Digital Spaces Revolutionizing Marketing for Companies


For years, the emergence and improvement of technology have given the world innovations and developments that were once thought impossible. In mankind’s conquest for the stars, humankind has achieved tremendous milestones during the 21st century, giving birth to new cultures and ways of life. Connectivity, adaptability, and inclusivity- these are three significant features that the Internet has provided us with its creation.

laptop on a table | luxury homes by brittany corporation

With the rise of digital spaces, companies have been given a powerful hold on marketing more than ever before | Photo by Tranmautritam from Pexels


Because of the shift to online settings, traditional methods are slowly going out of style, and organizations are affected the most by this change. Organizations had to undergo major digital transformations in their systems, processes, and methods to keep up with current trends and circumstances. As one of the main driving forces of organizations, marketing had to also undergo a monumental evolution.

With the increasing number of brands and organizations going online, the need to stand out arises. What better way to do this than through the use of digital spaces?

Among the list of technological wonders born in this era of ones and zeroes, digital spaces provide companies the best benefit by giving them easy visibility online through a multitude of tools and platforms that they can use to reach customers.

Targeted ads, analytics, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per-click, landing pages, and campaigns- you name it, the web has got it! Because of the emergence of social media platforms, particularly Facebook and Instagram, digital spaces have allowed companies to conduct business in a previously impossible way. 

1. Digital spaces allow companies to communicate content that is targeted at their business’ niche of existing and potential buyers.

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Marketing in digital spaces has enabled companies to know their audiences better | Photo by Mikael Blomkvist from Pexel


Before the rise of digital spaces, traditional marketing involved reaching customers through radios, magazines, television ads, and door-to-door selling. While it has worked for businesses and entrepreneurs back then, it was a hassle for companies to determine the specific demographic information of audiences since they had to do the research manually.

Because platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide the demographic characteristics of the customers, it is easier for brands and companies to curate content that caters to their customers’ interests and attention. By knowing the profile of buyers who are more likely to buy the type of products and services a brand offers, they can adjust their style, tone, and visuals.

The company can also invest its marketing resources into campaigns that resonate with the target audience. Furthermore, companies can also choose to market in distinct social media channels to which their target audiences are more exposed, creating more cost-effective strategies.

2. Digital spaces enable companies to increase brand awareness and brand loyalty.

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The goal of marketing is to make consumers align themselves with a company, which is better achieved in digital spaces | Photo by Energepic from Pexels


Now that digital spaces give companies a platform to communicate with their customers frequently, they can establish a following with the content they release. Since it is more expensive to gain new customers, it is essential for brands to increase trust among their existing customers.

While it is a challenge for companies to be consistent and savvy in their advertising messages, investing in customer loyalty will lead to customers becoming unpaid sharers of a company’s brand. In addition, transactions should not just end with the sale since the aim should be to make repeat buyers too. Companies can do this by transmitting personalized offers, membership discounts, and coupons to their customers.

In addition, companies can also increase brand awareness by ad placement. Brand awareness is a vital benefit of marketing because it is the one that enables a company to stand out from competitors who are in the same industry. Because companies are vying for customers’ attention at every chance online, a plethora of advertisements flood consumers’ feeds daily.

Moreover, since the goal of marketing is to spark online conversations about the company’s name, it is crucial to utilize quality SEO and SEM content. In creating SEO and SEM, companies consider these two tools to drive website traffic, obtain higher rankings in search results, and get media outlets to recommend their posts to consumers.

3. Digital spaces enable companies to take control of their customers’ journeys.

person using a laptop | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Digital spaces can be utilized by companies to effectively guide their customers in their purchases and transactions | Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels


From seeing an ad post to checking out products and services, customers undergo a process when it comes to purchasing. Through the use of digital spaces, companies can help guide their customers in purchasing decisions. Since the online generation of customers isis more literate, they can easily compare various companies’ product and service listings, prices, and reviews.

Hence, companies can map their customer journey and adjust their marketing to achieve their goals. These goals can either be: to make customers subscribe to a company’s social media accounts, create a purchase intention, sign up for a loyalty program, or leave a positive review.

Digital spaces can be used to further strengthen a customer’s interest in making a commitment to companies. Unlike the direct buy-sell transaction of traditional marketing, digital spaces improve a customer’s experience through helpful websites, 24/7 AI customer service, and interactive posts.


On that note, real estate is an example of an industry that is significantly impacted by this adjustment to marketing. Gone are the days of open houses, of physically driving a prospective client to see a housing or rental property. Nowadays, in this time of the pandemic, it is safer and more convenient for customers to look at listings virtually first before designing to feign interest. This can be hard for real estate companies since customers need to see the interior and exterior designs of spaces, which cannot be adequately achieved with 2D images.

However, through real estate digital spaces, clients who are looking for luxury homes for sale can easily explore and navigate rooms per listing with just a click! With the use of virtual tours, real estate companies can offer clients a 360 perspective of a place down to the tiniest details. With Brittany properties, customers can virtually and exclusively tour its listings of the most beautiful houses in the Philippines, like a beautiful Italian-themed home in Portofino, for example.

portofino alabang | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Wander through a captivating Italian dreamlike street in Portofino Alabang, virtually with Brittany Corporation!


Offered in 4K high quality, customers can get the same experience as they would in an open house- only this time, it can be done even in the comforts of their own houses! In searching digital spaces for your next cozy, ravishing, and inspiring home, browse through Brittany’s best on their website- it will undoubtedly be an incredible customer journey, from start to finish! 

4. Digital spaces offer companies more bang for their buck when it comes to marketing budgets.

Digital spaces have truly revolutionized marketing for companies. Companies usually had to shell out enormous budgets for television and print ads in traditional marketing. Now, a Facebook boost post feature will generate 10x more value than the amount that was used to buy it.

Because online advertising platforms can generate better optimization of conversion rates, audience profiling, and lead generation, companies have easier access to information that would have been harder to track with traditional marketing. For example, it would have been hard to measure a billboard ad’s success with providing brand reach in conventional marketing because a company wouldn’t be able to track how many people viewed the billboard ad.

With the help of digital spaces, companies can now gauge key performance indicators (KPIs)- such as the type of people who viewed the ad, the sales that resulted from the ad, and the number of views/clicks that the ad generated. The data analytics from various ad software (Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Instagram’s Business Tools) can be helpful in accurately measuring the return of investment (ROI) on a company’s marketing budget.

Furthermore, digital spaces provide a company with immediate and reliable feedback. Since social media platforms offer engagement opportunities for customers and companies, companies can directly ask for insights, improvements, and preferences from their acquired customers.


This way, companies can manageably modify their content, copy, and design to accurately feed the needs and wants of their target customers. So, besides giving companies an exact measurement of the success of their marketing efforts, they can also garner reviews that can help build up their branding among customers.

In light of all these expansions that digital spaces bring to companies, it is appropriate to say that investing in digital marketing would surely provide incomparable growth in sales and profits.

person shaking hands | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Through digital spaces, companies can conduct business transactions in a way that lands them a considerable amount of positive profits, deals, and expansion | Photo by Pixabay from Pexels


Furthermore, digital spaces provide equal marketing opportunities for all companies, big or small- it is just a matter of how companies present their value and relevance to their consumers.

The most excellent technique lies in knowing and listening to your customers’ voices to dominate digital spaces. Since marketing is the psychology of affecting buyer behavior to create purchase intention, companies must learn how to tickle their buyers’ pockets inside and out.

Remember, digital spaces have enabled wiser internetworked markets to communicate with blinding speed. It is vital for companies to join in the conversations of their target audiences for the marketing of their product and services in order to stay relevant.

Now that you are aware of the power of digital spaces, take this time to make the best out of its blooming community to push forward in this economy and to win the game.

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