Money New Year’s Resolution


2021 is nearly at an end and it is not an easy year for many. People went through their own hurdles and struggles on top of the COVID-19 pandemic. It certainly was a challenge for people who are financially independent or at least trying to be so. Various health choices required more spending, like buying face masks, getting tested for the virus, and getting health insurance. Having a new year’s resolution could really be the change you need.

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With all the expenses one has to consider in the pandemic, budgeting can become stressful. | Photo from Getty Images via Forbes


Now 2022 is just around the corner and people need a change for the better. One would want to be more prepared and have a sense of financial security amidst the pandemic. This is to make sure that one can at least afford all the things he needs to stay healthy and afloat while giving him some peace of mind that he does not have to go bankrupt if ever he has to make an important purchase or gets sick. For these reasons, you may be thinking of having your own financial new year’s resolutions. 

Having a new year’s resolution does not only inspire somebody to make conscious efforts to make the new year more enjoyable for herself, but it also reminds someone of her goals when it matters. Decisions that are hard to make are sure to confront people in 2022, as they do every year, so they have to be prepared. When written down and taken seriously, your new year’s resolution may just guide you to make the best decisions in difficult situations, and when it comes to finances, you would want to make choices that you are going to thank yourself for later in life. This is why you need some money-related resolutions, like the ones listed in this blog.

End That Vice

Aside from vices being harmful to one’s mental and physical health, they can also be very costly. People basically pay money just for these unhealthy habits to provide a short-term pleasure, not paying attention to all the downsides that outweigh whatever pleasure they may derive from these. You can make excuses about your vice of choice, but you have to admit that facts will never be on your side and really, they just are not good for you.

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Whether you have a detailed plan or it’s cold turkey, starting to stop is highly beneficial. | Photo from Patcharanan Worrapatchareeroj, Getty Images via Verywell Mind


One thing people should know by now is that they have to take really good care of their bodies, so their immune systems can help combat serious mental and physical illnesses. If one’s body is healthy, he can do more and save a lot of money that would otherwise cover inhumane amounts in hospital bills. Health really is wealth. 

Go seek some help so you can stop smoking, drinking, and gambling, among others. These habits will not achieve anything good in the long run. Anything else done in unhealthy excess can also be considered a vice, like for example spending a lot of money on an online game when one has more important things to pay for. People who spend a lot of money on unnecessary things often regret their choices afterward when they move from one obsession to another, so learn to resist. This is a popular new year’s resolution, but people rarely stick with it, so stay strong throughout the year. 

One purchase you would not regret, though? Luxury homes from Brittany Corporation. Go get the dream house and lot you have been eyeing for a while now. Visit the Brittany Corporation website for properties for sale, condo for sale, and house and lot for sale. People often just wish to have their coveted luxury house and lot for sale, only to end up splurging on pointless and low-reward stuff. This coming year, make sure to have a goal and stick with it. Do not get distracted by short-term pleasures. 

Get Into Minimalism

There is a great reason why the minimalist lifestyle has been gaining popularity lately. Not only does it make people’s lives more peaceful in general, but it also saves them a lot of space and money.

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A spacey room will surely have room for the things you love. | Photo from Elle Decor


Minimalism is a lifestyle that one can apply to any facet of her life. She can use it in the big and “important” parts of her life, like her marriage. If the relationship has been toxic for years already without any hope for change, then she may consider getting separated from her partner. Minimalism can also be applied in the smaller things, such as everyday expenses and the stuff in her room. She can donate, give, or throw away the clothes she does not wear anymore. She can also refrain from buying coffee-to-go when she can just have some coffee at home to save some money. Little by little, being a minimalist can help you become the best version of yourself.

It does not mean that one has to throw away stuff pointlessly and stop getting things that she actually enjoys. The point to minimalism is to make some room for the things that one actually loves. Do you want to be with good and caring friends? Start by letting go of the toxic, undeserving ones. Do you want to have more space for your art supplies? Consider clearing a room in your house of all the clothes, shoes, and random things you do not need anymore. Minimize the clutter and maximize your space for the things that are important to you. 

Sometimes, though, it becomes so hard to choose stuff to throw away, because you have many hobbies and interests, and very little space. With luxury homes, this will never be an issue. Check out Brittany Corporation for some properties for sale, condo for sale, and house and lot for sale. Get yourself a house and lot that will have more than enough space for you and your family’s needs and wants. 

Do Free and Low-Cost Things That Make You Feel Rich

Sometimes people spend money, because they want to feel wealthy, or even look like it to other people. There may be some clients and in-laws that they are trying to impress, or friends from social circles they want to keep up with. Before you go any further on this blog, please know that real friends will never require you to keep up with them, if doing so costs you an arm and a leg.

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You do not even have to up your fashion game to look rich while walking a well-groomed pet. | Photo from Washington University Physicians


There are things that one can do to feel and look rich without having to spend a lot of money. One thing that one can do is to buy necessities in bulk. Having some extra supplies of the things you need at home can make you feel very fortunate. Have you ever run out of basic things like milk, tissues, or even soap, and discovered that you need not worry because you have some extra in your cupboard? This beats having to run to the convenience store every time. This also will save you a lot of cash, compared with getting things in small amounts. 

Another thing that can make you feel rich is to groom your pet yourself. This will not cost you more than a bottle of dog shampoo, but you will definitely feel rich walking around the neighborhood with a well-groomed dog. Having time for leisurely activities like this is also a sign of affluence because what it says about you is that you can spare some time for personal activities and not feel a lot of pressure to be working instead. Other free and low-cost activities that you can do to look and feel rich are exercising, having a tidy home, and wearing clothes that fit. 

Get Into the Stock Market

The pandemic had a lot of economic impacts on different countries. There was a stock market crash last year in the summer and there is no predicting when the COVID-19 recession will end. One may think that this is the absolute worst time in her life to invest, but the opposite is true. Getting shares and trading stocks is a great decision when stock market prices are down, because they are bound to get higher.

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The pandemic is a great time to start trading. | Photo from The Action


Consider getting shares from blue-chip companies, because you know they are going to be around in the next decades. Making this choice will get you invested in businesses at a low cost and the risk is also minimal with blue-chip companies. Stop procrastinating on trading and adopt this new year’s resolution now while it is the best time for it. 

Another solid investment that you can make is getting that luxury house and lot for sale. Brittany Corporation is known for its luxury homes, so check out their properties for sale, condo for sale, and house and lot for sale. You will not regret buying that house and lot you have been dreaming of for a long time now.


People have their own ways to stay afloat in these difficult times, but some people often never reconsider the choices they make, leading them to spend more, instead of less. It is a time when we have to make our best decisions, so changing the things and habits that no longer serve us is a must.

Go get that planner or any piece of paper and start planning your year with the new year’s resolutions above in mind. You may cut yourself some slack from time to time, but do not allow yourself to deviate so much from your goals, especially in difficult times, when sticking to your goals matters the most. It is never too early to start saving for that luxury house and lot for sale that you want.

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