2022 Lucky Color of the Year


2021 is almost ending and it proved to be another challenging year for everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic does not seem to be slowing down in a lot of countries and there are even some new variants getting discovered. People are stressed, financially challenged, and worried about their health. They just want to get through December and are hoping for better days, weeks, and months in 2022.

kitchen with seafoam green walls | luxury homes by brittany corporation

A kitchen looking classy and elegant in Breezeway, Behr 2022 color of the year. | Photo from Behr via The Spruce


For these reasons, 2022 has to start with a new tone. People look forward to a fresh start while not forgetting how it was to live in the old normal. Companies design their products in such a way that brings back pre-Covid 19 moods and memories. One thing that is essential in all this? A new color. 

Colors are powerful, and color choices hold significance when incorporated in art, movements, and even advocacies. In 2021, for example, viewers would know the importance of that dark red scarf in Taylor Swift’s All Too Well (10-minute version). Even without experiencing a similar heartbreak, swifties tend to relate a lot to the short film that was released because of the vividness of the film and its genius utility of fall colors in the sets and the props. 

The colors that one uses every day would also say a lot about her. One’s shirt color can be indicative of her political stance, since candidates often choose colors for their campaigns. Colors can also proudly announce somebody’s advocacy, like how a pink ribbon is typically associated with breast cancer awareness. There is no avoiding deeper meanings whenever seeing colors all around, so different companies are quick to set their colors for 2022. Here are the best colors for the year 2022. 

Evergreen Fog

dining room with green walls | luxury homes by brittany corporation

A calming and old school living room in Evergreen Fog. | Photo from Sherwin-Williams via the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia


One of the top companies people expect to release a 2022 color of the year is Sherwin-Williams, an American paint and coating manufacturing company. Ever since their announcement, the muted and earthly Evergreen Fog hue gained popularity, and it would be no wonder if interior designers and people looking for houses will want to incorporate the color into their homes and fixtures. 

Going through all the stresses of somebody living through the pandemic, seeing such a calming color dominating one’s walls would be a refreshing change. It blends well with almost any color, as it has that neutral look, but it is still better than gray shades, because it is a bit more regal and personal than neutral tones. Evergreen Fog also does not call attention to itself, so people would be drawn more to the furniture and decorations that give personality to a room. 

Evergreen fog will look great in the most beautiful houses in the Philippines. Are you looking for luxury homes for sale and the most expensive houses in the Philippines? Check out Brittany Corporation for luxury homes Philippines, luxury lots Philippines, and mansions in the Philippines. Your favorite 2022 color of the year is just waiting for a new home.

Photo of sofas with throw pillows and green wall. | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The right shade of green will never look gaudy in a home. | Photo from Spacejoy via Unsplash


Green is one of the timeless colors that have been gaining popularity recently. The color is associated with healing, calmness, safety, and growth, so it fits the current circumstances. The yearning for safety and calmness is sadly one of the constants people have to go through while exploring personal rooms for improvement, growth, and healing during these times. Staying inside homes for an extended period of time is not exactly the best, but being inside a home that reminds someone of nature and safety is definitely one of the reasons why Evergreen Fog is a logical choice for 2022 color of the year. 


Photo of One Bedroom Unit Condo at Alpine Villas | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Green walls of Alpine Villas can also be cool to the eyes. | Photo from Colorfully Behr


The next color of the year is, again, from a paint company and is, again, a shade of green. This time it’s a much lighter and cooler shade of green. It is called Breezeway MQ3-21, and it shows how green can also be one of the hues that are cool to the eyes without having to be dark. One would not even know that it is green, unless he really pays attention to it. 

The difference between the appeal of this 2022 color of the year from the previous one, even though they are both green, shows how versatile the color can be. Breezeway by Behr is crisp, bright, and lively and it suggests activity and life. One can definitely achieve this appeal with the most beautiful houses in the Philippines. If you are looking for luxury homes for sale, make sure to check out the Brittany Corporation website. They can offer luxury homes Philippines, luxury lots Philippines, and mansions in the Philippines, so you can live in one of the most expensive houses in the Philippines. 

Art and Craft

Mock up frame in cozy modern dining room interior, 3d render | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Art and Craft, such a creative name for a sophisticated color. | Photo from Dunn-Edwards Paints


Dunn-Edwards Corporation is another manufacturer and distributor of architectural and industrial paint and painting supplies. They did not disappoint when it came to their choice for 2022 color of the year. They came up with Art and Craft (DET682), which looks sophisticated, moody, and earthy all at the same time. It is a combination of their Cotton Club (DET431) and Gypsum Rose (DET 452) colors. They described Art and Craft to be timeless and said that it suggests optimism for the future, which people definitely need. 

Art and Craft can look great in any room, as it is another muted color, so it gives an air of classic elegance and simplicity. The color also looks inspiring, and people definitely need to get inspired, staying inside their homes. Just looking at a room in this color can inspire one to finish writing that unpublished book of his, or maybe drink his tea with just a little more poise. Staying inside a house in this hue will not feel like getting jailed in a drab room, but more like being one with nature. Staying in the most beautiful houses in the Philippines during these times is a blessing, so getting one of the most expensive houses in the Philippines for your family is absolutely a worth-it investment. Check out the Brittany Corporation website for luxury homes Philippines, luxury lots Philippines, and mansions in the Philippines. 

living area or lounge room with brown walls | luxury homes by brittany corporation

A spacy and well-designed living room styled with indoor plants. | Photo from Architectural Digest


One thing that will look and feel great in an Art-and-Craft room? Some indoor plants, which seem to be gaining popularity lately. Gardening is one of the safest pastime activities one can engage in and it does not even have to be expensive. People even bring their much loved plants inside their houses! Even if one is not much into the hobby, just imagine a living room in Art and Craft with some rich green foliage. This is one way to make one’s space look fresh, homely, and natural.


Staying at home for an extended period of time proved to be a bigger challenge than people expected it to be. It can feel tiring, boring, and monotonous. One way to put the life in homelife is having a theme color for your home. 

The paint companies mentioned above all seem to agree that houses should have more of a natural and refreshing vibe to them, especially now that people seem to be burnt out. Muted, earthy, and almost-neutral hues are definitely hits for that reason. After all, staying at your own home should, well, feel like home. 

These colors not only look great on walls and ceilings, but also in other things. Evergreen Fog, Breezeway, Art and Craft, and hues that are similar to them, can also look great in the clothes you wear daily, your phone and laptop covers, and even chinaware — things that will look great in luxury homes for sale.

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