Luxury Vegan Travel: What You Need to Know


A vegan travel luxury vacation is the hottest new travel trend. With more and more hotels and restaurants offering 100% animal-free products and experiences, a lot of travelers, especially millennials have embraced veganism in the last few years.

 What is Vegan Travel?

Vegan travel pertains to living a vegan lifestyle while away from home, which means living in a way that avoids contributing to any exploitation of animals or cruelty to animals, as much as possible.

Most vegan travelers focus on the food aspect of vegan travel, but there are other factors to consider as well. This can be as conscious as a vegan refraining from using toiletries that have been tested on animals as well as avoiding exploitative animal tourist attractions such as zoos and aquariums and activities such as elephant rides.

How Do Vegans Travel?

Vegans travel in various ways. Some vegans enjoy backpacking while others prefer to pamper themselves by staying in a luxury vegan resort or hopping on one of the popular vegan river cruises.

If you’re new to vegan travel and are a bit nervous about it, you could hire a vegan travel agency to help plan your trip. But if you’re happy to do the planning yourself, vegan independent travel is definitely an option.

However, when traveling, vegans usually read the menu before going to the restaurant or request for the restaurant to veganize a dish. Thus, it is necessary to research the destination you are planning to visit.

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What Country Has the Most Vegans?

According to studies, India seems to be the country with the highest number of vegetarians as a percentage of the country’s total population. The statistics vary, but the percentage of Indians who follow a vegetarian diet is around 30% to 40%. This high percentage can be attributed to cultural and religious factors, as well as economic ones.

What Are the Best Places to Travel to When You’re a Vegan?

While there are many places that are known to be vegan meccas, there are other places (which are often overlooked) with traditional cuisine that happens to be quite vegan-friendly, despite the presence of a strong vegan movement there.

A good example would be Greece where the local cuisine is very plant-based yet many vegans don’t realize just how vegan-friendly the country really is.

Since vegan restaurants are few and far between, and vegan options are rare on restaurant menus, making it easy to miss the selection of vegan options if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Vegan on the Map, a travel agency that makes traveling easy for vegans and those who want to learn about the lifestyle, ranks each country according to how vegan-friendly it is.

Included in their top five spots are Switzerland, India, Israel, Taiwan, and New Zealand while the least vegan-friendly countries in the world, include Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, and Belarus.

Their ranking is based on several factors such as the number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants, the annual meat consumption per capita, and the number of estimated vegetarians and vegans in the country.

What Are the Most Popular Vegan Travel Destinations?

According to several vegan websites, some of the destinations for vegan foodie travel include

Where to Vegan Travel in Europe

Berlin, Germany

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a town in Germany | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Germany is great when it comes to veganism. | Image from Pexels


Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw Poland buidlings with lights vegan travel idea expereince luxury homes and streets condominiums in the philippines brittany corporation | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Warsawm, Poland offers Polish food that is safe to enjoy by vegans! | Image from Pexels


Barcelona, Spain

Spanish palace in the Mediterranean with colors of orange and blue perfect for retirement in europe | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Spain is another well-developed country with an excellent lineup of vegan restaurants. | Image from Pexels


Turin, Italy

Italian-inspired luxury house and lot in the Philippines is inspired by Positano village in Italy - Luxury House and Lot in Daang Hari - Brittany Corporation

Italian-inspired luxury house and lot in the Philippines is inspired by Positano village in Italy is perfect for the vegan lifestyle. | Image from Pexels


London, England

The Big Ben, one of the most recognizable London landmarks when traveling around Europe. | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The Big Ben, one of the most recognizable London landmarks and is a fun vegan travel destination! | Image from Pexels


Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon portugal vegan travel luxury travel luxury homes luxury houses and lots for sale in the Philippines by brittany corporation | Luxury Homes by brittany corporation

Lisbon, Portunal is a beautiful plave to be. | Image from Pexels


Where to Vigan Travel in USA and Canada

Portland, Oregon

Portland Oregon vegan travel luxury homes luxury houses and lots in the philippines for sale by brittany corporation | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Portland, Oregon boasts of rich history and food culture. | Image from Pexels



Vancouver Canada luxury vegan travel luxury homes by brittany corporation | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Vancouver, Canada is a must when doing luxury vegan travel. | Image from Pexels


British Columbia

british columbia luxury homes lake with stones on the bottom mountains luxury houses and lots vegan travel | Luxury homes by brittany corporation

If you are looking for a more outdoorsy vegan travel idea, try going to British Columbia. | Image from Pexels


Austin, Texas

Austin Texas skyline dotted with luxury condominiums amidst the blue sky luxury houses and lots vegan travel | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Texas might be known for the best steaks, but in Austin vegan culture is booming. | Image from Pexels



Toronto Canada Skyline with luxury conds and luxury condominiums buildings in city vegan travel | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Another Canadian vegan travel destination is the capital itself, Toronto, Canada! | Image from Pexels


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Ontario at night city skyline luxury homes and luxury condos luxury condominiums perfect for vegan travel | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Canada must really be a great place for vegans if Ontario is also here!


San Francisco, California

San Francisco tran luxury house and lots for sale when vegan travel | luxury home by brittany corporation

San Francisco is a colorful place where you can safely practice your vegan lifestyle. | Image from Pexels


Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville Forest live luxury homes for vegan travel dry land with a dead tree on the right | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Camping is a great vegan travel idea. | Image from Pexels


Where to Vegan Travel in Asia and Oceania

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai Thailand best vegan travel destination building with orange high roof with tourists around the temple | luxury homes by brittany corporation

A fun place to be if you want something a little bit more spiritual in nature. | Image from Pexels


Phuket, Thailand

phuket thailand temple by the water luxury homes vegan travel destination | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Temples are one of the most prominent features of Thailand. | Image from Pexels


Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan skyline luxury condominium for luxury travel | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Taiwan has a lot of delicious vegan food for all types of people. | Image from Pexels



Singapore skyline at night merlion water releasing water luxury condominium behind them for vegan travel | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Singapore may be known for the chili crab, but it should also be known for its interesting takes on vegan classics. | Image from Pexels


Hong Kong

Hong Kong skyline overseeing the ocean luxury condos and luxury condominium in the background for vegan travel | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Hong Kong has some of the world’s best food! | Image from Pexels


Melbourne, Australia

beach in melbourne australia for vegan travel ocean with pine trees | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Enjoy the sand, the sun, and the ocean in your vegal travel destination in Australia. | Image from Pexels


What Are Some of the Most Recommended Vegan Travel Resorts?

The best vegan vacations should be worry-free, which means not worrying about food!

There are some of the best vegan resorts that are all-inclusive, making it easy to relax and fully enjoy your vacation.

All-inclusive vegan and vegan-friendly resorts

Waterfall Villas, Costa Rica, Palmaia

The House of Aia, Playa del Carmen, Mexico (vegan friendly)

Finest, Playa Mujeres, Cancun, Mexico (vegan friendly)

Grand Velas, Riviera Nayarit, Mexico (vegan friendly)

Finca Victoria, Puerto Rico, Sandals Resorts, Caribbean (vegan friendly)

Puri Ganesha, Bali, Indonesia

Apoyo Lodge, Nicaragua

Kamalaya Resort

Koh Samui, Thailand (vegan friendly)

Agrivilla I Pini, Italy

Luxury Vegan Travel

As the weeks of COVID-19 travel restrictions continue to change, we discovered ourselves spending an increasing amount of time fascinated about the places we’d go when travel becomes a reality again.

Most of our hearts lie in Asia, however, we still have that gentle spot for European cities. As lovers of luxury travel and as passionate supporters of sustainability and cruelty-free vegan travel, the locations we’re longing to return to all supply that unique mix of luxury and superb vegan meals.

Imagine eating vegan waffles or a tofu omelet for breakfast? How about a conventional Southern Indian idli feast or platter of Middle jap delights? And the consuming around the globe journey continues for lunch with everything from calzones with vegan cheese, tacos, sushi, and tofu veg stir-fries with peanut sauce. And for dinner? Nothing is better than vegan fish and chips.

How about staying in the five-star Hilton London Bankside hotel, which has a posh new vegan suite created entirely without animal products. Imagine those cotton carpets and fabrics, plant-based toiletries, and pillows made sans animal feathers.

You will surely be greeted with vegan-friendly elements from the moment you arrive. From the check-in desk to room furniture, they are all upholstered in Piñatex, which is a natural leather alternative made from cellulose fibers extracted from pineapple leaves.

One of the distinct features is the earthy toiletries such as shampoo and conditioners that are made with vegetable extracts, and the minibar that boasts locally-sourced vegan treats like protein powder, energy bars, and fruits.

There is also an all-vegan hotel called the Vegan Lodge, which is located in Turkey. The property has 34 rooms, a gym, a yoga studio, and two swimming pools. Guests can indulge and dine on a plant-based menu with Mediterranean-style cuisine and join in on-site cooking classes. The decor of the said hotel is made with animal-free materials and sustainable and cruelty-free cleaning products.

Is There a Luxury Vegan Group Tour for Vegans?

World Vegan Travel is a luxury group tour company whose owners have been vegans for over 13 years and discovered through their own experiences that vegan travelers didn’t always get the best quality experience for their money when exploring different places.

This was their inspiration in putting up the said group tour company.

Although group travel might not be the top choice for everyone, traveling with like-minded people creates a more relaxing and enjoyable environment for them.

World Vegan Travel spends months working with all of the hotels, restaurants, and cafes on the trips’ itinerary to plan delicious and local-style meals, organized.

But it doesn’t end there. Other aspects of the trip are adapted too, which includes choosing hotels or accommodations with vegan-friendly furnishings and creating the itinerary to include learning about animal conservation in that area.

On some holidays,  travel takes over to customize and organize an entire hotel for a group trip.

World Vegan Travel’s previous tours have included Thailand, Vietnam, France, Germany, and Rwanda including a visit to see wild gorillas. They also often partner with popular vegan writers and podcasters on their tours to include vegan-related talks during the trip.

With this, we can see that more and more hospitality and travel companies continue to capitalize on the trend. As the world begins to carry travel restrictions and we start to permit ourselves to plan to get away from all of it, our wish list is quickly turning into our ‘must visit again soon’ listing.

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