Who are the Real Estate Magnates Around the World

Real estate moguls hold a particular image in our society. These iconic personalities are some of the wealthiest people, with a net worth of billions. Through commercial real estate, a real estate magnate can be at the top of the charts when it comes to computing the net worth of someone.

From being the founders of the company itself to those who inherited or got promoted to their respective positions, they are undoubtedly the kings and queens of real estate. Real estate tycoons take up more than most other professions when it comes to the list of the wealthiest people in the world.

Forbes Magazine

When it comes to knowing who’s dominating the charts of the wealthiest people in the world, one particular business magazine comes to mind – none other than Forbes.

Iconic Logo and Header of the Forbes Magazine | Photo Courtesy of Forbes

Forbes is known for their timely charts, not just limited to those ranking the wealthiest real estate magnates. From billionaires young and old to the top entertainers, the magazine covers a really wide variety of industries.

Top 10 Richest Real Estate Magnates in the World

Listed below are those owning only the largest real estate companies with an estimated net worth not less than ten digit US dollars.

1.) Lee Shau-kee

Estimated net worth: USD 33.3 billion (PHP 1.7 trillion)

Ranking in the Forbes Billionaires List: #34

Lee Shau-Kee | Photo Courtesy of Forbes

Lee Shau-kee GBM is the king of real estate tycoons. Controlling one of the biggest real estate development firms, Henderson Development Limited, Lee Shau-kee is the majority owner of this real estate firm.

Henderson Land Development, a subsidiary of Henderson Development Ltd, is a real estate conglomerate that has contributed significantly to the success of the Chinese real estate developer.

Lee Shau-kee is currently 94 yrs old and resides in Hong kong.

2.) Peter Woo

Estimated net worth: USD 17.2 billion (PHP 900 billion)

Ranking in the Forbes Billionaires List: #96

Image of Peter Woo

Peter Woo Kwong-Ching, GBM, GBS, JP, is the former chairman of the Hongkong-based financial and real estate company Wheelock and Company Limited.

The real estate magnate was chairman up until stepping down in 2015. He is currently the largest shareholder of the said company and its subsidiary, The Wharf Holdings.

Peter Woo is currently 75 years old and also resides in Hong Kong. He has a Master of Business Administration from Columbia Business School.

3.) Donald Bren

Estimated net worth: USD 16.2 billion (PHP 850 billion)

Ranking in the Forbes Billionaires List: #104

Image of Donald Bren

Donald Bren is the wealthiest American real estate magnate on the Forbes list. He is currently both chairman and owner of the US real estate development company in Newport Beach, California, in the United States – the Irvine Company.

As the sole owner of the real estate development company, Donald Bren has 68,000 acres of an estate in Orange County, making him the county’s largest landowner.

Donald Bren is currently 90 years old and resides in Newport Beach, California, United States. He has a Bachelor of Arts/Science from the University of Washington.

4.) Yang Huiyan (and family)

Estimated net worth: USD 16 billion (PHP 840 billion)

Ranking in the Forbes Billionaires List: #107

Image of Yang Huiyan

Yang Huiyan is a Chinese businesswoman considered the wealthiest woman in Asia. After inheriting a whopping 57% of the real estate development company in Guangdong, China – the Country Garden Holdings, Yang Huiyan rose to the top charts in 2007.

Huiyan has her father, Yang Guoqiang (Yeung Kwok Keung), to thank for her massive share in the company. Her sister, Yang Ziyang, also holds shares in the property development company.

Yang Huiyan is currently 40 years old and is presently residing in Foshan, China. She has a Bachelor of Arts/Science from Ohio State University.

5.) Wu Yajun

Estimated net worth: USD 15.3 billion (PHP 800 billion)

Ranking in the Forbes Billionaires List: #119

Image of Wu Yajun

Wu Yajun, along with her ex-husband, Cai Kui, is the founder of the real estate development company Longfor Properties, which was established back in 1993. Wu Yajun is currently the chairperson of the said company and was once considered the world’s richest self-made woman.

The Beijing-based real estate developer company is currently operating in over 100 cities as of date. Wu Yajun is the largest shareholder of this company. Prior to vecome one of the richest real estate tycoons, Wu Yajun had a profession in journalism.

Wu Yajun is currently 58 years old and resides in Beijing, China. She has a Bachelor of Engineering from Northwestern Polytechnical University.

6.) Robert Ng & Philip Ng

Estimated net worth: USD 13.7 billion (PHP 715 billion)

Ranking in the Forbes Billionaires List: #132

Photos of Robert (Left) and Phillip (Right) Ng

Sons of “The King of Orchard Road”, Ng Teng Fong, brothers Robert & Philip Ng are the richest real estate magnates in Singapore. Far East Organization, the largest private landlord & real estate developer in Singapore, is controlled by the two brothers.

Robert Ng Chee Siong, the eldest son, is in charge of the organization’s Hong kong arm, the Sino Group, along with his son, Daryl Ng – the current deputy chairman. The younger brother, Philip Ng Chee Tat, is the chairman of the Far East Organization in Singapore.

The two brothers are the ones responsible for the iconic 416-room and five star hotel, Fullerton Hotel Sydney in Sydney, Australia.

Robert Ng is currently 70 years old while Philip Ng is 63 years old.

7.) Joseph Lau

Estimated net worth: USD 13.5 billion (PHP 700 billion)

Ranking in the Forbes Billionaires List: #137

Image of Joseph Lau

Joseph Lau Luen0hung is another billionaire hailing from the land of Hong kong. Former chairman of the real estate developer, Chinese Estates, Joseph Lau shares an appreciation for art and the like. He is known for his art collection with an estimated net worth of 1 billion US dollars – including paintings from Andy Warhol, Paul Gauguin, and David Hockney.

His brother, Thomas Lau Luen-hung, is also a billionaire in the retail outlet industry as the CEO of the Hong kong retail operating company, Lifestyle International Holdings.

Joseph Lau is currently 70 years old and resides in Hong kong.

8.) Kwong Siu-hing

Estimated net worth: USD 13.1 billion (PHP 685 billion)

Ranking in the Forbes Billionaires List: #139

Image of Kwong Siu-hing

Kwong Siu-hing, or Kwok Kwong Siu-hing, is the real estate mogul controlling Hong kong’s largest property developer, Sun Hung Kai Properties. She served as the Sun Hung Kai Properties’ chairman for a certain period of time, but still remains as the company’s biggest shareholder.

The company was cofound by her husband, Kwok Tak-seng, along with Fung King-hey and real estate mogul, Lee Shau-kee in 1958. Unfortunately, Kwok Tak-seng had passed away in 1990.

Kwong Siu-hing is currently 92 years old.

9.) Wang Jianlin

Estimated net worth: USD 12.4 billion (PHP 650 billion)

Ranking in the Forbes Billionaires List: #149

Image of Wang Jianlin

Wang Jianlin is the founder of China’s largest commercial real estate development company, the Dalian Wanda Group. Other than its name in the real estate industry, the Dalian Wanda Group is also known to be the largest movie theater operator in the world.

The real estate mogul previously served in the world of military before changing his profession to the one today. The Dalian Wanda Group is know to have more than 260 plazas in China alone.

Wang jianlin is currently 67 years old and resides in Beijing, China.

10.) Harry Triguboff

Estimated net worth: USD 11.7 billion (PHP 610 billion)

Ranking in the Forbes Billionaires List: #163

Photo of Harry Triguboff

Harry Triguboff, the founder and managing director of the apartment-tower development company in Sydney – Meriton. Meriton continues to thrive in the streets of Sydney through its high-density living properties in the largest city of Australia.

Triguboff’s success mainly comes from being one of the first real estate developers in the Sydney, which was previously dominated by single-family homes. Harry Triguboff has established more than 75,00 apartments, earning him the nickname “High Rise Harry“.

Harry Triguboff is currently 89 years old and resides in Sydney, Australia. He has a Bachelor of Arts/Science from the University of Leeds.

Real Estate Moguls in the Philippines

Manny Villar

Image of Manuel Villar

Undoubtedly one of the richest real estate magnates in the country, former politician Manny Villar has established numerous companies under his name. Having built over 200,00 homes, Villar’s Vista Land & Landscapes (VLL) Incorporated is now considered one of the country’s largest real estate developers.

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