10 Morning Habits of Successful People


When we think of what most highly successful people wake up to, we tend to think of luxury real estate, luxury condominiums, fancy cars, and large businesses. But what about the rest of us? However, before they can enjoy the luxuries of today’s lifestyle, they must first champion something that is common in their lives: their morning routines.

It is not a set of step-by-step prescriptive rules that you must adhere to as a matter of religious belief. Instead, they do what they believe will be the most beneficial to their specific needs before beginning their “regular jobs.”

We have all been there – hitting the snooze button like in a whack-a-mole game in your condominium in Tagaytay, having five more minutes of sleep plea in your house and lot near Nuvali, reaching out for your mobile phone and checking new messages in your luxury house and lot in Laguna, scrolling through and through your news feed until you realized it was already an hour passed. However, no matter where you live, mornings do not have to be a nightmare!

If you do not have a morning habit yet or looking for a bit of organization or want to be a little more mindful of your own needs, or want to have a healthy living, you might need to optimize your morning routine that you can be comfortable with. It would be beneficial if you created something that you believe will work best for you and will allow you to be more productive and focused in your endeavors.

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In this article, we will look at the ten morning habits of highly successful people who have enabled them to get the most out of their lives. These habits include:

What are the 10 Morning Habits of Highly Successful People

  1. Give yourself a little “Me Time.”

Every morning when you wake up, make it a point to devote your first few hours to personal development. It is critical to remember that the first few hours of your day should provide you with an opportunity to practice healthy living and fully develop into the person you desire to be. Wouldn’t it be better to start with what will be most beneficial to you, rather than worrying about what other people want or doing something for your job or school?

It doesn’t matter if you are an early riser or a late sleeper; everyone has their own style. We must make decisions in the first hour of our mornings about whether we want to be productive all day or whether we want to destroy our minds with stressful thoughts that we have no control over.

Brad Lande, a Birchbox Man executive based in New York City, admits that he was not born a morning person. However, along the way and following a series of life changes, he put into practice the little things that had a significant impact on his health and well-being.

His morning habit has five keys:

  • hot water with lemon
  • meditation
  • yoga
  • Face oil
  • breakfast smoothie

“I did not arrive at them overnight. I discovered them along the way, and they have shifted my mornings from a sleepy blur to a clear awakening,” Lande said on an interview with Business Insider.

  1. Break the snooze button habit

Yes, we’ve all been there – slamming through your alarm every morning and wondering if it would be wrong if you dropped out of school, sent in a resignation letter, or didn’t show up for that 7:00 a.m. Zoom meeting because you were too tired. Mornings, on the other hand, do not have to be that stressful. If only you could figure out how to find the motivation to get out of bed in the mornings.

Break the snooze button habit

Benjamin Spall and Michael Xander conducted an interview with Leo Rafael Reif, president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), for their book “My Morning Routine.” Reif claims that he sets his alarm for 6:00 a.m. every day, but that he is usually awake 30 minutes before the alarm goes off.

Rather than running out the door before his alarm goes off, he spends his time going through his email inbox to keep up with everything that is going on at his university in this manner. Reif’s motivation for getting out of bed in the morning is to stay on top of communication and to promote the overall well-being of his institution.

If you’re curious about how they came up with that figure, you can start by setting your alarm for five minutes earlier than you normally would. Every week, add five minutes to your morning routine so that you can carve out time after you wake up to help you establish good morning habits.

  1. Make your bed

It is easy to reason out that your bed is not essential, you have no time, or it will be messy again when you lay back after a long tiring day. These excuses are all easy to make, but when you realize it, it just takes you 2 minutes to make your bed.

Make your bed

In his 2014 commencement speech at the University of Texas, Naval Admiral William McRaven, the commander of the United States Special Operations Command, shared his thoughts on the art of making a bed. “If you make your bed every morning, you will have completed the very first task of the day,” he explained on an article with Dark Reading.

Admiral McRaven went on to say that it would give you a small sense of accomplishment and that it would motivate you to complete another task and another.

As a result, we can conclude that organizing our belongings is beneficial. Instead, it leads to increased productivity while also improving your mood and lowering your stress levels, according to the research.

  1. Have an early morning exercise

In their book, “My Morning Routine,” Spall and Xander said that 79% of the successful people they interviewed confirmed they all start their mornings with a form of exercise.

In a book by Laura Vanderkram, “What the most successful people do before breakfast,” PepsiCo CEO and former chairman Steve Reinemund get up at 5 in the morning and runs 4 miles on the treadmill before having his quiet time, praying, reading, and eating up with his then-teenage twins.

More so, a consistent exercise routine nourishes your mind, body, and spirit. It helps you to put your day on an upbeat track. But if you have not exercised regularly, you can start with short, manageable exercises – a few push-ups, squats, and stretches that can help your blood flow.

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  1. Start your day with morning meditation.

Every morning presents the opportunity for a fresh start, or the opportunity to start over from the beginning. Starting your day with a meditation practice improves your concentration, increases your focus, reduces stress, and provides peace of mind, among other benefits.

John Paul DeJoria, the founder of Patrón tequila and Paul Mitchell hair products, and a billionaire, says he begins each day with five minutes of quiet reflection, no matter where he may be in the world.

No matter where he is, what home he is in, or what hotel room he is staying in, he says on an interview, “it doesn’t matter.” “When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is stay in bed for about five minutes and just be.”

  1. Resist opening your email inbox

Even though some highly successful people check their inbox to stay on top of what’s going on in their organization, the vast majority of highly successful people, such as Shane Parrish, the founder of the Farnam Street blog, adhere to the no-email rule.

As soon as he became aware of his attraction to his emails, he stopped allowing that pressure to take control of his life and discovered that his mental health improved dramatically each day that he did not check his emails first thing in the morning.

Generally speaking, we learn that checking our email inbox first thing in the morning is not a good idea. We enter our reactive mode as soon as we open an email, and we begin working on someone else’s agenda rather than our own as soon as we do so.

  1. Create an evening routine

Starting your day right also tails from the evening activities that you do. Creating an evening routine helps you relax, let go of daily demands, and make you more organized the following day.

Your evening routine may be creating your to-do list, reviewing your next day’s schedule, selecting which clothes you want to wear, or preparing your meals for the next day.

Waking up to a more organized home is pleasant rather than making it a stressful morning because of all the demands that need to be done. Also, the time you spend winding down in the evening opens opportunities to meditate, pray, or write in a journal the following day.

  1. Go to bed a little earlier.

Studies show that the body repairs itself through a dramatic physical repair process between 10:00 pm and 2:00 am. After this, the body also goes through a psychological repair between roughly 2:00 am, and 6:00 am. So, if you want to be better for your activities the next day, a good night’s sleep is what you need and will provide you energy for it.

Go to bed a little earlier.

Go to bed a little earlier and follow consistent bedtimes and waking-up times to get the best sleep possible. It would be best to reduce your screen time that emits blue light that interrupts your body’s natural circadian rhythms. Make sure you give yourself the best shot by ensuring you are well-rested.

  1. Do your best work in the mornings.

Author and public speaker Todd Henry found that waking up early in the morning helped him get rid of the mentality of “I hope there are more than 24 hours in a day.” Instead of cramming everything in before the day ends, he chose to get up earlier to make time for the most important things to him.

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Do your best work in the mornings.

Businesswoman Sheena Brady also says that she spends the hours of 7:00 to 11:00 am working for her startup business, Tease Tea, before she heads up to her regular work on Shopify. The success of their sacrifices and discipline goes off to show how well it is paying them off!

  1. Do not go straight for a cup of coffee.

Lastly, but certainly not least, the majority of successful people do not start their day with a cup of coffee as part of their routine. Instead, they immediately begin drinking water after waking up.

Furthermore, according to health experts, the human body is composed of 60 percent water. The simple act of waking up to a refreshing glass of water after several hours without it can help hydrate you while also improving your digestion and metabolism.

Do not go straight for a cup of coffee.

President of Education Technology for Texas Instruments Peter Balyta can attest to this. He wakes up every day at 5:20 am, drinks a glass of water, and eats a banana before hitting the gym.

Overall, although we differ from the goals we have or the occupations we are doing, or the motivations that help us get out of bed, we can all have one thing in common that can help us in our day-to-day work: a great morning habit.

Create your morning habits with Brittany

Create your morning routines while you’re in your Tagaytay condominium, your Nuvali house and lot, or your Laguna luxury house and lot, depending on your preference.

Create your morning habits with Brittany

Have one that works for you or find one that meets your specific needs and you will be able to survive whatever your morning holds and become the most successful and healthy person the world has ever known. With each new day comes a new opportunity to do things right.

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