The Best Place to Live in Laguna


Greater Metro Manila is growing increasingly congested and dirty as time goes on. As a result, many city people choose to relocate to the suburbs to escape the stressful and poisonous lifestyle that comes with living in the city. As a result, one of the destinations that usually comes to mind while thinking about travel and home is the province of Laguna. 

Laguna has evolved from being a sleepy province to becoming one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country, thanks to the abundance of stunning sights that help visitors unwind. After all, why would you want to travel there regularly if you can have a permanent residence in Laguna instead? Here are some reasons why living in Laguna will be worthwhile. 

Living in Laguna will provide you with several benefits 

Remember the days when people believed that to have a high quality of life, you had to reside in Metro Manila or somewhere close by? People are increasingly relocating from Metro Manila to surrounding provinces such as Laguna, where they may enjoy the same high quality of life as they do in the city while experiencing less of the hassles of city living. 

Are you thinking about relocating somewhere wonderful? We’ve compiled several compelling reasons why Laguna should be your new home as well as the best place to live in Laguna.

A place to reclaim one’s sense of work-life balance

For industrious professionals, maintaining a healthy work-life balance has always been a challenge. If you are in the proper location, with easy access to both business and recreational amenities, it is surely possible to achieve your goals. 

In terms of proximity to Metro Manila, particularly to southern metropolises such as Pasay and Makati, Laguna is one of the most accessible provinces. Reaching the bustling business centers of these places is manageable thanks to the South Luzon Expressway and the future PNR Calamba station, both of which are under construction. 

Due to Laguna’s development as a location for professional advancement may not be necessary to travel to these cities. Laguna Technopark, located in the province, is home to several firms, ranging from automotive to manufacturing professionals, that have already established themselves. 

Let’s take a look at various luxury homes in Laguna by Brittany Corporation. You have all the opportunity to choose your ideal luxury house and lot for sale in Santa Rosa or a house and lot for sale near Nuvali. These communities by Brittany Santa Rosa are designed in Southern American, French Mediterranean, or the image of the quaint English countryside. Because of this, they can bring peace of mind and a long breath of comfort to those who wish to relax and live a quiet existence.

luxury home eliot promenade brittany (1)

Brittany’s Promenade – a place of elegance and style amidst lush forests that merge into beautiful knot gardens.


A place where you may enjoy a family-friendly environment

When you reside in a Laguna subdivision, planning fun family weekend excursions couldn’t be any more straightforward. You can find breathtaking waterfalls, hot spring resorts, and other tourist attractions that you may enjoy with your family while relaxing and unwinding in throughout the resort province. 

Family-friendly living spaces are also among the most notable characteristics of Laguna. In the heart of Sta. Rosa, Laguna, you can live an idyllic life surrounded by a pleasant and picturesque nature. It is very particular when it comes to the unique designs of property development by Brittany Corporation. These luxury homes for sale in Laguna are created to meet the ever-changing demands of modern families, and each is unique. It is a place where families may grow, experience a lush environment, and marvel at the beauty of nature up close. 

Just like the GEORGIA CLUB, an exclusive natural reserve-like property with luxury residences will transport you back to the days of the classic American way of life. In this 15-hectare community, residents take great pride in creating the ideal homes for those who want the opportunity to experience nature up close and personal without having to compromise anything that has been proven through the use of only the highest levels of care and respect for the diverse range of life in the area.

Brittany Santa Rosa luxury houses in front of each other | luxury hiomes by brittany corporation

Brittany’s Georgia Club – residences that gracefully depict the luxury of majestic mansions and plantation homes that showcase the riches and elegance of late nineteenth-century American society.


A place to discover invigorating, lifelong dream homes 

Another factor contributing to Laguna’s popularity as a tourist destination today is the number of high-quality residential communities in the immediate vicinity. Among these are various projects of Brittany Santa Rosa in the province, which is a leader in developing master-planned communities where everyone can find their ideal luxury homes for sale in Laguna.

Along with Promenade, Georgia Club, and Augusta, Brittany Corporation also takes pride in Belle Reve. Many of Brittany’s mansions are located in the Philippines, and here you can find the most recent luxury house and lot for sale in Santa Rosa, located in Belle Reve. There are unique residences scattered over a 20-hectare French-Mediterranean-themed community that is surrounded by deep and beautiful woodland. 

Among the premium home and lot communities in Brittany Santa Rosa, Belle Reve stands out as a one-of-a-kind development. In keeping with its name, which literally translates as “beautiful dream,” its French-Mediterranean setting invites guests to spend their waking hours walking around surroundings that include numerous gardens and courtyards designed by world-class landscape designers and architects. 

There are no two gardens or courtyards that are alike. The park’s 20-hectare overall area is divided in half by open spaces. Custom-built homes are available. You won’t find any prefab houses that you couldn’t distinguish apart in this neighborhood. 

Like the other themed communities developed by Brittany Corporation in Santa Rosa, Belle Reve is characterized by French-Mediterranean-theme. It is also close to family-friendly attractions, ensuring that every day is filled with inspiration, comfort, and convenience.

Although Brittany Corporation recognizes the benefits of living outside of the metropolis, the company believes that the growing zones of the CALABARZON region are the most promising. Brittany Santa Rosa is another great development to watch because it is close to Metro Manila while also being close to nature’s top attractions.

Since they are located in the city of Santa Rosa in Laguna, Brittany Corporation’s themed communities are only a few minutes away from Sta. Rosa’s most significant attractions, including SM City Sta. Rosa, Laguna Technopark, Southern Luzon Medical Center, and the Ateneo Graduate School of Architecture.

As demand for houses and lots outside the metro grows, it’s just a matter of time before Brittany Santa Rosa is recognized as “forever home hotspots,” as well. 


french meditteranean luxury mansion in the Philippines | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Brittany’s Belle Reve – Its French-Mediterranean setting encourages individuals to spend their waking hours roaming among the many gardens and courtyards designed by world-renowned landscape architects and landscape artists.


Final Thoughts 

The city of Laguna is known not just for its economic hubs such as Laguna TechnoPark but also for its numerous tourism and lifestyle sites. With natural wonders such as Pagsanjan Falls and Mt. Makiling and historical treasures such as the Rizal Shrine, there is no shortage of things to see and do in Laguna. The province’s unique blend of technology and calm makes it a desirable destination for real estate investment. There is no wonder anyone can find the best place to live in Laguna.

There is a property in Laguna to suit practically any choice and income level, due to developers such as Brittany Corporation, who continue to take notice of the province’s potential as a place to live, work, and invest, and who continue to invest in properties that are quite valuable. 

You can visit Brittany Santa Rosa and choose your best luxury house and lot for sale in Santa Rosa, or if you want, you can select a house and lot for sale near Nuvali neighborhood. Whichever option you choose, you can rest assured that you will be living in the home of your dreams!