Top 9 Spots for Mountain Bike Adventures in Laguna


Laguna is considered one of the most strategic locations for many companies to open and operate their businesses. Its accessibility to the local and international market, environment, culture, and people makes the province a favorite destination for commercial organizations. But it is not the sole reason why many people are attracted to Laguna. Aside from ease of accessibility for businesses, the province is also one of the most favorite spots for mountain bike adventures. Dubbed as the ‘Silicon Valley of the Philippines’ because of its numerous electronic and semi-conductor companies, Laguna also boasts its share of popular mountain biking trails.

Trails for Mountain Bike Adventures in Laguna

 Mount Makiling

Residents of Mount Makiling previously believed that the trail is inaccessible for mountain bikers. However, a biker named Russell was able to pass the trail successfully. Since then, mountain bikers take the challenge of conquering the giant rocks and steep gradients.

This trail is 17.5 kilometers long and is moderately trafficked. It is near Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines, and features beautiful wildflowers. Most people use the trail for hiking, nature walks, and mountain biking. Nonetheless, Mount Makiling Trail is considered a hard spot for mountain bikers.

man riding a mountain trail | Luxury homes by Brittany Corporation

Mountain Biking Adventures are a popular alternative to city biking. | Photo by Irene Lasus from Pexels


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Mountain Bike Adventures Nuvali Trail

situated near Calamba, Nuvali Trail is a famous green single-track trail that runs for 7 km. Mountain bikers will be able to use the trail in both directions, and it has an overall physical rating of moderate with a green climb of 79 meters. For example, the Loop-2 trail takes on average 31 minutes to complete. The best thing about the spot is that it is composed of different trails from easy and flat single tracks for the beginners to difficult ones with challenging ascents and descents for those professional riders.

Though Nuvali has a good reputation when it comes to paved paths and designated bike lanes, it also offers wide bike tracks and an easy-to-difficult trail system, including the challenging 50-km. running and off-road biking trails.


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Pangil MTB Trail

Near Siniloan, Laguna, Philippines, the 17-kilometer trail features a beautiful forest setting and is classified as a medium trail. Mountain biking is the primary use of the trail. A breathtaking climb awaits you on this road. As you make your way from the trailhead, it seems as if there will be no end to the steep inclines.

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Invite your family or friends to mountain bike adventures and keep healthy. | Photo by Darcy Lawrey from Pexels

Laguna Loop

a more popular cycling route in the Philippines is the Laguna Loop. Many Filipino cyclists considered the spot for mountain biking.  Its main route loops around the vast Laguna Lake, which spans 911.7 square kilometers, and can be the highlight of your trip.

Riding the Laguna Loop will require you to pass through Metropolitan Manila and nearby provinces of Rizal and Laguna. Whether you choose the short or the full loop, you would still cover between 170 to 205 kilometers of travel.

The full Laguna Loop Route covers 205 kilometers long. You’ll find most of the routes are flat. However, a dynamic climb at KM 96 from Lumban Area to Kalayaan, Laguna awaits you, not to mention the rolling hills which start at KM 176 of the loop.

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Agila Base Mountain Bike Adventures

another spot that you should have on your bucket list is the Agila Base. It is a 10.5-kilometer, moderately trafficked out-and-back trail that offers great forest views and is suitable for all levels of hikers. Several activities can be enjoyed on the trail.

People’s Park in the Sky via Mount Sungay Trail

located near Barandal, Laguna, People’s Park in the Sky via Mount Sungay Trail is considered a difficult spot for mountain bikers. The trail provides panoramic views and is commonly used for walking and biking. The spot is a 26.7-kilometer trail and is convenient for access all year round.

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Mountain biking brings you to majestic places you never thought you could go to. | Photo by Dorothy Castillo from Pexels


Tayak Hills

Located near Rizal, Laguna, Philippines, Tayak Hill is a moderately trafficked out and back trail that offers great views is suitable for all levels of hikers and bikers and features a great forest setting. It is 11.1 kilometers long. Trail users can hike, walk, go on nature walks, and mountain bike on the trail, which is open all year round.

Mudspring via Mount Makiling Trail

There is the possibility of seeing wildlife along the Mudspring via Mount Makiling Trail, a 7.7 kilometer moderately trafficked out-and-back trail near Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines that is best suited for hiking and mountain biking enthusiasts of all skill levels. It has an elevation gain of 314 meters. A hiker’s paradise, nature lovers enjoy it for nature trips, and mountain bikers can explore it year-round.

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Mountain Bike Adventures in Laguna to Legazpi: Pagsanjan to Caluag

it is a 142.6-kilometer trail that is a lightly trafficked point-to-point destination for biking enthusiasts. Located near Pagsanjan, Laguna, it offers a picturesque outlook that overweighs its difficulty rating. It is accessible any time of the year for mountain bikers.

Going on a two-wheel adventure in the above mountain bike spots in Laguna is certainly a relief for those who crave fresh air or just to enjoy nature. Leaving the paved streets of our subdivision or neighborhood for a while and visit these scenic yet challenging trails in Laguna will allow us to test our endurance while at the same time, allows us to be mesmerized with the wonders of nature. No doubt that many people prefer mountain biking to be a great way to exercise while enjoying the outdoors.

No doubt that the Philippines boasts a lot of the best spots for mountain bike adventurers. Laguna alone is a home to awesome biking trails; from scenic views along winding roads to thrilling uphill climbs that often would end up to mountain peaks.

However, one should not forget to bring along a cycling buddy. And although mountain biking enables us to journey farther and a lot faster into the backcountry, chances are, we might experience some troubles along the way.

Therefore, if you decide to spend all day on those exciting trails, then you should carefully plan and pack in advance. There is nothing more important than to keep yourself safe at all times and be prepared for any emergency as you and your buddies travel for a two-wheel adventure.

Final Thought

The extreme sports spectrum includes mountain biking as one of the most popular outdoor activities. Individuals engaged in this activity find it relaxing in the luxury of their mountain bikes. Aside from providing a whole-body workout, you can also enjoy nature, diverse landscapes, rain forests, valleys, ridges, among other natural surroundings.

Laguna is indeed a home to numerous mountain biking trails. No wonder that bike riders flock to the province all year round. And yet, you can find the most elegant luxury homes in the heart of Laguna – the Brittany Santa Rosa.

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Properties of Brittany Santa Rosa near Mountain Bike Adventures

Brittany Santa Rosa offers an exciting new destination for families who want luxury living in harmony with nature.

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Promenade has the Smart home Eliot powered by Alexa.



if you’re looking for a luxury home with the image of the unconventional English countryside, Brittany’s Promenade is your best choice. Settled within the flourishing 300-hectare of Brittany Santa Rosa, Promenade is surrounded by two of the top golf courses in the South, the Santa Elena Golf and Country Club and the Country Club Philippines.

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Georgia Club boasts of a beautiful community center and lots.


Georgia Club

this 15-hectare luxury house and lot community offers architectural details nostalgic of the Southern American style. If you desire a luxury home far from the hustle and bustle of city life, then Georgia Club is definitely the place to stay for good.

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There is nothing more beautiful than living in a community that balances nature and life.



Create a home that is destined to become classic at Brittany’s Augusta. Nestled in a 15-hectare luxury real estate development, Augusta promises a perfect place to live.

What could be better than coming home and enjoying every beautiful sunset with your family amid a rambling landscape of greens and wildlife?

Your choice.


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