Rise of Luxury Real Estate Careers


As 2021 ends, it is time to evaluate your achievements and look into what you can further improve. For young professionals, it is important to periodically assess where you are at in your career and set goals that you can achieve.

This is even more important today due to the pandemic affecting various aspects of your life, especially your career. A lot has happened since the pandemic started and the economy suffered and affected several business sectors. Companies and small businesses faced numerous challenges and were forced to either adapt or close. 

Most chose to evaluate how to cut costs and some even let go of their employees. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the unemployment rate skyrocketed during the pandemic. Employees also had to suffer through these changes including travel restrictions and fare hikes. However, as 2021 is nearing its end, it’s safe to say that things are slowly falling into place as everyone settles into the new normal.

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Employees and businesses are settling into the new normal. | Photo by Kate Trifo on Unsplash


Today, companies adapted a remote work setup, eliminating the need to commute to and from the office. This provided a huge advantage not only for businesses but for young professionals who are still struggling with the new transportation system in place. The normalization of remote work also served as a catalyst for the blooming opportunities available for young professionals. 

However, many are considering the advantages of working in the field of luxury real estate. While many business sectors suffered during the pandemic, the luxury real estate market has proved its stability, staying afloat and even seeing a noticeable rise in demand during the last two years. This is why young professionals are flocking to luxury real estate brands such as Brittany Corporation, to forge a new career path in a field that ensures job security.

Experts are seeing that the luxury real estate market will further expand and go through rising demand for the next few years. Due to the pandemic forcing everyone to stay at home, there has been an increase in appetite for upscale living, especially for families. Brittany Corporation, as the pioneer builder of luxury properties in the Philippines, continued to provide excellent benefits for their employees during the pandemic and even into the new normal. Learn more about the benefits of working for a luxury real estate brand here.

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Experts are predicting a rising demand for luxury properties in the next few years. | Photo by Frank Busch on Unsplash


Stability of Luxury Real Estate Amid Market Changes

One of the most notable things about the luxury real estate market is its target market – the few affluent in the society. As opposed to regular realty, luxury real estate is heavily based on the preferences and lifestyle of their target demographic instead of necessity. Their financial capability is what sets them apart from the rest of the homebuyers. Even with the volatility of market changes, demand for upscale properties will stay the same. 

The stability of the luxury real estate market was further proven when the pandemic started. Everyone was forced to stay at home and many have realized their desire to improve home life by living in an exclusive upscale property. Prestigious homebuyers considered purchasing another luxury home as they gained new appreciation for a beautiful and functional house built for their extravagant lifestyle.  

Aside from homebuyers, there are now more interested investors flocking to the luxury real estate market due to its proven long-term investment benefits. Due to the stability of the market and guaranteed demand for luxury property, there is security in their investment

These advantages of the luxury real estate market leads to more career choices for young professionals. With a continuous flow of supply and demand in terms of home purchase especially for a pioneer builder such as Brittany Corporation, there are always opportunities available.

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Luxury real estate market maintained stability despite market changes. | Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash


Career Opportunities for Young Professionals in Luxury Real Estate

Even though the economy is volatile right now due to the pandemic, the market for luxury real estate has seen very little difficulty in maintaining its stability. Due to this, there is an increasing interest for young professionals to forge a career path in luxury real estate. In fact, it is not only real estate agents who are needed in the field, there are also available jobs for local multimedia artists and sales marketing professionals.

Other than the security provided by the luxury real estate market, there are many other benefits of choosing to work in this field especially for agents and local community artists. The field of luxury real estate has also proved to be an asset in one’s portfolio as it shows that one has the ability to provide excellent service to the few affluent in the society. Working with a luxury real estate brand such as Brittany Salesforce is a great accomplishment that can boost your career.

The elite team of Brittany Salesforce are always looking for new talents that can help them build better relationships with their loyal clients and gain new potential buyers. Working with the team has numerous benefits not only in terms of career but for your lifestyle as well. In order to adapt to the changes during the new normal, this driven team of young professionals established a new organized system, making use of modern technology such as digital spaces to continue providing excellent service to their clients. 

Moreover, they have set up regular training sessions and conferences that allow one to enhance their skills and expand their knowledge. As they implement a remote work setup, young professionals are free to choose the environment where they want to work, ensuring maximum productivity. Even with a remote work setup communication is kept smooth and clear among team members and even with clients as they utilize latest communication apps such as Zoom to relay messages. 

With Brittany Salesforce, you can expand your horizon and be successful in a luxury real estate career. Polish your skills and gain new knowledge that can help you grow as a professional with this elite team of motivated individuals. They are offering job opportunities for real estate agents, marketing officers, and multimedia artists. With a newly developed strategy to capitalize social media marketing, they are looking for skillful multimedia artists that can help them elevate their marketing strategy.

A group of young professionals holding a meeting. | luxury homes by brittany corporation

More career opportunities for young professionals are available in the luxury real estate field. | Photo by Cherrydeck on Unsplash


Multimedia Artists As Assets in Marketing

Demand for multimedia artists is notably high due to the digitalization of most businesses. Having a good online marketing strategy can remarkably boost sales. A good digital marketing strategy makes use of multimedia arts such as photos, videos, and graphic design to gain new audiences, which can later on, be converted to clients. In order to do that, a proficient multimedia artist is needed. 

Brittany Salesforce, with their flexibility and forward-thinking mindset, has adapted these social media and digital marketing strategies and developed them further. In order to maximize these strategies, they are investing in multimedia marketing, which has improved their reach in social media and boosted their online presence. They are inviting talented local artists to be a part of their team. While there are many opportunities available due to high demand for such talent, there are advantages to choosing to work for a luxury real estate brand. 

With an ideal work-from-home set-up, you don’t have to worry about suffering through a grueling commute. Instead, you can maximize your productivity at home or in any environment you choose to work in. You can still go to training periodically, provided by the company, in order to gain new skills. This is made more convenient with the newest digital platform, E-Suite, where you can access learning resources easily according to your interest and goals. 

In the new normal where face-to-face interactions are limited, digital presence is becoming more important. Utilizing social media platforms and search engine optimizations can reach the target market. However, among the sea of competitors, effective multimedia marketing is needed. With an effective multimedia design, photo, or video, it is possible to reach a wider range of audience and build a relationship with potential buyers.

Image of photo editing software icons. | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Multimedia artists improving the reach of luxury real estate market through designs and photos. | Photo by Emily Bernal on Unsplash


Elite Real Estate Team Achievements

The past year, although facing many challenges, was still a smooth sail for the elite team of Brittany Salesforce. With their skills, they proved their capability to always provide excellent service in the face of challenging situations such as the pandemic.

Before the year ends, it is imperative to take notice of this team’s achievements as they work to make their services better for their prestigious clientele. With the dedication to provide new and updated information to their clients, they regularly publish educational blogs and news on their website. They are also regularly hosting exclusive webinars where you can learn new information about investment opportunities and the luxury real estate market. 

They also developed the groundbreaking E-Suite, the newest digital platform for luxury real estate sellers. This digital collaborative space is dedicated for marketers and provides all relevant information that can help enhance their marketing and sales operations. The digital portal is designed for easy navigation and has modern features that are very convenient for real estate agents. 

With a new year ahead, this elite team is also setting new goals that they want to achieve and looking for new strategies that can improve their services to clients. If you are interested in becoming part of this amazing team, you can visit their career opportunities page.

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