Live in Your Luxury

We all desire luxury. It’s something we aspire to, something we strive for throughout our lives. Like everyone else, it’s likely that living in your luxury – whatever that means to you – is a dream of yours.

Luxury is difficult to define when you think about it. Dictionaries would describe it as a condition of abundance or a personal situation that involves enjoying life’s good yet unnecessary things. However, that doesn’t capture the whole gist of it. Luxury is more than just abundance

. Someone could have all the money in the world but still not evoke the feeling or appearance of luxury. Instead, luxury is an emotion. A feeling. A state.

Confusing? Don’t worry, we get it. People have dedicated their whole lives in pursuit of that ideal. Industries have been formed around that abstract concept. Taken from the outside, luxury is a complicated thing.

Here at Brittany, we have our own definition of luxury – and it involves you.


What is Luxury?


For us in Brittany, luxury is both a state and a process. Luxury is how you live: literally and figuratively.

Luxury Living

Red country home in a green field of grass | luxury homes by brittany corporation

“Real luxury is understanding quality and having the time to enjoy it.” – G Bruce Boyer, Image © Unsplash


Luxury is true enjoyment and satisfaction. It’s the feeling you get when you leisurely wake up in a comfortable bed and look around in your wonderfully designed room. Luxury is spending time with your children around the dinner table, listening to them talk about their day while you share nutritious meals. Luxury is those little moments when we realize we don’t need to worry about anything in the world.

Here at Brittany, we strive for every room, unit, and development to have the highest degree of perfection possible. From the geographic location to the architecture and engineering of our houses, down to the smallest details of the room – we created all these for the enjoyment of our homeowners and investors.

Luxury is luxury living. It may not always be a paradise where you spend every day living in absolute bliss, but it’s a home where you’re always reminded that there are beautiful things in life to appreciate.


blonde lady standing against the setting sun | luxury homes by brittany corporation

“Luxury is to experience quality, be it a place, a person, or an object.” – Keanu Reeves, Image © Unsplash


It’s true that to attain a state of luxury is to fulfill your most significant potential, but it isn’t quite as simple as that. There are different stages to luxury before self-actualization.

There’s a type of luxury made especially to show off: loud and lavish, a kind for people to signal their worth. This type of luxury involves showy cars and over-the-top parties, designed so that people can say that they belong in this category of lifestyle.

Past that, though, is the luxury that you get for having high self-esteem. This kind of luxury doesn’t exist for others, but for one’s self – an internal proof that you’re worth something, that you’re different from the rest. This may come in the form of high honors, recognition from prestigious institutions, or similar awards.

Finally, there’s a type of luxury that’s, even more, evolved: luxury for self-actualization. Self-actualization can be simply defined as “being who you want to be,” or achieving your potential for greatness.

Here, Brittany plants its flag. By creating spaces where you can live in your luxury, Brittany is beyond self-affirmation, beyond peer-signaling. Instead, Brittany is creating a lifestyle, both a process and a state of luxury that our homeowners exist in.

Once you’ve lived in a Brittany home, nothing can stop you from being what you want to be. 

Fulfilling Investment

the city skyline luxury condominiums | luxury homes by brittany corporation

“The future is the most expensive luxury in the world.” – Thornton Wilder, Image © Unsplash


More than allowing you to live in your luxury, Brittany luxury homes also make perfect economic sense.

With the rise of technology, anyone with the right skills can become a millionaire. These phenomena lead to rapid wealth creation in developing Asian markets, continually funneling value into the luxury goods industry. After all, newly rich people want to spend on luxury goods to announce their arrival to the scene.

Luxury goods consumers also tend to rely on their wealth instead of their income. This means that the luxury goods sector can remain stable because their primary consumers don’t rely on salaries and paychecks. They have vast accumulated wealth that will stay no matter the market conditions. In this way, the luxury goods industry manages to survive most market fluctuations.

Moreover, luxury goods always retain their value – and even increase their value over time because of scarcity. Luxury items will always be sought out, and buyers will always pay for them.

Not to mention, Brittany’s developments are high-value real estate properties. Since real estate is one of the most stable industries even during the pandemic, any interested investors can make sure that the dual forces of the real estate and luxury goods market are raising the value of their Brittany property over time.


How Brittany Embodies Luxurious Living


Brittany wants nothing but to allow you to live in your luxury. As the best purveyor of luxury real-estate properties in the country, we want to ensure that we’re fulfilling our role as a fertile ground for homeowners and investors to grow in luxury. This way, we can embody the coveted luxurious lifestyle in various ways.

Spend Quality Time With Your Family on Brittany Vista Alabang

Vista Alabang is a sprawling 600-hectare development with several ultra-exclusive enclaves. It’s a master-planned community, which means it has complete amenities. Luxury homes are placed strategically to allow all families to have the best living scenario.

Vista Alabang can be found in the rising metropolis of Vista City, which means that it’s near to all the facilities and enjoyments of the big city, such as dining, shopping, banks, and hospitals, while still relatively far from its hustles and bustles.

Portofino Heights

Portofino Heights is an Italian-inspired enclave within  Vista Alabang. It’s made specifically for families to enjoy its Old World charm together. With a couple of Roman pools at its heart, the Monte de Portofino is the community’s center.

It houses other amenities such as function rooms, tennis courts, and basketball courts. Even with the pandemic still raging, there’s enough space for families to play together safely, unwind from the stress of the lockdowns, and stay safe while working from home.

With beautifully maintained walkways and gardens that families big and small can safely explore, Portofino Heights is certainly a family-friendly luxury enclave that can provide you a luxurious and relaxing space in this pandemic.

Portofino South

Similar to Portofino Heights, Portofino South also carries the same spirit of luxury and beautiful living. The world-class Parco di Portofino amenity hall sits at its center, housing grand function rooms, swimming pools, various activity areas, meeting rooms, and gyms.

Just like Portofino Heights, Portofino South has world-class Italian architecture-inspired units that let you live in your luxury.


The newest Portofino enclave, Amore is distinguished from Portofino Heights and Portofino South by being modeled after the more rural Italian region of Tuscany. With an amenity center that features a community hall, swimming pool, and basketball court, Amore is no less gorgeous and functional than either of its elder siblings.

The units are inspired by beautiful regional Italian architecture, featuring gabled roofs, domes, cobblestone pathways, and well-maintained pocket gardens. There’s a lot of space for families to explore, including a meditation garden where you can be at peace with your thoughts while enjoying the pretty landscaping.

Enjoy Themed Architecture at Brittany Sta. Rosa

A 260-hectare master-planned community with the premium quality that you’ve come to expect from Brittany developments, Brittany Sta. Rosa is rich not just in beauty and luxury but also in history.

One of the top luxury home developments in the South, Brittany Sta. Rosa is located in Sta. Rosa, Laguna – the commercial and educational center of the region. This means that homeowners in Brittany Sta. Rosa will never have to worry about not having accessibility to commercial, educational, and leisure facilities, all while still being tucked away from the busy city life.

Georgia Club

A 15-hectare ultra-exclusive luxury enclave, the Georgia Club celebrates the rich architectural history of Southern American luxury homes. Its home units feature authentic Southern details such as white picket fences, wrap-around porches, gabled roofs, and elegant French windows.

You can find all of this in a beautiful setting that mimics the beauty and diversity of nature reserves. With beautifully maintained landscaping and greenery, living in Georgia Club lets homeowners enjoy the finest luxuries while surrounded by nature.


The Promenade features well-maintained country-like hedges, walkways adorned with worn atmospheric cobblestones, and a beautiful garden modeled after the picturesque English countryside.

Sitting at the center of the enclave is the Clubhouse, designed after the distinctively dated style of English Country Manors, sporting modern amenities such as function halls, courts, and even a secret garden.

If it’s leisure you’re after, the Promenade is incredibly near to some of the best the area has to offer: it’s only several minutes away from the Country Club Philippines and the Elena Golf and Country Club.


Promising to deliver timeless classic beauty despite our modern way of life, Augusta is an up-and-coming 15-hectare enclave within Brittany Sta. Rosa. With an extension of the Georgia Club’s Southern American inspiration, Augusta promises authentically designed family homes set amidst a backdrop of vibrant greenery and diverse wildlife.

Take your mind off the stresses of current events and look forward to spending your time in the paradise-like luxury of the soon coming Augusta.

Belle Reve

Translating directly to “beautiful dream” in French, Belle Reve boasts bespoke luxury homes built with deep French-Mediterranean inspiration. The first of its kind in the country, Belle Reve aspires to have multiple courtyards and gardens for homeowners, investors, and guests to explore, crafted by internationally acclaimed landscapers to create a sense of tranquility.

Bask in Natural Beauty at Crosswinds Tagaytay

Despite our best efforts, nothing evokes a sense of luxury and well-being more than nature itself. Crosswinds Tagaytay is a 100-hectare Swiss-themed Brittany development that aspires to compliment the beauty of nature through superb architecture.

The crown jewel of Tagaytay, Crosswinds pushes the boundary between luxury living and scenic escapades. More than just luxury homes, Crosswinds is also becoming one of the main tourist attractions of the Alternate Summer Capital of the Philippines, and it’s not hard to see why.

It features a forest of 35 thousand pine trees, a sweeping mountaintop vista, and several activity areas. Visitors can enjoy different activities set in a backdrop of scenic views while homeowners wake up to a dream every day.

Grand Quartier Condos

The Grand Quartiers is a series of Swiss-inspired condominium units that comprises the primary enclave of Crosswinds Tagaytay. Featuring three luxury high-rises, the first two buildings are fully functional luxury condominium units, while the other one is a 6-story amenities building that features pools, gyms, and shops.

Live your luxury with the scenic mountainscapes of Tagaytay in the Grand Quartier’s luxury condominium units.

The Terraces of Lausanne

Property investors would be happy to know that the prime real-estate property of the Terraces of Lausanne is already up for grabs. A 24-hectare mixed-use area tucked amidst Crosswinds’ impressive man-made pine forest, the Terraces offers investors and homeowners alike the chance to wake up in a grove of Swiss pine trees every day.

The area is expected to soon be a hub for entertainment and leisure. This means that the Terraces will become home to commercial strips and various outdoor activities. With all the fun and luxury to be had and the grand view of Manila Bay and Laguna de Bay around you, you’ll certainly be given a chance to live in your luxury.

Alpine Villas

Designed to be a dream property, a life in the Alpine Villas will genuinely allow you to live in your luxury. Located at the entrance of Crosswinds and consisting of high-rises inspired by Swiss chalets, this enclave will transport you to the beautiful Swiss countryside.

Enjoy efficient Nordic-inspired design, coupled with high-class amenities such as 24/7 security, strict enforcement of health protocols, complete gyms, large pools, spacious function rooms, and more.

Living in Your Luxury with Brittany


Here at Brittany, we believe that luxury is the duality of an emotional state and a process. You feel luxurious if you live luxuriously, and you live luxuriously if you feel luxurious.

Each of our developments is made with the homeowner in mind, allowing you to live your luxury in the finest ways. In this way, Brittany remains one of the most prominent images of luxury living in the Philippines.

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