Why Living Near Lifestyle Establishments Is A Necessity

The Triangle of Time, Energy, and Money

Known by many names like the “Triangle of Life”, or “Triangle of Productivity”, the combination of three factors is widely present. Each factor has its own unique relationship with each other, and every decision made affects the entire triangle. It is believed that being able to balance these three will allow you to live life to the fullest.

Due to human nature, most people are unable to make this balance throughout the different stages of life. However, there are many ways for one to go against and reduce this flow. When you learn how to manage the three factors right, you are guaranteed to make the best out of all stages in your life.

The Importance of Time, Energy, and Money | Photo Courtesy of The Post Grad Survival Guide

Residing near Lifestyle Establishments 

Your home is one of the most important factors in your life. Undoubtedly, it greatly contributes to how you’ll be able to balance your productivity triangle. You can’t avoid lifestyle establishments such as Evia since they are a necessity for basic human life.

During the pandemic, it became evident that living near lifestyle establishments has become a necessity for survival. The distance greatly shortened when residing near establishments is a huge advantage – and here’s how they help balance your time, energy, and money triangle:

1. Time

Time is gold. This pandemic has made us realize that the concept of time is something we may never be able to fully understand. Time passes so slowly, yet also happens so fast. But one is certain – it’s that every second counts and we should make the most out of it.

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Urban life may come with its advantages, but there are also a lot of disadvantages, one being traffic. Traffic is one of the most annoying things you’ll have to deal with in urban areas – You may not notice it, but humans spend an awful lot of time simply because of traveling with traffic. However, living near establishments erases this problem with ease.

The hours you spend every day just to fulfill your basic needs can be shortened with a huge gap, allowing you to allot this time for more personal and happiness-inducing events. You’ll be able to manage your time with much less stress.

2. Energy

Our life gets its fuel from our energy – and our energy is not something we can fully control. Sometimes you feel on top of the world – as if you could do anything, but there are also days when you just want to sit back and take things slow. Unfortunately, not everyone has the advantage of being able to cope with these random bouts of energy.

Humans run on Energy | Photo Courtesy of Mindvalley | Why Living Near Lifestyle Establishments Is A Necessity

Living near lifestyle establishments means that a trip to Evia Lifestyle Center is no big deal when you’re high on energy and live in Vista Alabang. Likewise, taking your time when feeling low won’t be stress-inducing. It’s because you know you’ll be able to make up for the time lost since necessities are just a small trip away – you can do it anytime.

Just like with time, traveling also takes up a lot of energy. Especially when there’s traffic, the stress made is no small thing. Getting as much energy as you can and being able to work accordingly with your energy level is one of the best feelings in life.

3. Money

Money may be tangible, but the concept of finance and being able to manage it well is something that isn’t. Money isn’t all about the numbers. Don’t be blinded by high amounts, all is for naught when you can’t use it properly. Money is something you’d want to have loads of, but you should always remember that there are other factors to be considered in life.

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Buying a house is very expensive in general. Whether it be a luxury house and lot in Metro Manila, or simple Daang-Hari subdivisions, a house is worth a lot. However, remember that your house is going to be your fortress, it’s going to be the home you return to every day – so don’t base your decision solely on the price.

A house near lifestyle establishments, such as Portofino Heights or Amore at Portofino, comes with a lot of benefits. However, as a luxury house and lot in Daang-Hari, the prices at Portofino Alabang are set accordingly.

One could be intimidated by it but remember that your house is a lifetime investment. A one-time payment simply cannot compare to the time and energy you’ll be saving in the long run.

The Michelangelo at Portofino| Photo Courtesy of Brittany

Furthermore, living near lifestyle establishments means that you’ll be saving up on a lot of transportation fees. Whether you use public transport or travel by yourself, you’ll have much lower spending on fees or gas money. If the distance is as short as Portofino South and Evia Lifestyle Center in Vista Alabang, you could even save completely by opting to take a walking exercise – saving you both money and energy!

The Ultimate Balance at Vista Alabang

Vista Alabang offers a great balance between practicality and enjoyment. It’s complete with premier retail, entertainment plus dining destination at Evia Lifestyle Center, a wide variety of transportation roads available to decongest traffic, and only the best homes among all house and lot in Daang-Hari. You’ll have the perfect balance when residing in Vista Alabang, home to the best luxury house and lot in Metro Manila.

Evia Lifestyle Center

Dubbed as the crown jewel of Vista Alabang, Evia is one of the most famous lifestyle establishments in the country. Housing a variety of stores ranging from your necessities at AllDay Supermarket, to a relaxing time for your personal enjoyment at The Coffee Project, Evia has it all. The top-global brand name stores at Evia are not the only things it boasts about; there’s also its insanely beautiful architectural design.

The Fully Booked+ Coffee Project Destination at Evia | Photo Courtesy of The Coffee Project | Why Living Near Lifestyle Establishments Is A Necessity

The picturesque mall makes one lost with its aesthetic, leading one to believe that they’ve been transported to an entirely new country. There are lots of shops and amenities available at Evia, you’ll have to make lots of trips before you’ll be able to get a full grasp on the Evia Lifestyle Center.

Here’s an article to serve as a guide to shopping at Evia Lifestyle Center to get you started on your journey to conquer Evia.

The Evia Lifestyle Center| Photo Courtesy of Vista Malls | Why Living Near Lifestyle Establishments Is A Necessity

Portofino Alabang

Looking for a luxury house and lot in Metro Manila? Look none other than Portofino Alabang, an Italian-themed luxury house and lot in Daang-Hari. Portofino Alabang simply cannot be compared to other house and lot in Daang-Hari or to other Daang-Hari subdivisions. The comfort offered makes you relish in the balance of time, energy, and money in every day of your life.

The breathtaking view at Portofino Alabang| Photo Courtesy of Brittany

Portofino Alabang has three enclaves, namely: Portofino Heights, Portofino South, and Amore at Portofino. All three enclaves have their own specialties, but all ensure that you’ll have the best lifestyle. When it comes to distance from lifestyle establishments, Portofino South boasts the highest. Its location is closest to Evia Lifestyle Center – the establishment perfect to fulfill all your necessities and personal enjoyment.

Here are some of the best house and lot in Daang-Hari available at Portofino Heights, Portofino South, and Amore at Portofino:

Raffaello (Raphael)

Awarded the Best Premium House of the Year in The Outlook 2018, the Raffaello in Portofino Heights and Portofino South is worth all the attention. The award-winning luxury house and lot in Daang-Hari is a 292 square meter (floor area) with four bedrooms – just the perfect size for those who wish for space more than enough to fulfill their recreation and living needs.

Considered as an art masterpiece with its architecture and design, waking up in this home will leave you dazzled every time. The Raffaello is perfect for those who wish to taste the Italian countryside.

The Raffaello| Photo Courtesy of Brittany


Still, need more space than the Raffaello? On the bigger side of the Brittany Collection is the masterpiece known as Ghiberti. With a lot area of 333 square meters and a floor area of 349 square meters, this luxury house and lot in Daang-Hari has the biggest of them all.

This house is perfect for hosting family gatherings and offers the most breathable space for you and your family. Complete with an inner courtyard at the center of the house and a little casita, live like royalty in this castle-like house found in the famed Daang-Hari subdivisions, Portofino Alabang’s Portofino Heights, and Portofino South.

The Ghiberti| Photo Courtesy of Brittany


Feeling overwhelmed by the big sizes? The counterpart to Ghiberti is the Lorenzo found at Amore at Portofino. Lorenzo is the smallest house available with a lot area of 180 square meters and a floor area of 177 square meters. The Lorenzo is the ideal home for young couples just starting to make a family or small families in general.

The Lorenzo | Photo Courtesy of Brittany

Fun fact: Did you know that the biggest and smallest houses make up the name of a famed Florentine Italian artist from the Early Renaissance, Lorenzo Ghiberti?

There are so much more masterpieces at the Brittany Collection available, your next step towards your best life starts with these properties at Vista Alabang.