Unlearning Bad Habits for a Successful Career


Having a successful career depends on how you think and which thoughts you choose to act on. Thoughts eventually become habits that manifest over time. Good habits are what help you achieve success in life. However, some people tend to focus only on the good habits, often forgetting the bad habits that may be holding them back.

Whether good or bad, habits affect various aspects of your life, especially your career. They also impact your relationship with other people. This is why good building habits are essential. But becoming aware of your bad habits and unlearning them is even more necessary.

Success is not only a goal but a path that you should walk on with a solid and healthy mindset. While building good habits is essential to living a better and healthier lifestyle, to achieve success and be the best version of yourself, you must unlearn bad habits that can rob you of your potential and even hinders your successful career.

For young professionals, especially those who work in luxury real estate, excellence is a way of life. Like the elite team of Brittany Salesforce, being aware of one’s strengths and weaknesses, such as habits, will empower you to excel and be ahead of your competitors.


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Achieve your goal of being a successful real estate professional as you unlearn bad habits that may be holding you back.

Bad Habits Can Hold You Back from Having a Successful Career

Habits are an essential part of who you are as a person. They become a part of your daily routine, so you can also be unaware of how habits affect various aspects of your life. Most people strive to build good habits for their health and well-being. While these habits are essential to have, you should also be able to recognize which ones are toxic and can hold you back.

The problem with some habits is that you might necessarily consider them bad. This is why some people have a hard time recognizing and trying to get rid of them. Bad habits are not always considered an addiction or something that should be treated. However, you should realize that some of your habits hold you back from reaching your full potential, and you should work to unlearn them. But what are these habits that can hold you back?

Some habits might seem harmless but eventually, prevent you from becoming the best version of yourself. Being cautious and thinking things over will help prevent you from encountering problems. But career-wise, it might prevent you from taking risks and even trying new things, hindering your growth in terms of skills and knowledge. On the other hand, being rash often leads to problems at work.

Even being a workaholic doesn’t always lead to success. When you are too focused at work, you forget to relax and have fun. This can lead to early burnout. Moreover, it might even stop your growth as an individual. Always saying yes to people asking you for favors to please them is also a bad habit.

Stressing and pressuring yourself for the sake of other people will affect you negatively. You are not setting boundaries for yourself, which may lead them to take advantage of you. These are just some examples of small habits that may be holding you back. If you have these habits, maybe it’s time to unlearn them.

Bad habits can prevent you from reaching your full potential.

How to Unlearn Bad Habits to Have a Successful Career

When habits become a part of who you are, you often ask yourself if it is still possible to unlearn them. There might be some habits that have been so ingrained that they become a part of your personality. However, understand this: people will continue to evolve. You can still develop and become the best version that you can be.

You need the motivation to start unlearning the habits holding you back. You can get rid of them or replace them with good ones to pave the way towards your success. If you have habits you want to get rid of, here are some tips that can help.

Acknowledge Bad Habits

The first step towards solving a problem is to recognize it first. It also applies when you are trying to unlearn bad habits. You must first identify which habit you want to unlearn and accept that it might be holding you back from achieving the best version of yourself.

Habits are formed over a long period and at some point, you should have been conscious that you are doing them. When repeated, they become a routine and over time, they will develop into habits. Knowing how these habits started will help you understand how you can unlearn them.

The thing about bad habits is that sometimes, you will not realize you’ve had them until they affect some aspect of your life. When you acknowledge a bad habit, you should also understand that it has a negative impact. In this way, you will have the motivation to work towards unlearning the habit.

Acknowledging your bad habit is the first step towards unlearning it.

Acknowledging your bad habit is the first step towards unlearning it.


Be Mindful of Habits that Affect Your Work Values

Some habits might seem harmless at first, but can prove to be toxic in the long-term. Because they do not necessarily fall under the category of being toxic habits that can cause decline, you will not be aware that these habits are affecting your work values.

Having self-preserving habits is good. However, too much can also hold you back from reaching your potential. Habits such as being too cautious to avoid mistakes will eventually hinder you at work. Growth is often triggered by trying new things, and at times, even from making mistakes. The important thing is to always have an open mind towards learning from new experiences. Don’t let your habits stop you from exploring opportunities. In order to succeed at what you do, it is important to have good work values that will help you pursue being the best.


Be Committed to Breaking a Habit

Unlearning a bad habit will not always be a smooth sail, especially if you’ve had the habit for a long time. You are bound to fail at some point. It can make you feel like you are not making progress. But it is important to understand that it will be part of the process. You can’t change who you are overnight. You might not even be able to do it in months.

The important thing is that you are not too hard on yourself. Remember that it is ok to fail, but you should always try again. Committing to breaking a habit means accepting that failure is a part of it. You should also put time, effort, and energy into breaking a habit. It takes commitment to get rid of a habit that has become a part of you to give room for growth.


Put time, effort, and energy into improving yourself and breaking your bad habits.

Put time, effort, and energy into improving yourself and breaking your bad habits.

Building Good Habits for Successful Career

Just as there are bad habits that can hold you back, there are also good habits that will help you achieve the best version of yourself. These habits can also be learned. When you build good habits, it is important to be mindful of how it will affect you in the long term. Habits affect your relationship with other people, most of all, how you think and treat yourself. Eventually, they will affect other aspects of your life too.

Good habits allow you to grow exponentially and explore all your potential. When you build good habits, you are increasing your chances of having a successful career.


Habits of Successful Career as Luxury Real Estate Professionals 

As real estate professionals who aim to grow continuously in a competitive environment, Brittany Salesforce have adapted good habits that allow them to excel in their field. These habits are the foundation of their abilities, helping them achieve their goals.

It is easy to get lost in a crowd. When there are many participants in any field, it is easy to lose focus, become overwhelmed and quit. The luxury real estate professionals are successful because they have the capacity to adapt and use habits that make them stand out from the rest. They had put these habits into practice when they were not yet successful; it wasn’t until their efforts started paying off that they realized how helpful these habits were.

For these motivated individuals, excellence is a way of life. They have built habits that allow them to always be successful with their endeavors. If you wish to be as successful as the elite team of Brittany Salesforce or to advance your career as a real estate professional, here are some habits that you should build.


1.     Manages time efficiently.

Capable real estate agents have developed a habit of managing their time efficiently. With a never-ending list of to-dos and meetings with clients, they are required to prioritize tasks so they can accomplish as much as possible. They are also familiar with the secrets of increasing their work productivity using their time management skills.

2.     Creates habits for practice and discipline

Ensuring success in any real estate endeavor requires that you are committed and focused. In order to gain results, you must develop a habit of practicing your skills regularly. These professionals have created this habit by developing a discipline that includes keeping regular work hours, scheduling their work and meeting deadlines.

3.      Keeps well-rounded connections with other people in the industry

A robust network of people who can refer your services to clients is essential for any successful real estate agent. As a result, these agents have formed relationships with other parties in the industry handymen, accountants, mortgage brokers and others who can refer leads to them.

4.     Insists on communicating clearly.

Successful real estate agents like Brittany Salesforce, have great communication skills that allow them to gain the trust of clients and close deals. But it is not all there is to it. Insisting on having clear communication among their team and even with their clients helps establish trust and transparency. It minimizes the risk of making mistakes especially when closing a deal.

5.     Looks for more opportunities to learn and grow.

Growing as an individual and as a professional does not stop once you land your dream job. As a successful real estate professional, you must always seek growth and grab opportunities that are available to you.


For luxury real estate agents, learning means to always look for aspects of one’s self that can be improved. There will always be room for growth. Getting rid of habits that may hinder you from achieving success is just a part of it. Become the embodiment of excellence when you equip yourself with productive habits just like the elite team of Brittany Salesforce.