How To Organize Your Vanity

In this new normal, there’s no better time to catch up on the things that you always want to do – and perhaps even need. After all, accomplishing the tasks you keep putting off can make anyone feel better, such as when you clean your room or organize your vanity, for instance.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to organize your vanity and how to be a more organized individual in general.

Why It Is Important to Organize Your Vanity?


The vanity of a luxury home for sale in the Phililppines | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

An organized vanity can be very relaxing.


There’s no luxury condo or luxury house and lot for sale in the Philippines that doesn’t have space for a vanity. In fact, for many people, their bedroom vanity or dressing table is one of the most comfortable, most personal spots in the entire house.

After all, you get to use it every morning and every night. And while it’s true that you can always just store your items in your bathroom and start and end your day there, it’s also true that doing these rituals in a dedicated area makes everything more fun and special.

In other words, organizing your vanity is important simply because you spend so much time there doing self-care.

How can putting on makeup and using skincare products be relaxing when you’ve got so many things cluttering up your area? It would be so much better for your mental health to have a nice, neat, and orderly vanity.

5 Ways to Organize Your Vanity

That said, like many other things that are used on a daily basis, it’s easy to let your vanity become messy and fall into disarray every now and then. And we’re not going to lie; once it has fallen into this state, it can be mentally difficult to prep yourself for the clean-up afterward.

In this section, we’ll discuss the different ways that you can organize your vanity easily and efficiently.

1. Organize your vanity by using different compartments


An array of various makeup items on a white marble table

Compartments are very helpful for smaller items.


Compartments can go a long way when it comes to organizing your vanity.

Vanity tables typically hold plenty of smaller items, like cosmetics and accessories, that are notorious for cluttering up areas. Unlike bigger items that can hold their own, smaller items are very easy to accidentally roll, fall, or basically disappear from places where you could’ve sworn you put them in.

To organize your vanity, you can get compartments to put your smaller items in. This can help keep the space organized by lessening the space that they can move in, which also prevents them from accidentally getting lost.

Also, if you have accessories like necklaces or bracelets, compartments can also help keep them untangled while keeping them all together in the same place.

The best type of container for your vanity items would be the clear, acrylic, or lucite ones. This type of container allows you to easily see what’s inside, which reduces the time you need to spend looking for your items in case you forget.

2. Set some space aside for not-so-pretty things

Not everything we own on our vanity table deserves a photoshoot and confetti.

Some may have been with us for years. Others may be nearing their end but still have some fight left. While that doesn’t mean they’re no longer valuable or useful, it does mean that you might want to keep them away from sight.

For instance, that tube of BB cream you got last year may be your daily driver, but its chewed-up, “I’ve been squeezed a thousand times in the past” appearance will make your vanity look messy and even dirty.

A dedicated container can solve this problem while keeping your vanity organized at the same time.

3. Make use of vertical space

Luxury house and lot or not, there’s a way to make your home feel more spacious in terms of storage, and that’s through the use of vertical space.

Your vanity may feel big now, but once you get more items, it will start to feel more and more cramped. If you only use the horizontal space, there’s no doubt that it will run out before long.

To combat this, make sure to use valuable vertical space by employing drawers or shelves. You can use this space for less frequently used items or other items that you’d like to keep inside a container. This frees up the horizontal space in your vanity, allowing it to look and feel more spacious.

4. Put your brushes in containers

Different kinds of makeup brushes in a container | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Keeping brushes in containers will help you stay organized.


There’s practically a brush for every single step in the makeup process. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it does mean that you’ll be dealing with a lot of brushes on a daily basis. Sadly, this also means that you’re likely to leave a brush or two lying around when you’re done, especially if you don’t want to put your used brushes with your washed brushes.

Having at least two different containers will help keep your vanity free of idle brushes. You can designate one of them to house your used brushes, while the other one can be used for clean brushes. You can also use differently sized containers to house brushes of different sizes. Not only will this look cleaner, but it will also make it easier for you to get the brushes and see even the smaller brushes better.

Another option would be to use different containers for brushes of the same purpose. However, depending on how complex your makeup and skincare rituals are, this may not be a smart choice. Having cluttered brushes is one thing, but cluttering up your own vanity with too many containers is another.

5. Opt for light colors

Why do you think so many design guides for luxury homes and luxury lots make use of white or cream so much?

Lighter colors make the room look much bigger than it actually is. That’s because they reflect light, which bounces against the walls and the furniture and gives a spacious illusion. On the other hand, darker colors absorb light. This makes the area look more cramped than it actually is.

You can further improve this by using good lighting on your vanity table. Together, light-colored background and good lighting will make your space look more elegant and much more pleasing to the eyes.


Tips and Tricks to Becoming More Organized


Even if you organize your vanity now, it won’t stay that way for long if you personally don’t know how to clean up after yourself and be organized. After all, it only takes 10 minutes of simply placing one thing here and another thing there to undo all the cleaning and organizing you need.

So, how exactly do you become more organized and maintain a neat vanity area?

1. Always put items back where they belong

A drawer containing sunglasses, watches, and a camera lens | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Give a dedicated space for your items and always return them after use.


It may sound strange, but this is the easiest, and yet at the same time, the hardest part of becoming more organized. Thinking about it, it seems easy enough. After all, it’s not difficult to return items where you get them, right? But while it’s easy to do that, it’s just as easy to leave them right where you’re currently standing.

For instance, maybe you’re running late, and you don’t have time to put back your lippies in their case. Maybe you used your stuff outside of your bedroom, and you’re too busy to return them right now so you make a mental note to return them later. 

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But by the time you remember to do so, something else has already taken up its place, and you’re forced to just leave them where available. Your vanity becomes more cluttered as time goes by, and you’ve successfully added yourself to the list of luxury homes with a messy vanity.

If you really want to be an organized person, make it a habit to always put things back where they belong. By doing this, we guarantee that cleaning will become much easier.

2. Throw out old products

Contrary to what you always tell yourself, no, you don’t need that foundation and blush from 2011.

One of the biggest culprits to making our vanity look more cluttered is our stack of old, will-never-get-used-again products. If you really want to stay organized, regularly check your products to know which ones you should throw out and which ones you should keep.

Two things that will determine this are the expiration dates and how frequently you use the products. If a product is expired, then there’s certainly no need to keep it around. But even if something’s not yet expired, if you only use it once in a blue moon, then it’s worth considering if you should still keep it anyway.

3. Stop buying too many products

It’s no secret that the world is becoming more and more consumerist as the years go by. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying something as big as a luxury house and lot for sale or something as small as lipstick. 

The obsession with buying and owning everything that strikes our fancy, regardless if we already own so many things, is something that almost everyone in this world suffers from to some extent. While this isn’t always a bad thing, especially if you’re purchasing luxury homes for sale for investment purposes, it can be quite troublesome and downright wasteful, as well.

For instance, consider the items on your vanity. How many blushers do you have? How many highlighters? Brushes? Mascara? Toners? And that does not even consider the other non-beauty, non-skincare items that may have made their way onto your vanity.

So if you really want to organize your vanity, stop buying too many products. Finish your current tube first–or at least make sure it’s down to its last few uses–before eyeing another one. This way, you’re not only helping your vanity stay organized, but you’re also helping the world by reducing additional waste.

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4. Organize your vanity every day as a habit

Organized space in luxury home perfect for your own vanity | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Maintain your organized space with daily cleaning.


It’s always much better to spend 10-20 minutes every day organizing your things than to spend an entire weekend (or two) trying to clean up a half year’s worth of mess.

Not only is daily cleaning more effective, but it’s also less taxing on your mind. Doing only huge spring cleaning sessions, however, is much more likely to stress you out. It will also make you hate cleaning and organizing in the long run, which is not something you want to happen.

If you think it’s difficult, start by doing something small. For instance, try making it your habit to return things where they belong, as mentioned above.

Also, if you don’t have one yet, you can start incorporating containers into your vanity. You don’t need to go overboard and buy a dozen containers immediately, but even just one neatly organized container is already a small success.


Organizing Your Vanity At Brittany

All luxury homes by Brittany give you the freedom and opportunity to personalize your own space.

Your vanity can be one of these – a safe spot where you can relax, practice self-care, and not think of anything else but what you’re doing in front of you. By keeping your vanity organized at all times, you can make sure that your self-care sessions are always relaxing, peaceful, and special.

But if you haven’t been keeping up with your cleaning recently, remember to take it one day at a time. You’re not gonna go from messy and disorganized one day to neat and organized on the next – and even if this happens, a change as quick and drastic as this isn’t bound to last. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so they say. Cut yourself some slack, keep putting in the work every day, and you’ll be looking at a more organized vanity – and home – before you know it.

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