Top 5 Mountains for Hiking Adventures in Laguna


We couldn’t stop marveling at how beautiful the Philippines is. It is a sight to behold, whether seeing its breathtaking landscapes, exquisite fine white sand beaches, or taking  spectacular hiking adventures in the Philippines. 

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but climbing mountains with friends can be incredibly fun. The experience of reaching the summit is always exhilarating whether you’re there for the scenic beauty, escape the city’s hustle and bustle, or push yourself to your limits. Even those individuals who enjoy luxury living are now starting to realize the necessity of wilderness.

However, even though the outdoors provide a safe place and people should be spending time outside during the pandemic, it took time for the mountains to open. Even today, they are in danger of being closed for various reasons, some understandable, others irrational.


Mountains for Hiking Adventures

Anyway, do you anticipate climbing one of the mountain sites in the Philippines? If yes, then you’re at the right place. The following list includes the best hiking destinations in Laguna.

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Hiking Adventures take you to breathtaking vistas. | Photo by Janiere Fernandez from Pexels


Hiking Adventures in Mount Kalisungan

A moderate trail in Laguna and near Calauan, Mount Kalisungan is 4.8 kilometers long and offers the chance to witness wildlife. Mostly, the trail is used for walking and hiking.

Mountain Kalisungan in Calauan, Laguna, is one of the smaller mountains in the Southern Tagalog region but is nevertheless prominent because it flanks the Banahaw Trilogy from many points of view.

According to local legend, the mountain’s name is derived from the Tagalog word ‘lusong’, meaning “to go down.” It is because the mountain trail has numerous steep points. Even though the mountain wasn’t very high, just about 700 meters above sea level, the climb proved quite difficult because there was no established trail.

Climbing Mt. Kalisungan with a guide is highly recommended. It was very difficult to navigate the trail up the mountain because it was not well-established, and many human paths were confusing to the climbers.

Mount Mabilog

Hikers may perceive that Mt. Mabilog might not be that challenging, given its elevation, which is 478 meters only. Nevertheless, hikers should not overlook this 22-km length trail so soon as this is a little mountain that other hikers see as a hill. With its incredible view of San Pablo’s seven lakes on the summit while on the horizon stood in full glory the mounts in the distance – Makiling, Banahaw, and Cristobal – Mt. Mabilog stands out as a favorite day hike for both seasoned and novice mountaineers alike.

However, it is vital to hire a local guide, although the hike is easy in general. The reason is that Mt. Mabilog has inadequate direction markers, and various pathways can be seen that may lead hikers astray.

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Discover a hidden paradise when going on your hiking adventures! | Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels


Mount Makiling Hiking Adventures

There are plenty of waterfalls and hot and cold springs in Laguna province, but hiking in Laguna Philippines is where travelers flock.

Mountain Makiling is considered to be one of the best hiking spots in the Philippines. It is a perfect outing for those seeking a challenge who cannot commit to a two-to-three-day hike. A day’s journey through the untamed rainforests of Maria Makiling takes you through the rugged terrain, and all within a day of Manila.

For hikers of all backgrounds, Makiling has plenty to offer. In addition to the great scenery, the trail goes through well-preserved forests and teems with wildlife, including limatik (leeches), making hiking more interesting. The course is very narrow at certain points, and you have to stretch and contort yourself a bit to clear obstacles. Melkas Ridge is the steepest part of the hike, requiring hikers to grasp fixed ropes and loose branches while climbing up.

Mount Sembrano

Located near Pililla, Laguna, Philippines, Mount Sembrano offers a challenging 8.7-kilometer hike and features beautiful wildflowers. Mostly hikers and walkers use the trail. 

In front of Laguna Lake, fiery red flowers emerge from the trees. Finally, after spending 1.5-2 hours in the woodland, you will reach grassland. One can reach North Peak in 10 minutes, which is a popular campsite. Although you can already see the outline of the trail from North Peak, South Peak (summit) is still 30 minutes away.

A grass overgrowth may occasionally obstruct the view in the summit, as no markers are present. In the late afternoon, the view from the peak is most scenic, despite the heat at the peak overwhelming the senses. Its illustrious sights include Laguna Lake, Talim Island, the Sierra Madre, the Banahaw Trilogy, Mt. Makiling, and even a distant Mt. Arayat.

Hikers may visit Hikers Manggahan Falls en route down. It’s a small waterfall, but it’s comforting after a long trek. If you’re coming down, you’ll see the 5-minute trail ahead that leads there. You can access water from higher or lower parts of the falls. Before you leave for Manila, you can clean up in the Brgy. Hall of Malaya. You can find shower rooms there and in the surrounding area. During your return trip to Laguna Lake, the sun sets, making for a beautiful sight on a clear day.

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Check mountain hiking off your bucket list and have your own hiking adventures! | Image from Pexels


Tayak Hill

The hike on Tayak Hill is perfect if you want to relax and take it easy on the weekends. This hike takes you deep within Laguna and is ideal for a relaxing day trip. There is no difficulty trekking up the grassy slope, even for non-hikers. A green grassland will surround you as you pass through various flowers. Atop the peak, you will find the view itself highly rewarding.

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A large white cross and a small wooden cross mark the peak. From the hill, one can enjoy a great view of San Pablo and other nearby cities. The lakes snaking below and the surrounding mountains provide a perfect backdrop, enabling hikers to relax as they rest at the top of the hill.

You are sure to feel refreshed by the cool breeze after walking through the heat. It would be best to catch the sunset from a height because watching it go down is truly amazing.

To date, the Rizal trail is the most popular and most accessible. The trek is extremely straightforward due to the well-established cemented path. Take a right on the fork near the top, following the trail. Other trails lead up the peak, but they are not recommended. Currently, these paths are unofficial and have not been formally recognized.

Even though Tayak Hill has great natural beauty, it is only suitable for quick hikes. During your trip, plan many side trips to make the most of your time in the area. Several lakes surround the area that might be of interest to hikers and Bunga Falls. Making this trek a side trip can be a great idea if you plan on hiking up the taller mountains in Laguna!

There you go! The top 5 mountains are considered as best spots for hiking enthusiasts.

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Final Thoughts on Hiking Adventures

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