Creating an Italian-themed Home

When it comes to romanticism, there’s no other place that most people tend to think about more than Italy. If you are a wanderlust and happens to want a place to boost up your passion for anything – be it love, arts, music, and even food, then by all means head out to the nearest airport, and get yourself a seat in one of the airlines bound straight to the land of cupid. But, if you don’t have the luxury of time, there is an even better way – have your house recreated with the feel and grandeur of Italy. This way, you’ll never have to go far from your own living room to enjoy such beauty.

Italian interior design has always been associated with elegance as well as space. Italian-themed homes have the aura of sumptuousness – that stubbornness to be confined by merely four walls. If you’re looking for a real estate in the Philippines that can match your Italian dream, look for those whose styles incorporate such features as high ceilings and large breathable windows. Don’t forget the architecture. Italy is all about the alluring columns and arched canopies. To be more playful, add color to the interior by decorating it with rich carpets and stuffed chairs. Scour the local antique stores for rare finds whose themes are also Italian. You can decorate your house with these little knick and knacks.

Thematic communities in the country are very rare. Not all real estate developers have the passion, the strategy and the commitment to produce an atmosphere that takes you to a journey outside the country right outside your doorsteps. From developing the overall plan and concept, up to the very minute details in the home. Putting the community in a location where the value will surely increase, as well as the proximity to essential establishments like school, malls and major road networks is also a major challenge. Luckily, Brittany, Vista Land’s luxury homes subsidiary offers you the chance of owning your dream thematic home. Regarded as one of the pioneers in applying international themes like Italian, America and Old English to local communities. They provide you a lifestyle beyond compare.

Italian living brought to you by Brittany features beautifully made homes delivered in equally beautiful communities. Portofino in Vista Alabang, offers a chance at Italian living while being accessible to the Metro thru the MCX and Daanghari road. It is also a stones-throw away from Evia Lifestyle Center, that provides you your daily needs from groceries and personal services. Portofino prides itself not only as a majestic community and accessibility but is also a good investment with the area’s continuous development and increase in value.

If you don’t want to remodel a house entirely, consider having a Brittany house. Brittany has been one of the top real estate developers in the Philippines offering a wide array of house choices, including an exquisite mix of Italian-themed homes.

You can never go wrong in a Brittany lifestyle.



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