Condo Living Guide for a Luxurious Lifestyle

A good lifestyle is privilege: it’s best enjoyed when you put yourself first! Making worthy investments matter especially in a time such as a global pandemic. Putting your life on-hold is a thing of the past: a studio or 1-bedroom unit at Tagaytay’s best community and leisure spot is your little treat that will last you years. Your family will also enjoy getting your money’s worth on a real-estate property that will not go out of style. A Swiss-wonderland like Alpine Villas in Crosswinds Tagaytay is Brittany Corporation’s pride and joy, as well as yours because it’s a step towards your dream life! This condo living guide will help you get in the right mindset for your new luxury home, and with Bernese getting ready to welcome you in December, there’s still a few months left to get yourself ready for the next step in luxury condo living.


This condo living guide will help you settle in in no time

Tagaytay’s accessibility from a lot of places, especially Metro Manila, is one of the added perks of luxury homes in the Philippines. In Alpine Villas, both interior and exterior are evident of this class. Changing your lifestyle from what you’ve been used to will be tricky, but it’s an added step in being an Alpine Villas condominium owner, so you can be the best version of yourself as a home-owner and community neighbor! Of course, we also got you covered in this area, as a welcome to the high-end life of owning one of the best homes in the Philippines.

Life in the city is different from living in the mountainside, but luckily, you get best of both worlds in your new Tagaytay luxury home by Alpine Villas. There are four important factors in maintaining a lifestyle with good practices and habits: food, exercise, beauty, and mental health! Since you’ll be living in a condo, your sense of community will also need some attention. Let’s get down to business with all the best luxury tips.

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Our Condo Living Guide to Preparing your Food

When you eat the proper food, you also nourish your body and take care of your health! You can’t live a luxurious lifestyle without caring about what your body needs. The added benefit of eating healthy is an investment in itself, for you and your family! Luckily, Alpine Villas is surrounded by good eats like Café Voi La, Napa, Coffee Project, and Ruined Project?!


1. Learn how to make your own meals

Friends sharing a cheese dip for their potatoes condo living guide | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Learning how to prepare and cook your own food is essential.

Make use of Tagaytay’s market and natural resources to plan your own meals according to your diet! You can count your calories or simply, make use of your time wisely in quarantine. Better yet, impress your guests or make yourself feel truly at home with Swiss-inspired easy to make recipes you can prepare in the comfort of your Alpine Villas condo unit. Dine al fresco at your balcony or have a romantic date night at home! There are a lot of Swiss food you can try making by yourself but we recommend cheese fondue because Switzerland has the best cheeses or Rösti a fried potato pancake made from season potato patties that are baked or fried! You can even find the wine for it from Napa, just a few steps away from your condo unit! Save both time and money while giving yourself extra knowledge in the kitchen!

2. Don’t skip breakfast

Breakfast table of fruits vegetables bread and fruit juices condo living guide | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

If you’re not a morning person, a simple habit can change that: getting excited for breakfast! We know that cooking may be difficult with Tagaytay’s bed weather, but that’s nothing a cup of Swiss hot cholate can’t fix! If you fancy a morning walk, stroll over to any of the nearby food establishments in Alpine Villas. Word of advice: Café Voi La offers all-day breakfast meals! Nothing says luxury than enjoying a meal in one of the prettiest cafes in Tagaytay!


3. Indulge in your food or drink cravings every once in a while

Pour over coffee maker

A coffee press can be a great investment for anyone that enjoys their morning brew.


Being on a diet doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a glass of wine, a cup of coffee, or a slice of cake when your soul needs it! You don’t even have to go far to satisfy your cravings. Schedule your cheat day and take pretty photos for Instagram while you’re at it because Alpine Villas has a fantastic view of Tagaytay and Ruined Project? available for a perfect ambience.


Our Condo Living Guide to Exercise

If it’s too hot to do anything in Metro Manila, Tagaytay has the perfect weather for outdoor activities! Pair your new food habits with healthy exercise that will keep you fit and will keep you familiar with your surroundings. Being active in exercise also gives you a lot of energy for adventures around the area. Even better when you know you have a safe, comfortable Alpine Villas condo unit to come home to.


1. Make the gym a part of your daily routine

Caucasian woman working out in the gym | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Working out is a great way to stay fit and release endorphins.

A gym membership can be pricey, but at Alpine Villas, homeowners are entitled to fitness gym use over at Amenities! Look up on fitness routines you can do to achieve your goals and how to use the equipment. Soon, your home workouts will be elevated with this awesome perk! You can even meet people in the community as dedicated as you with fitness!


2. Take daily strolls or challenging jogs

Healthy woman running through a dirt trail to stay fit | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Jogging can help your cardiovascular health improve.

Did you know that Alpine Villas is home to 35,000 pine trees? Talk about the perfect ambience for walking around or creating a path to jog! Since it’s a community with security, you can be sure that you will not get lost and that there are staff ready to help you, just in case. The weather is also great whether you want to do it early morning or late afternoon.


3. Explore new and mindful workouts

Man doing butterfly strokes in olympic pool | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Swimming does not only get you fit, but also calms your mind.


Besides the scenery, Alpine Villas also has a pool for its homeowners to enjoy with the rest of the community. If you’re in need of a new type of workout, maybe swimming could be exercise and a winding down activity rolled into one. If you’re craving a more relaxed workout, roll out your mat at home or outside for a quick yoga session. There’s so many things to do in a place like Alpine Villas, everything you might need is already waiting for you.


Our Condo Living Guide to Beauty

If you live in a beautiful Swiss-inspired condominium in Tagaytay, of all places, you deserve to look and feel the part of a high-end individual! Altering your lifestyle should also include self-care rituals that will keep you looking fresh and IG-photoshoot ready.


1. This condo living guide reminds you to never forget to put on sunscreen

Pouring sunscreen before heading outside condo living guide | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Sunscreen has multiple health benefits apart from protecting you from the sun.

One of the best skincare tips that is also the most ignored is putting on sunscreen every day, even when it’s not particularly sunny. Don’t be fooled by Tagaytay’s cold weather: you’re still exposed to harmful UV rays! The secret to less dark spots and supple, youthful skin is consistent sunscreen application after your basic skincare routine. Better to use sunscreen with SPF 50+. A lot of brands offer that, but La Mer’s The Broad Spectrum SPF 50 UV Protecting Fluid is one of the most expensive and efficient sunscreens in the market.

2. Have a personal dermatologist and schedule spa trips


Everyone’s skin is different: you can’t mix and match skincare products without proper guidance! Aside from knowing skincare basics like taking off your makeup before you sleep, you need to have a dermatologist check your skin regularly and also pamper yourself with spa trips! After all that exercise and working daily, you need a body massage or your nails done! If your busy schedule and the fear of going out too much gets to you, telemedicine and a trusty face mask at your relaxing condo unit in Alpine Villas at Crosswinds is another option.

3. Don’t be selfish with your zzz’s

The simplest beauty tip? Get your beauty sleep! If you’re having trouble sleeping, the comfortable bed in your condo unit is big help. However, you can still find remedies like new pillows, a weighted blanket, a trusty humidifier, or soft background music to set the mood. Tagaytay provides cozy weather, so maybe a cup of hot chocolate before you sleep can help.

Our Condo Living Guide to Nurturing Your Mental Health

Always remember: you can seek help if you feel like you need it. A luxurious lifestyle can get stressful or sad, like anything else. It’s crucial to know when you need a break. Luckily, Crosswinds at Tagaytay gives you all the breathing space you need with its classic views.


1. Any condo living guide would suggest to do journaling

A young woman in a beige knitted sweater writing down her thoughts in her journal | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Not much of a talker but you need a release? Putting it on paper can work! The balcony over at your condo unit or the tables at Coffee Project are worthy of some journaling in the morning. Write down your thoughts, rip some pages, or talk about your day without worrying that someone will read it. Be honest with yourself and feel more relaxed and in-touch than ever.


2. Take a break from social media

Admire the breathtaking views of Tagaytay with little effort! Spend at least a day offline and help yourself to fun activities around the area. Even if you opt to stay inside, read a book or order takeout while listening to music! The world will keep turning even if you rest on the weekends. Remember that working hard is great but not at the expense of your own health!

3. Spring clean, no matter the season

Living in a clean and sanitary home is more than a health precaution: it can bring you so much peace and joy; Marie Kondo style or not! While making sure that your Alpine Villas condo stays beautiful and pristine, you’ll get some ideas on personalizing your place or dabbling in some feng shui for a unique interior design. This is certainly a great way to prioritize your mental health while doing something productive!


Our Condo Living Guide to being a responsible Alpine Villas community member

At Alpine Villas by Brittany Corporation, every homeowner is a valued client. However, being a part of a condominium community may take a lot of getting used to especially if you’ve only recently made the leap of investment. Living in luxury has certain perks, but you also need to pay it forward so that even your neighbors get to have a pleasant stay. Be the belle of Bernese and be treated with utmost care when you follow very simple unspoken rules.

Treating the staff nicely and respecting house rules in communal places of Alpine Villas is a good place to get into everyone’s good graces! The staff will most likely be available for your every need and you’ll have no problems in feeling at home. You’ll be able to gain friends, too, ones that live near you and are like-minded in your luxurious interests! The dream.


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Our Condo Living Guide to your New Home

Keep places you have been in clean and sanitary for health reasons and courtesy to your other companions. People who strive to live luxuriously do not litter, especially in Alpine Villas where we like to keep things green and clean! Your valued guests coming over for their own Tagaytay getaway will also benefit from the cleanliness and security of your home by Brittany Corporation. You might even inspire them to make the move when Brienz and Blanc rise!

All these things you can do even before settling in your new home at Alpine Villas in Crosswinds Tagaytay. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and make the most out of your experience by messaging Brittany Corporation now to get started on your dream home and life!

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