Best Bike Trails in the South


Biking has always been an activity that a lot of people enjoy. Whether they are new at it or professionals, bike enthusiasts have grown in number in the past year. Although there was a brief hiccup in biking activities due to the enhanced community quarantines, bike riders and enthusiasts opted to wait it out. Now that the strict quarantines are over, popular bike trails are being filled once again since they never really closed down and it’s an activity that is done with nature and open spaces. 

South Asian Man riding a bike on his way to his luxury home on a busy street with blurred people behind him | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The popularity of biking increased even more in the past year because of the lack of public transport. People opted to use the bike as an alternative to going to work.


Biking is such a simple activity. Take a bike, and you can start whenever you want. We may have been hindered by the Delta variant of the Covid-19 virus, but at the end of the day, biking will always be a part of our lives. Biking is truly a luxury that we took for granted. Riding along bike trails without a worry in the world as the wind hits our face is such a nostalgic feeling. With the fear of Covid-19 always lingering, we need to find bike trails where we feel safe and those that are close to our luxury homes and luxury condos.

Finding good bike trails may be difficult, but living in the south brings you closer to these safe bike trails. With the proper protocols followed, we’ll surely still be able to ride our bikes, get the exercise we need, all while staying safe. We try to take every simple luxury we can these days and biking is one of them.

If you’re thinking of making the move from the north to the south, or you just want to know if there are biking trails in the south, Brittany Corporation compiled frequently asked questions about bike trails and placed them all here.

Pristine blue swimming pool with clubhouse from luxury houses and lots in Portofino Alabang. | Luxury homes by brittany corporation.

Brittany Corporation’s exclusive enclaves are situated within key locations in the south to maximize comfort, luxury, and practicality.


Brittany Corporation’s master-planned, themed, exclusive communities, Crosswinds in  Tagaytay, Portofino Alabang, Brittany Santa Rosa, and La Posada in Sucat are key locations of the Philippines’ best bike trails and we would love to share the best bike trails we have in the south.


Is the South bike-friendly?

The south is super bike-friendly!

When we think of the south, we think of glamorous opulence. Lethargic days slipping by while we’re lounging in our pools atop a bed floaty. We think of big houses with manicured lawns and giant gates. Although that is true, especially for master-planned, themed, luxury communities like Portofino in Alabang, we forget that how the south is defined today in our almost borderless world, is very much different. 

The south is now known for the eco-living movement where nature and development meet. Homes are designed with nature surrounding them. This creates nature-inclusive recreational spaces like bike trails for biking enthusiasts. Properties from Brittany Santa Rosa and Crosswinds in Tagaytay are particularly bike-friendly. They have the perfect marriage of nature and development that having purchasing luxury houses and lots here would really benefit those that love nature and being active.


Is Santa Rosa a bike-friendly community?

Brittany Santa Rosa projects Promenade, Georgia Club, Augusta, and Belle Reve are the perfect communities for cyclists! Santa Rosa’s community is so bike-friendly that you can take your bike on a ride either within the gated communities where your luxury house and lot is, the spine road that takes you to the luxury houses and lots for sale in Santa Rosa, or even the main road! Although biking on the main road is possible, it would still be best to take extra caution to avoid accidents.

Santa Rosa’s temperate weather in the morning and in the afternoon really makes bike trails in Santa Rosa a must-go-to on anyone’s lists. People who live within the community even boasts of free-to-use, readily available, bike trails that homeowners and visitors alike may use. Although because of the pandemic, biking rules may have been updated, for the most part, we are still allowed to use our bikes, thankfully.


When is the best time to bike in Santa Rosa’s bike trails?

Some enthusiasts might say that anytime is a good time to bike in the bike trails of Santa Rosa. From the opinion of doctors at Harvard University, apparently, we need sunlight exposure between 10:00 am – 3:00 pm! That goes against everything we know! We need the UVB rays from the sunlight at this hour to produce the optimal amount of vitamin D! 

This, of course, should be done with caution! We only need exposure to these harsh rays of the sun for about 30minutes to an hour. Anything more than that can cause undesirable effects of the sun. If we need 30minutes to an hour of UVB rays, it would be best to have your bike riding start at around 8:00 am or 9:00 am so by the time you are done, you only have around 30 minutes to an hour of exposure to the harsh rays of the sun.


Where are the bike trails in Santa Rosa?

AUP bike trai mapl in Santa Rosa Laguna is surrounded by luxury houses and lots | Luxury homes by Brittany Corporation

One of the more popular bike trails in Santa Rosa is what is called the AUP trail. It is named after the Adventist University of the Philippines. | Photo from Google Maps


The AUP trail is a 10.6km bike trail that goes around the property of the Adventist University of the Philippines. It boasts beautiful scenery and lots of trees. Because it is private property, some of the bike trails, like this one here would require you to present identification before using the bike trails. It is also closed on Saturdays. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are strictly not allowed.

Talahiban trail map in Santa Rosa Laguna is closeby to luxury homes | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The talahiban trail is an off-road bike trail that spans 2.7km! | Photo from Google Maps


Talahiban trail is a 2.7km bike trail that leads riders beside the fences of Montecito before exiting the entrance of NuZealand Trail. It is a long but low-grade, technical climb. After the climb, there is a portion of a flowing trail amidst tall grasses. If you want a more rugged bike experience the Talahiban trail is perfect for you.


Does Santa Rosa have mountain bike trails?

Three men riding a bicycle in Santa Rosa Luxury Communities | Luxury homes by brittany corporation.

Mountain bike trails have always been popular among bike enthusiasts. With the different terrains and views, mountain bike trails are a good addition to any community. | Photo by Dorothy Castillo from Pexels


Santa Rosa actually has some mountain bike trails! They’re not a steep as Tagaytay for sure, but the dirt track along with the slopes and greenery really give the trail a mountain (hill-like) feel. 

Steep incline in a bike trail near luxury homes | Luxury homes by brittany corporation

Steep inclines can be found in the mountain bike trails of Santa Rosa. | Photo by dwightdeato from


This trail is great for beginners and more technically inclined riders. There are flat singletracks and technical trails with steep ascents and descents. Reviews claim that this trail is versatile and is completely free to use. This trail crosses over to nearby cities such as Cabuyao, Laguna; Calamba, Laguna; and Silang, Cavite. 

Best check out what other people have to say about this mountain bike trail (MBT) here


Is Tagaytay a bike-friendly community?

Tagaytay is one of the most bike-friendly communities there is! Especially when it’s not raining. Taking on the bike trails in Tagaytay may seem intimidating, but in reality, it is quite fulfilling. Tagaytay is popular bike rider’s destination. This is because of the proximity of Tagaytay from Manila.

On weekends, cyclists would take a Manila to Tagaytay long bike ride. Once they arrive in Tagaytay, they would then go to various bike trails. These would sometimes be off-road mountain trails, city bike trails, or even a hybrid of city and mountain bike trails.


Where are the best bike trails in Tagaytay?

One of the best bike trails in Tagaytay is within Crosswinds Tagaytay. A 100-hectare master-planned, Swiss-inspired, luxury community surrounded by 35,000 pine trees. Crosswinds Tagaytay’s topography is a balance of nature and development. If you want a mountain bike trail with the streets of a city bike trail, Crosswinds Tagaytay is the perfect place for you to bike. 

Crosswinds Grand Quartier birds eye vuew | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The natural landscape of Crosswinds Tagaytay along with the perfectly placed developments make Crosswinds Tagaytay a go-to bike trail.


Crosswinds’ natural landscape includes rolling hills and greenery from the 35,000 pine trees surrounding the property. The slopes and inclines that are cemented with streets are perfect for ascents and descents. The level of technicality needed to finish this bike trail is almost zero, but you will need strong stamina. 

Because Crosswinds in Tagaytay has a higher altitude compared to Manila and its surrounding province, the air quality tends to be thinner. The cool air will feel majestic while you take a seat on the gutters of Crosswinds.


Where can I eat after riding my bike in Tagaytay?

This must be the most important question of them all when it comes to biking. Where do we eat? Bikers can usually be found having breakfast at various restaurants. Some even orders drive-thru even without having a car. 

Luckily, when you go biking in Crosswinds at Tagaytay, there are restaurants ready for bike riders. The Pinecone Trail in Crosswinds house some of the best restaurants in the Philippines. You have Coffee Project, the most Instagram-able restaurant in Manila. Ruined Project? Can also be found in the Pinecone Trail. We also have NAPA, a Napa Valley-inspired cafe and lastly, we have Cafe Voila that serves some of the best Filipino fusion food in the Philippines.

cafe voila | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Some of the best restaurants of Tagaytay can be found near the Tagaytay bike trails.


I’m from Alabang, are there bike trails near me?

Yes, in fact, one of the best bike trails is right along the street of a luxury house and lot development by Brittany Corporation, Portofino. Portofino is located along Daang Hari and apart from connecting Cavite to Las Pinas and Muntinlupa, Daang Hari is frequently used by bike enthusiasts.


Is it safe to bike around Alabang?

Alabang is one of the safest neighborhoods around. Pair that with developers like Brittany Corporation that takes security seriously. Security and safety are important dealmakers today. 

As for riding in Daang Hari, a little bit of caution should be practiced. Although used as a biking trail, Daang Hari is a stretch of road that has fast cars in it. If the cyclist is not careful, an accident may occur.



A lot of the luxuries that we’ve taken for granted have disappeared in a blink of an eye. We crave to be what we were before the pandemic hit. But like in life, we need to grab every opportunity that can make us feel like our definition of luxury has not been compromised. 

Just like finding the best bike trails, finding the best community that would foster your hobbies and small luxuries is something that well all dream of doing. When living in the south, not only are you living in a community that allows you to practice what you love doing most, you are also surrounded by the beauty of nature.

With Brittany Corporation’s luxury homes, you are sure to find not only the best biking trails but also the perfect home that would suit your lifestyle. Get to know more about the best bike trails and luxury homes by contacting us at +63917 883 8103 Hotline for Inquiries: 55-8BRITT | LOC 0335-36 or sending us an email at [email protected].

Your golden moments await you. It is time to live in your luxury.