Best Retirement Places in the World


One of the many things to consider when it comes to retirement planning is determining which retirement places you should consider living out the rest of your life in. For many retirees, the place where they want to retire is often a place where you always wanted to go but do not have the time to visit, or a place with better weather. For others, relocating to one of your retirement places of choice means getting an amazing retirement income and lifestyle. Some think about moving near their grandchildren, even if it means spending a little bit of extra if it is in a prime location.

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Looking for retirement places? We list the reasons why they are the best places for retirement.


But how do you know if the location you chose is the best place for retirement? Here are some characteristics of a great place to retire.

What Makes the Best Retirement Place?

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Some retirees will opt to have a retirement home that offers a lot of social interaction and a sense of community.


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1. A variety of homes just for retirement places has a good retirement income

Sure, you can invest in the most beautiful house in the Philippines, or check listings for

most expensive houses in the Philippines or mansions in the Philippines. But retirees are empty nesters, meaning they only have themselves (and their partners) in their retirement home. This means the location should offer not only luxury properties that you can be proud of, but also luxury real estate that has age-friendly features. One-level properties like a luxury condo or a one-level luxury house and lot are ideal. If the location has multiple-level homes, like most mansions in the Philippines, retirees will choose those that have very convenient modes of transport like ramps and elevators, and those that do not have multiple entries (ex. Open-plan homes).

2. Excellent public transportation

Having a car to go to and from wherever you need to be is great, but there will be instances where you need to rely on public transportation. Excellent public transportation is great for you to maintain independence. They are also great alternatives if your car is unavailable. In order to determine whether a transportation system of a city is excellent, you need to look at the available modes, accessibility, infrastructure, and cost.

Some of the questions you can ask yourself are:

● Can you go to and from the supermarket using more than one mode of transportation?

● Are there too many or too few transfers?

● Is the ratio of transportation modes to commuters greater or smaller?

● Are the transportation hubs a few minutes away?

● Does it have elevator facilities and transportation personnel to help guide you?

● Are there ridesharing options?

3. Nearby health care facilities.

As you age, being near to healthcare facilities and services is an important consideration. You would want to live near a doctor or a clinic that can provide you with emergency health care and triage, especially if you are not aware of any medical issues that you may have in the future now. Access to a major pharmacy chain will be helpful so it is easier for you to get your prescription medicine. A major hospital nearby can make it easier for you to receive medical care and comply with a treatment plan.

A lot of retirees also consider health insurance premiums. They would want the place where they retire to have good hospitals with modern amenities and social security benefits. Some countries, like the Philippines, even have a local office for the World Health Organization.

4. A good economy and state income tax

If you do plan to work after your retirement, make sure that the location offers a lot of job opportunities. On the other hand, the Internet already allows just about anyone, even retirees, to work from anywhere at any time, so physical location may not be a factor. But the physical location is a factor when it comes to your retirement fund. You would want to choose a place that has a significantly lower cost of living and allows you to have the basic conveniences and enjoy a little bit of luxury now and then. The state income tax goes into play still. A country with a good state income tax can really help boost the reason of retiring in a place.

5. Great public services and social security benefits

It helps if the local community you choose to settle upon retirement has services and facilities that are free or at a discounted fee for senior citizens. They would want to see their state taxes used for good. They would also want their social security income maximized. Some neighborhoods have a sponsor program for senior citizens that offer free activities such as movies and concerts. Some neighborhoods also have policies in place where they provide free groceries, multivitamins, and even a birthday cake on their special day.

6. Year-round weather you can actually tolerate.

Weather forecasts may be helpful, but sometimes, first-person accounts and personal experiences matter. You can schedule a long-term vacation at the locations of your choice in order to get a feel if you can tolerate the weather. It also pays if you schedule your vacation days before the shift in the season. Who wouldn’t want to walk around a national park randomly?

7. Socialization opportunities.

Sometimes, it can be bothersome to change a lightbulb or have no one to look after your houseplants. In these cases, a good neighbor or living in a street with equally sociable people will help you live and enjoy your retirement life without worry. Although social distancing is encouraged, knowing the fact that you have people in the neighborhood to rely on can be comforting. Whether it be locals or foreign residents, as long as there is a good community, it will surely be a popular retirement destination.

8. Proximity to family members.

Retirees consistently want to move in with their family, and if they have grandchildren, the better. This means either relocating to where their children and grandchildren are, or residing in a home that is just enough for them but can still entertain guests. It would also helo is the state sales tax is good where their families are close. Social security is really important.

Consider these retirement places when you plan to

1. Vietnam

vietnam colorful streets with chinese lanterns in gloomy day as best retirement places | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Retirees and even travelers who visited the country love Vietnam because of its low cost of living.


Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country located at the eastern edge of the Indochinese Peninsula.

Known for its beaches, rivers, Buddhist pagodas and bustling cities, Vietnam is both a tourist destination and a best place for retirement for some retirees, simply because of the median home price cost of living comfortably. Moreover, the cuisine is one of the fascinating and unique cultural features offered by the country.

Also, more and more people in Vietnam speak English. Retirees will not have a hard time adapting to the local language as English is becoming more popular and important in Vietnam.

2. France

romantic eiffel tower in paris, france which is one of the best places for retirement in europe | luxury homes by brittany corporation

France is more than just a country of love and romance.


For the most part, France is a country that has a temperate climate. But if retirees are seeking warmer climates, they can always look towards the Midi, which is a French term for the deep south of the country. The Provence and Languedoc regions are great for retirees who can tolerate mild winters and very hot summers. Paris, on the other hand, has cool and fairly winters and hot summers, while the mountainous regions of the Alps, the Pyrénées, and the Massif Central and the eastern regions of Alsace-Lorraine have colder winters.

The real estate in country towns and villages is fairly cheap with a good median home price, and if you are not satisfied with your townhouse or a bungalow with a garden, you can always go on a road trip towards the next beautiful town via the country’s excellent road systems. Moreover, the healthcare services are the best in the world and are considerably lower than in the US.

3. Spain

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Spain is another well-developed country with excellent yet affordable living and an accommodating climate.


Warm weather, excellent cuisine, a welcoming culture, and a relaxed lifestyle – that is Spain for you. No wonder plenty of retirees are considering Spain their retirement home. But what mainly attracts retirees to Spain is the median home price. Compared to other European countries, Spain is considerably lower. Even if you choose to live in the city center, you can snap up a retirement home and enjoy a comfortable life. Moreover, the friendly locals and the breezy lifestyle in Spain make it enticing for retirees who wanted to spend their golden years in peace. Popular expat locations in Spain include the Canary Islands, Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella, the Costa Del Sol, and Alhaurín El Grande.

4. Malaysia

patronas towers in kuala lumpur malaysia southeast asia where a lot of foreigners retire | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Malaysia has, and continues to attract retirees thanks to its warmer climate and proximity to vacation hotspots.


Malaysia may have all of the elements you need for the best place for retirement, but its year-long climate and access to over 878 islands with “white-sand beaches” take the cake. Moreover, it is a huge bonus for retirees to be able to travel cheaply, easily, and quickly to other countries in Asia. This is because Kuala Lumpur, which is the capital of Malaysia, is an international hub, with flights going to Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and even Australia in under 4-6 hours.

The average year-round temperature in Malaysia is 82 degrees Fahrenheit, and you only have two seasons (wet and dry) to mind.

Of course, being able to integrate into the community using a common language, which is English, is another plus.

5. Philippines


the best country for retirement places is the tropical island and lots of beaches philippines in southeast asia | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Made up of 7,107 islands, the Philippines is a formidable choice when it comes to retirement places.


The Philippines may not be the first country retirees think of when considering locations as their next retirement home. But it checks all of the boxes and more.

In the Philippines, retirees can lead a comfortable life for less than P50,000 per month. This amount already includes median home price, accommodation, dining out, local travel, and transportation. Moreover, the great weather and the people’s hospitality, and family-centered culture can entice anyone to settle down in the country. The cost of living may be a little bit expensive in certain areas like Makati City but are significantly less in neighboring and suburban locations. Also, you only need to plan and take a short trip to visit and enjoy any of the multiple beaches in the Philippines.

If you wish for a mountainous retreat as your retirement home, cooler locations like Tagaytay are perfect for you. Tagaytay, which is just 20 minutes from Metro Manila, sits on a ridge 2,100 feet above sea level, has both commercial and residential developments that make it easier for property buyers to invest in the most beautiful house in the Philippines or choose any of the most expensive houses in the Philippines.


crosswinds swiss luxury resort in tagaytay cottages pine estate trees | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Crosswinds Tagaytay calls to mind a picturesque Swiss town. Rows of chalet-inspired luxury homes sit on a lush terrain located at one of the highest points of Tagaytay.


Crosswinds Tagaytay, for example, is a hundred-hectare Swiss-inspired community surrounded by the sight and scent of over 35,000 pine trees, the picturesque view of the lush terrains of Tagaytay City, and the commanding Swiss-inspired luxury house and lot units, which are all situated along the natural slopes of the exclusive community. Crosswinds Tagaytay is also home to a wide array of Swiss-themed properties that can be your next retirement home, including The Crosswinds Grand Quartier, a Swiss resort condotel with luxury condo units for sale or rent; The Terraces of Lausanne, a residential development that promises sweeping panoramas, with views of Laguna de Bay, Manila Bay, and the lush hills of Tagaytay; and Alpine Villas, home to six to eight-story Swiss chalet-inspired mid-rise villas hidden from the hustle and bustle of the Tagaytay City proper.

Final Words

Retirement planning is the process of determining your retirement goals, and the actions and decisions necessary to achieve those goals. Choosing the best place for retirement is just one aspect of retirement planning. You need to put in considerations that are meaningful to you, especially as you age.

Discover why Crosswinds Tagaytay is a luxury property worth considering as your retirement home here.


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