How Vista Alabang Captures The Beauty Of Italy

Italy. Maybe you visited it once and can’t forget the quaint but classical atmosphere of the place. The tall windows, the charming roofs, the cobbled pathways, and the lively yet subdued vibe of one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to experience once more the beauty of Italy – and you’d give anything to experience it every day.

If that’s the case, then we’ve got good news. With Brittany’s Vista Alabang, you don’t need to travel to the other side of the world to experience the sublime beauty of living in a historic city. You can do so right here, in Vista Alabang.

Las Piñas: The City Of Love And Progress

Vista Alabang is located in Las Piñas, a first-class city in the country’s capital region.

To this day, the origin of the name Las Piñas is still being debated to this day. Some historians argue that it was named after ‘piñas’, a local name for pineapple, which was a prime shipping commodity of the locale back in the days. Some argue that it was named after ‘peñas’, which is the term for quarrying of the building materials for much of the historic architecture in the area.

Regardless of where the name it was from, it’s undeniable that Las Piñas City is one of the most urbanized cities in Metro Manila. It enjoys a robust economy from several big industries, one of them being the country’s top jeepney manufacturing centers. More than that, it is a prime locale for startup companies. As a matter of fact, 70% of the registered businesses in the area are owned by sole proprietorships.

It also has a strong tourism economy from its historical attractions, especially with the development of its Historical Corridor Project, which restored a portion of the city to its Old Town appeal. Lastly, as one of the most urbanized cities in Metro Manila, there are no shortages of shopping malls and retail outlets in the area.

If cultural entertainment is what you’re after, you’ll have no complaints in Las Piñas. The city celebrates several festivals such as the International Bamboo Organ Festival, the Waterlily Festival, the Las Piñas City Historical Festival, and the popular Lantern Festival. It is against this robust economy and rich cultural backdrop that Brittany has set its sights on a world-class residential development project, Vista Alabang.

Vista Alabang

If the beauty of Italy is what you’re looking for in your daily life, then there is no better place to find it than in Vista Alabang.

Vista Alabang is a master-planned community that sits in a wide area of 600 hectares, ensuring enough space for comfortable residential areas, communal social spaces, and essential establishments. This housing development was designed to make sure that every detail of the location, landscape, and amenities exude the spirit of Italy.

Capturing the Scenic Pathways of Florence

Just like the winding streets of Florence, Italy, Vista Alabang has plenty of walkways and roads. They’re not just there to connect one place to another, but to make the experience of commuting a different one altogether. Prepare to walk upon tree-lined and cobblestoned roads that lead to tucked-away social spaces where you can socialize while enjoying the feeling of discovery.

Even in the evening, these well-maintained pathways are illuminated with charming street lamps. In addition to this, the robust crew of security and guards ensure that you won’t ever feel unsafe in the streets of your residence.

The Convenience of Italy’s City Centers

Just like in one of Italy’s famed city centers, Vista Alabang is also near to urban establishments and amenities. It sits right within Las Piñas, Metro Manila, so restaurants, malls, and entertainment districts are only a stone’s throw away.

If you feel like having some fun, then you can throw yourself into the bustling city center with little difficulty. And once you feel like you’re ready for rest, Vista Alabang’s various enclaves are tucked away enough to get away from the buzz of urban life.

Experience the Beauty of Italy through a Panoramic Countryside

Here at Brittany, we highly value sustainability and environmental awareness. That’s why Vista Alabang has plenty of open natural spaces and reserves for both flora and fauna.

Going through the gates of these exclusive residences is like being transported into the outskirts of Italy, where the air itself seems fresher than the city’s just a few miles away. To preserve this, Vista has always had a reliable waste collection, materials recovery, and even water management.

Italian Architecture at its Finest

Vista Alabang wouldn’t be able to capture the beauty of Italy without the architecture. Italian architecture has left its mark in practically every part of the modern world.

The distinctive style of the Italian Renaissance started a whole movement in Britain called Italianate architecture and has since been adopted by first-world countries like the United States. It features classical building materials such as wood clapboard or brick, a tall construction between two to four floors, sloping hipped roofs, an abundance of decorative details on the eaves, entrances, and trims, among other things.

The architecture of Vista Alabang reflects this influence but merges it with a distinctly modern twist.

Elegantly decorated house features are paired with contemporary simplicity. Warm, neutral colors reflect both Old World charm and modern sensibilities. Some housing models even feature exposed brick and plaster effects to embody classical Italian charm. Deep eaves with decorative brackets and cornices give a splash of extravagant detail, and tall French windows, detailed furniture, and elegant metalwork adorn each of the houses to achieve the full effect.

Inside, the interior feels like an Italian countryside given a modern upgrade. Cutting-edge amenities and state-of-the-art entertainment systems are located within tucked-in rooms, featuring curving house staircases and huge, airy windows.

The amount of effort put into perfecting every detail in each of the units turns them into a real work of art. But it isn’t enough to generalize them. In the next section, we’re going to discover each of the luxury three enclaves in Vista Alabang.

Community shot of Portofino Heights | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The neighborhood at Italy-inspired Portofino Heights.


You Deserve the Luxuries of the Beauty of Italy in Portofino Heights


Be transported to Italy in Portofino Heights, one of the luxury enclaves of Vista Alabang in Daang Hari. Wonderfully inspired by the beauty of Italy, it features grandiose classical architecture that reflects the spirit of the Old World but with a distinctly modern taste.


Portofino Heights is a masterfully planned residential development located along the Daang Hari Road in Las Piñas, Metro Manila beside Evia Lifestyle Center.

Location-wise, Daang Hari is about an hour away from Manila City, and about a twenty-minute drive from Las Piñas City. If you have medical concerns, the Medical Center Parañaque is a half-hour’s drive away. The development is one drive away from multiple malls and luxury shopping centers like Ayala Malls Southpark, Vista Malls, and the Alabang Town Center.


The luxury homes at Portofino Heights in Daang Hari sit in a planned estate, so there are plenty of internal amenities. It features welcome amenities such as basketball, badminton, and tennis courts, a well-equipped gym, jogging trails, and even Roman-inspired children and adult pools.

Aside from those, there’s also a grand ballroom that can accommodate up to 300 people. Several function rooms are also available for use. These are all located within a world-class center called Monte di Portofino.

Architecture that features the beauty of Italy

Antonello luxury house and lot model in Portofino Heights at Vista Alabang - Luxury house and lot in Daang Hari - Luxury homes by Brittany Corporation

The Antonello luxury house and lot model at Portofino Heights.


The luxury homes for sale that dot the premises are works of art in and of themselves.

Looking from the outside, models such as the Antonello luxury house and lot model feature a total floor area of about 286 square meters spread over two stories. The architecture of the house is distinctly Italian, as shown by the warm colors, the exposed brickwork effect, the deep eaves with charming brackets, and the wide flexible floor plan.

Rafaello Luxury House and Lot in Daang Hari | Vista Alabang | Portofino Heights | Rafaello House Model Facade | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The Raffaello luxury house and lot model at Portofino Heights.


The Raffaello exudes the Old World charm even more, with more characteristic brickwork, French windows, and even a rounded tower.

Inside both house models, the spaces are intimate yet open enough to reflect you and your family’s personality. Both contain a fully equipped, cutting-edge kitchen, modern bathrooms, lovely bedrooms, and relaxing living spaces. All of these together work to create a truly beautiful space.

If what you’re after is a life brimming with beauty in every detail, then Portofino Heights is the perfect luxury house and lot for you.

Inside view of the courtyard of an orange mansion, with trees, bushes, and a lanai breakfast area; with the second floor indoor veranda overlooking the courtyard showing the beauty of Italy | Vista Alabang | Portofino | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Indulge in the Italian atmosphere of a luxury home at Portofino South.


Everything You Need is at Portofino South


Portofino South is the second phase of Portofino Heights. Similar to the first phase, its luxury houses and lots also combine the charms of the Italian countryside with modern designs.


Located a mere ten-minute drive away from Portofino Heights, Portofino South has everything that the original Portofino development has. It’s a thirty-minute drive away from Las Piñas City and is near to essential establishments like banks and hospitals. It’s also surrounded by several shopping malls like Evia Lifestyle Center that are just a few minute’s drive away.


Within the development itself, there are top-of-the-line amenities such as sports and activity areas containing a pool, a basketball court, a fully equipped gym, a versatile open area, and several swimming pools for both kids and adults. In addition to that, there are also meeting and function rooms. The opulent amenities center of the Portofino South is called the Parco di Portofino.

Architecture that features the beauty of Italy

A grey and stone themed luxury house and lot that capture the beauty of Italy | Vista Alabang | Portofino | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The Pietro luxury house and lot model at Portofino South


The luxury homes for sale in Portofino South sport a distinctly Italian atmosphere. Models like the Pietro sport a lot area of 225 square meters and a floor area of 323 square meters over two stories, offering plenty of space to residents.

Similarly, there are also the Ghiberti, Raffaelo, and Antonello luxury house and lot models, all of them about the same area and floor size. They all sport classical Italian architecture, with beautifully detailed eaves, brickwork, and furniture. Each model touts picturesque landscaping, with some of the larger models even having a tucked-away mini courtyard. Lovely, tree-lined, cobblestoned pathways give the effect of traditional Italian villages.

Wide shot of the facade of the Carletti Luxury House and Lot Model | Vista Alabang | Amore at Portofino | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The Carletti luxury house and lot model at Amore, Vista Alabang


Live the Charms of Tuscany Every Day at Amore


Perhaps you want to spend your days basking in a sleepy, beautiful countryside town steeped with history. Maybe you want to be near the city, with its rich culture and a wide variety of entertainment to keep you busy for weeks on end.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to spend hours traveling to Europe for such an experience – you can live the dream right at Amore in Vista Alabang.


Located just several minutes away from both Portofino properties, Amore is inspired by the rustic countryside of Tuscany. Passing through the security gates of the residential area feels like walking into a modern yet traditional town on the outskirts of Tuscany itself.


Amenities-wise, the residential area features plenty of in-house services. First of all, there’s a community hall which can be a good place for social gatherings and a swimming pool. Absent in both Portofino developments, Amore also sports a beautiful meditation garden where you can relax and be one with nature after a long day.

Architecture that features the beauty of Italy

Even though this is the newest of Vista Alabang’s developments to go live, Amore has already won numerous awards for the quality of its design. At the 2015 Philippines Property awards, it was recognized as the Best Housing Development in the Philippines and the Best Housing Development in Manila. This testifies to the time, effort, and craftsmanship invested in each of the luxury homes for sale in Amore, Vista Alabang.

Each residence feels like an inn from your favorite Tuscan countryside. The luxury residential units mostly have an open floorplan in the common areas and conservatively spaced rooms, creating intimacy where allowed. The architecture is a beautiful remembrance of the Italian Renaissance, featuring the characteristic tallness of the Old World Italian countryside. The luxury house and lot models are detailed with exposed brickwork, colorful clay shingles, and stylized eaves, paired with modern neutral colors and simple lines.

The standard interior plan allows for plenty of modifications and design. All the luxury house and lot units in the development feature manicured landscapes that give off the feeling of elegance without being overbearing. Together, they contribute to a serene, picturesque scenery that you will never get tired of enjoying.

If you want a luxury house and lot with an extra sense of exclusivity, then there is no better place than the Tuscany-inspired Amore enclave of Vista Alabang.


Experience the Beauty of Italy in Vista Alabang


It’s understandable to want to bask in the beauty of Italy. It has a distinct elegance, a lovely atmosphere, and a blend of sophistication and rustic charms that always titillates the senses. Imagine waking up to that kind of feeling every day, in a residence where the spirit of the Italian Renaissance is embodied in every detail of the creation.

If this sounds like heaven, then we at Brittany are glad to open the gates of heaven for you. Choose from the best luxury homes for sale in the Philippines at the Portofino and Amore developments in Vista Alabang.