Office

Spacious office on a high floor in a building, with a wooden corner shelf of books and ornaments, a leather recliner armchair, a wall painting, a potted green snake plant, a leather computer chair together with a wooden desk against the glass wall overlooking a view from high up | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Convenience is what makes a home office a must for luxury living.


Home offices pre-pandemic were seen as an excessive addition to a modern luxury home. As more people are now working from home, having a home office fully connected online and has the latest equipment and gadgets help people be productive, especially with these challenging times. Home offices nowadays are equipped with a phone system to make conference calls, an all-in-one printer and scanner machine for important paperwork, and your usual desktop computer setup. An ergonomic chair or two is swapped in place of a typical office chair to help alleviate back pain from sitting too much doing work on the desk. Moreover, home offices in modern luxury homes are well-furnished as they make a great background for business video calls.

10. Incredible Formal Spaces

Convenience is what makes a home office a must for luxury living. | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Formal spaces in modern luxury homes are more subdued, but they still exude the grand opulence the space demands.


A high priority for luxury homes is to provide owners that grand opulence without going overboard. As such, formal spaces are usually with a high ceiling and are well-punctuated with mood and overhead lighting, The furniture may be few but are of a scale that it can accommodate a small party (i.e. a sectional for the living room, a 10-seater dining set). There is always an accent wall that draws focus from the room to the main centerpiece. It could be an art piece or sculpture. The room is always brought together by keeping the colors within the same color palette and/or a large and cozy rug.

11. Architectural Details

Grey two floor mansion with Italian architectural details and warm colored bricks, stairs leading to the elegant doorway, and a terrace on top of an indoor carport garage, surrounded by a healthy green garden of bushes, flowers, palm trees, and a marble statue | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The opulence doesn’t end inside the home. Homeowners also invest in a property’s architectural details, and wouldn’t mind spending money on them


Luxury homeowners also invest in their outdoor space as much as they do indoors. They do not mind paying as long as the amount of detail and customization did on the luxury home is amazing. Luxury buyers take relish on the craftsmanship, ensuring that there’s beauty in every detail of the home.

Brittany Corporation is the first in the Philippines to develop and build modern luxury homes and luxury house and lots with rich character and subtle theme appeal. Brittany’s award-winning modern luxury residences are backed by these luxury residential communities inspired by the world’s most scenic destinations:

1. The Swiss Themed Communities at Crosswinds

With over 35,000 homegrown pine trees, this Swiss-inspired luxury resort estate in Tagaytay provides lot only, house and lot, townhomes, and condominium apartments in a private sanctuary surrounded by the tranquil views, sounds, and scents of nature.

2. Portofino’s Italian-inspired Themed Communities

Offering exquisite luxury homes inspired by cosmopolitan Italy’s elegant flair and grace. Its classic architectural feats of these modern luxury homes and beautiful amenities have become Brittany’s signature for its luxury developments in Vista Alabang

3. Brittany Santa Rosa and its Old English Themed Communities

Own a luxury home in Brittany Sta. Rosa will remind you of the charming country abodes in Southern American and Old English countryside style.

4. The San Franciscan-Inspired Communities of La Posada

La Posada in Lakefront Sucat offers luxury homes that are a fusion of Victorian opulence and modern-day sophistication, surrounded by peace and serenity of a charming San Franciscan residential community. 


12. The Location

A cup of coffee on a saucer with a teaspoon, on a wooden table, overlooking a landscape of a pine tree forest, dotted with mansions, and a huge “Crosswinds” sign | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

A modern luxury home is located at a prestigious, exclusive address.


Sure, it doesn’t sound like a feature, but the location is a key element of a modern luxury home. As land is a finite resource, and modern luxury homes are built on lots, which offer more acreage than a typical house and lot for sale. Moreover, a modern luxury home is built on a lot so homeowners can have ample room for future expansion.

The placement of the modern luxury home is also important. A modern luxury home needs to offer sanctuary and privacy, which is near impossible to achieve when in a much denser location like the city center or near a busy road or intersection. 

The modern luxury home also offers vantage points that you normally wouldn’t be able to get. For example, a modern luxury home for sale at Alpine Villas overlooks the stunning pine tree-laden vistas of the massive Crosswinds property in Tagaytay.

The lush scenery of Crosswinds Tagaytay | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Located by the entrance of Crosswinds’ exclusive community, Alpine Villas is a cluster of six to eight-storey mid-rise villas hidden in Tagaytay and offers stunning natural views of the southern countryside


Explore more luxury homes and house and lot properties at Brittany Corporation.

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