E-Suite—The Newest Digital Platform for Sellers


Modern technology is changing every aspect of today’s society in countless ways. Now more than ever, digital trends continue to revolutionize the way people live, work and play. This is also true for most businesses nowadays, including the real estate industry. Innovative platforms and digital solutions that bring unmatched convenience, boost employee performance, and accelerate communication and interaction between businesses and their discerning market are now the norms. And as the biggest name in the luxury real estate development in the Philippines, Brittany stays at the top of its digital marketing initiatives by successfully launching the official Brittany seller’s portal, also known as the E-Suite.

Introducing the E-Suite


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The E-Suite by Brittany is an exclusive professional sales portal that provides Brittany’s business partners with one-stop access to digital marketing materials, information, virtual events, and more.


The E-Suite is Brittany’s newest digital collaborative space for marketers. It is an exclusive professional sales portal that provides Brittany’s business partners and networks with all the relevant data, media, and information they need for their sales process and marketing operations. This centralized and easy-to-navigate seller’s portal streamlines Brittany’s digital sales operations to keep up with today’s fast-paced and growing market demands when buying luxury houses and lots.  

To put it simply, E-suite equips marketers with everything they need to conquer the bustling landscape of the luxury residential real estate industry. 


What’s Inside Brittany Seller’s Portal or the E-Suite?


The fast-moving age of tech proves that digitalization is no longer just nice-to-have but a must-have in luxury real estate marketing. To create a compelling and convenient experience between its salesforce and luxury investors, Brittany is not left behind. Its top caliber team of digital marketing specialists, creative designers, copywriters, and website developers joined together to create E-Suite and offer digital marketing right at your palm’s convenience. Here are the digital marketing tools and additional support features included inside the Brittany seller’s portal.

Your E-Suite Walkthrough Guide


1. Full Access to Relevant Marketing Database and HD Collaterals

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Luxury real estate deals with a huge amount of data and media. The seller’s portal consolidates all of these materials and information in one, easy-to-navigate interface for optimum efficiency and convenience.


One of the major sections featured on the E-suite is the E-Sales Hub. It is a centralized source of marketing database and high-definition marketing collaterals to support sellers on their projects and promotions. Brittany featured listings are separated by area, each containing a designated seller’s kit and media kit.  Expect to see the following materials on every seller’s kit of a specific Brittany property:

1. Marketing presentation materials

2. E-sales materials 

3. Fact sheets

4. Updated inventory and price lists

Every digital marketer, agent, or broker that sells real estate properties like luxury mansions knows the importance of high-quality photos and videos on property listings when appealing to luxury property investors. This is why media kits with high-definition photos, videos, and maps of Brittany’s luxury houses and lots, luxury condominium units, and other high-end developments are also included inside the seller’s portal

Needless to say, the E-suite easily shares the most up-to-date content in real-time, ensuring that marketers always have consistent and relevant marketing information and media references right at their fingertips.

2. Convenient Tools Streamlining Marketers’ Sales Initiatives

E-suite’s collaborative interface also allows members of the Brittany Salesforce to conveniently communicate with the marketing team about the latest and upcoming projects. Easy processing of a client’s unit reservations is also possible in just a few clicks on the E-suite’s online reservation portal. On top of that, marketers can process their personal sales commission with ease via the Accounts Management team. Necessary forms including sellers’ accreditation forms, business proposals, and sales inquiry forms are easily accessible and ready to use on the seller’s portal.   

Property viewing for one’s clients is also made easier and more organized than ever via E-Suite. Marketers can reserve slots for exclusive property viewing and virtual presentations of the property listings an investor is interested in. Take note that site viewing appointment forms must be filled up to schedule guest trippings according to public health safety guidelines. 

3. E-Learning Courses for Marketers via KAIZEN 101

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Kaizen 101 is the E-Suite’s official learning platform where marketers can access various virtual courses, recorded training videos, and webinars.


The best way to adapt to the ever-evolving world of luxury real estate marketing is to never stop learning.  As a forward-thinking company, Brittany provides a flexible platform and efficient learning environment for its sales force to constantly develop their professional skills and reach new heights as they advance on their professional careers. 

The E-suite takes pride in KAIZEN 101, the official virtual learning platform for Brittany marketers. Participants can easily log in to KAIZEN 101 and access varieties of relevant e-learning resources onboard. The seller’s portal houses an array of virtual courses recorded training videos, and webinars readily available to those who want to gain new knowledge or elevate their skills. This is a great opportunity to learn from the experts as industry professionals lead each virtual course in marketing, sales, and more. 

A secondary advantage of KAIZEN 101 is marketers have the freedom to choose their own online training path that can cater to their specific areas of interest, goals, and needs. The wide library of E-learning courses ranges from the nitty-gritty of building investments in the new normal, the future of luxury house interior design post-pandemic, PKS walkthrough, to so much more array of educational topics. 

Participants can also consume the uploaded e-learning resources and get trained at their own pace. Kaizen 101 offers round-the-clock access to online training resources that marketers can get the most out of at the comfort of their homes. 

4. Special Events and Activities Page

Being a part of Brittany Salesforce means working on the backdrop of a fun, collaborative, and supportive corporate culture. As such, exciting and informative events, virtual conferences, special get-togethers, and other corporate activities that boost team dynamics and celebrate achievements are common occurrences. The E-Suite makes navigating and keeping track of all corporate events by Brittany easier than ever. Never miss out on any internal activities by simply checking out the list of upcoming events right on the Events tab on the seller’s portal and adding them to your account’s personal calendar. Past events are also listed for references.

It is important to note that to ensure the health and wellness of all event participants during the pandemic, most corporate activities by Brittany are done virtually or via hybrid meetings. All the necessary event details are listed on the seller’s portal, including the event’s time and date, agenda, Zoom details, registration tab, as well as the event’s organizer. 

5. E-Suite Lifestyle Hub

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Check out the latest lifestyle blogs to be abreast with the latest news and trends that engage the discerning market of the upscale real estate industry.


In the flexible digital ecosystem of marketing luxury houses and lots to the affluent few, staying abreast of the latest news, developments, and trends is crucial. The Lifestyle Hub section on E-Suite contains a library of diverse and informative blogs, ranging from career guides and tips to real estate investments. You can learn more about your sales career path with Brittany as well as discover the investment opportunities in the luxury real estate market. The seller’s portal is also a knowledge-sharing venue for all members of the Brittany Salesforce. Everyone is encouraged to let their creative juices flow by submitting self-written blogs to exchange relevant ideas, tips, and guides for the team. 


Why Sell for Brittany?


Brittany is the number one name in the luxury real estate development in the Philippines. Being a part of the Brittany Salesforce means being under the reputable and established professional wing of Vista Land & Lifescapes—the largest and most successful homebuilder in the Philippines and pioneer in themed real estate development. That being said, expect to experience stable career advancement and get all the necessary support, tools, and rewards you need to grow in your luxury real estate marketing career. With a growth mindset ingrained in Brittany’s pool of luxury real estate professionals, you are constantly learning and improving your skills through in-depth training and orientations that will set you apart as you conquer the summit of your success.



Be a part of the elite few. Discover rewarding and stable career growth by being part of Brittany’s next generation of real estate sales professionals. For more information about career opportunities here at Brittany, explore Britanny Salesforce’s official website, or follow their socials: Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram. Interested applicants may also send an email of their updated resume to sales@brittany.com.ph or call 794-9999.