Brittany’s Next Generation of Real Estate Sales Professionals

“Number one is not just a number; it is a way of life” – a phrase that serves as the daily mantra to define the endeavors for the day – a phrase that defines the real estate sales professionals of the Brittany SalesForce.

Brittany SalesForce is the central sales and selling arm of Brittany Corporation. Their mission and vision are as follows:

Mission. “We strive to bridge the gap between developers and property investors by providing the best professional assistance to our sales channels.”

Vision. “To be the Number ONE Sales Network in Vista Land Group in terms of reservation sales, conversion, and efficient operation catering to the upscale market.”

Brittany Salesforce shares the same vision of becoming the Number ONE Sales Network in Vista Land Group in terms of reservation sales, conversion, and efficient operation catering to the luxury and to the affluent market. Aiming to be on top does not necessarily imply bringing others down, whereas, it means doing the utmost work effectively and efficiently.

In line with the vision of Brittany Salesforce comes the well-founded mission statement which aims to bridge the gap between developers and luxury property investors by providing the best professional assistance to their sales channels – namely the Brittany Sales Elite, Brittany A-List Brokers, Digital Sales Marketers, and Virtual Partner and Influencers.

Brittany SalesForce strives to deliver an organized approach and a systematized working environment to exercise the professionalism of every member. Real estate sales professionals nowadays might be dubbed as new or even the neophytes in this generation, but Brittany Salesforce continues to adapt to the fast-moving age of digitalization – never relish to be left behind.

Digital strategy is one of the key game plans to win the market, sell properties, and sell luxury houses accordingly. Brittany SalesForce aims to reach the clients not only through the traditional way of direct marketing but also through the use of online platforms like social media and eCommerce sites. Now is the best time to heighten the strategy and adapt to the current norm.

Establishing the mission and vision is the first step towards the long-term commitment to the brand; these will be the guiding principles that will be embodied in pulling off all the objectives and goals.

A deliberate plan and a clear purpose will always be the main implications of the success of Brittany Salesforce and ultimately to the success of Brittany Corporation. 

Young real estate professional taking a call on the balcony of a luxury house and lot for sale in the Philippines | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Brittany Corporation’s Sales Professionals always stay on top of their game.


What sets it apart from other real estate sales professionals?

Elite is determined by superiority in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society. Brittany Salesforce highly values sales professionals for their prevalent work ethic and that is why these sales professionals are called the “Elite Seller“.

What sets the Elite Seller apart from other real estate sales professionals is the benefit of selling for a reputable brand under Vista Land, which is Brittany Corporation.

Brittany Corporation offers luxury, high-end properties with four key areas that have luxury house and lot packages, luxury condominium units, and lot only packages. Brittany’s master-planned developments are found all over the south of Manila, Philippines and are scattered in easy-access locations such as AlabangSucatSta. Rosa Laguna, and Tagaytay. Brittany Corporation is well-known for their world-class themed communities inspired by the world’s popular destinations and the Elite Sellers have the competitive advantage of selling luxury homes and high-end properties for Brittany.

The core value of striving to be on top also differentiates the Elite Seller apart from others. Being an Elite Seller means to possess the following qualities; extensive network, highly influential, and is a game-changing individual who aspires for excellence. Brittany SalesForce is the central selling arm of Brittany Corporation and the core values of preeminence are what defines the Elite Sellers as sales professionals.

Elite Sellers are a hardworking, resilient, and dependable group of sales professionals that go the extra mile when it comes to meeting the needs and demands of their clients. They are a dynamic group that stands out from the rest of the pack because of their perseverance and strong will to achieve success in their chosen field of work.

Being one of the chosen few Elite Sellers is undoubtedly a privilege in itself. Only the selected few are designated to join their exclusive circle. Elite Sellers take pride in their positions as sales professionals of Brittany.


What are the advantages of BSF real estate sales professionals?

There are many perks and opportunities in being part of the Elite Sellers. Brittany SalesForce gives agents and brokers the luxury to be ahead of the pack with BSF Programs. 

Brittany SalesForce programs include KAIZEN101 where there are training and development activities to embolden the skills and mindset of the sellers thru internal and external trainers, Millionaires Wednesday Club where discussion of opportunities and creation of new strategies take place, The 7 AM Club where free, luscious breakfast meals are offered to the sellers to give them a warm boost of appreciation, and A-List Broker Rewards where recognition of hard work and rewarding of achievements take place.

Brittany SalesForce also holds regular webinars, product knowledge seminars, site orientations, and other opportunities for the Elite Sellers to be familiarized with what they are selling. May it be via virtual or face-to-face meetings and discussions, Brittany SalesForce makes sure that the sellers get to know Brittany deeper and know each project’s unique selling propositions, various product offerings, and the details of each property type.

Brittany Corporation provides an online accreditation platform to give easier access to interested brokers and agents for a hassle-free registration.

Selling for a reputable brand, which is Brittany Corporation, is a competitive advantage for the Elite Seller. Brittany SalesForce sets out a passive income and vast opportunities for the Elite Sellers because of the privilege of selling luxury homes and luxury properties exclusively for the affluent market.

Luxury investment properties are a prime asset especially for people with affluence. Affluence is determined by regular monthly income, ownership of property, vehicles, lifestyle product ownership, and memberships to exclusive clubs or programs. And, in recent years the emergence of a higher class of the affluent market has been observed continuously especially in the luxury sector.

Aside from this, Brittany Salesforce offers top rates of commission and incentives starting from a quarter of a million. The benefits received by the sales professionals at Brittany are only complementary to the strong foundation that the company provides. Loyalty to the brand is well rewarded and even the small victories are celebrated. No stone is left unturned with the Elite Seller and Brittany SalesForce is the backbone that supports their every move in catering to the necessities of the affluent market.

A group of multiracial real estate sales professionals walking together towards the same direction inside a modern building.

Brittany SalesForce comprises a dynamic group of “few elites.”


How to be a real estate sales professional with Brittany Sales Force

Brittany Salesforce’s Elite Seller never looks like they are “selling” because they are pitching a vision, educating, and instilling trust and assurance, to the clients. They composedly demonstrate why clients should believe in them and, in turn, why they should buy from them. The objective of these Elite Sellers is to cater to the affluent market and offer to them an array of luxurious properties and create a pleasant, more holistic experience in their search for a home or an investment.

Two male bosses elbow bump each other as the rest of the team look up to them in an office meeting | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Surpassing the limits of the new normal, being part of the elite few.

Brittany SalesForce Elite Sellers have several key characteristics. Here are the qualities the Elite Seller must possess:

Tech-savvyDigital marketing is the future of the real estate industry. Nowadays, sales and marketing are shifting toward enhanced digital solutions, from traditional methods to advanced digital tools. Ideally, a sales professional must have a strong online presence because investors are likely to conduct thorough research before viewing and buying a property. Furthermore, a sales professional can make the process of selling a property a lot more convenient to their potential clients through virtual tours, online payments, and other online processes.

Master relationship-builder. A good sales professional transcends emotional intelligence and instinctively adapts to their buyer’s emotions and personality to build rapport. Building your rapport before beginning your spiel is important. An exceptional sales professional knows how to gently guide a client through the sales process instead of bombarding them with information.

 Extensive Sales Network. Exhibiting a nuanced understanding of sales networks will surpass competitors. Almost anyone in the industry will tell you that your network is your net worth. There’s some certainty behind that thought, it’s an immense oversimplification. The wider network you have, the more leads you’ll generate, and eventually, more sales will obtain.

Commitment. What makes you a legitimate salesperson of Brittany SalesForce is when you start to care, trust, and value the team. Your genuine care for the company allows you to learn about the proper ways to do the extra mile and effort to your work. It also develops important virtues such as loyalty, understanding, and patience that benefit both your professional and personal life.

The art of being one of the few Elite Sellers is not something a person can master over a few days or few weeks, it takes time and practice and none of these qualities will act efficiently unless you have invested in your own improvement as a sales professional.