6 Ways To Increase Storage Space at Home


As the years go by, the world seems to be getting more and more crowded. From increasing world populations to ever-encroaching urbanization, to the rows upon rows of generic housing sprouting everywhere almost overnight – space is becoming more expensive by the minute. It only makes sense to make more of what you already have, and one way of doing that is to increase storage space.

This is particularly important in luxury homes, where you don’t want simple storage areas, but you have to balance the aesthetic appeal of the home as well.

In this article, we’re going to tackle several tips and tricks to expand your living area and make it as beautiful as the best luxury homes for sale around.

Interior photograph of the bathroom a Brittany luxury home furnished with multiple green indoor plants and Victorian furniture

The standard of luxury now comes with the added value of a space in the comforts of your own luxury home.


Space is Crucial for Beautiful Living


As the old adage goes, home is where the heart is. But if your home is too crowded and disorganized, you might find it difficult to find your heart in such a cluttered place.

Adequate space is essential for daily living. Even if you love your home, if you have a cramped house, you still would not likely find peace. Instead, clutter will crowd the everyday beauty of living. Sadly, it’s not easy to move into a new home, especially if you already find the neighborhood friendly and beautiful, and see the schools around perfect for your children.

What about the relationships that you’ve fostered? Your neighbors? Your children’s friends? Save for extreme situations, moving into a different location is often the last thing on our minds.

Renovating your house is a better option, but still not ideal. Not just because of the expenses and time, but also because of the disruption to your daily lives that a renovation may entail.

Do you want to spend weeks sharing one bathroom between five members of your family? Are you prepared to smell noxious, fresh paint stench for months to come? Probably not. Although it’s a better solution to moving, renovation should still not be your first choice.

In our experience, the best course of action is to increase storage spaces that are already existent in your home.

The Benefits of Increasing Storage Space


First of all, do you really need to increase storage space?

Actually, the answer is most likely yes. Even if you may not urgently need it right now, a little extra space never hurts. There are a ton of other benefits to reclaiming or even creating new living spaces. In this section, we’re going to discuss the five benefits of expanding the usable area in your luxury home.

1. Brings You Closer to Your Ideal Home

Every homeowner has a vision of what their dream house looks like. Just like how people love to express themselves through fashion or the arts, your home can also make a statement that people can see and say “oh, that’s so you!”.

We want our nests to be a reflection of who we are, or at least who we want ourselves to be. But you can’t achieve that if you don’t have enough space to do so. Increasing storage space will solve that issue.

A cactus and two other house plants sit on top of the coffee table in the living room of a luxury house with modern themes and furniture | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Be selective of what you want to have on display at home to avoid clutter and increase storage space.


2. Reduces Mess and Clutter to Increase Storage Space

Nobody likes a mess. Even if we keep only the most important things, they still do have a way of piling up. Trinkets from important events, memorabilia, and collections can easily cause us stress rather than relax us. We have to find a way to store them more effectively, and then you can focus on what truly matters.

3. Makes Life More Convenient

An organized life is a more convenient life. We’ve all looked for that shirt that we know was in that cabinet, but turns out it was in a different room entirely.

Proper planning will not only put the right things in their proper places, but it will also help you live a more organized life where you know where everything is. No more spending half an hour looking for a misplaced item.

4. Affords You More Freedom to Innovate

Maybe you need a workstation for your children’s arts and crafts, or maybe you suddenly needed a larger dining space for a holiday or a sudden visit. A crowded living area is going to restrict your freedom to innovate and create something new significantly limiting what you can do with your space. On the other hand, if you have a lot of space to work with, you won’t stress out about surprises but can welcome them with open arms.

5. Provides More Room for Your Artistic Side to Shine Through

An increased living area uncovers previously barren and undecorated places around the house, which affords you the chance to get your creative juices flowing. This could mean anything from accent walls to house plants, from large pots to beautiful paintings that you’ve always wanted. Remember, your creativity does not have to be restricted just because you don’t have enough space for it.

Carolyn Luxury House Model | Brittany Sta. Rosa | Georgia Club | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The Carolyn is a Luxury House and Lot for sale model offered by Brittany Corporation, which exudes Southern American charm supported by an exclusive gated community.


Brittany and Space


Here at Brittany, we place special importance on the role of beauty in beautiful living.

We believe that beauty is an integral part of living a beautiful life. If we are surrounded by beautiful things, then we feel good about ourselves. And when we feel good, we are more likely to show our best selves out into the world.  This is why we place prime importance on designing the best living areas in the market.

For example, the interior space on each of our residential units was carefully designed to maximize the available floor area. Furniture is made to accommodate lots of storage areas, while the design of the room itself is formulated to give a feeling of spaciousness. From the arrangement of rooms to cater to your everyday flow and routines, Brittany keeps all of these things in mind to maximize interior spaces.

Not just that, but we also carefully designed our outdoor spaces to elicit a feeling of boundless freedom. In any Brittany development, one would never feel cloistered. From the wide, manicured landscapes of Brittany Santa Rosa, to the wild pine forests of Crosswinds Tagaytay, Brittany has honed its technique of creating beautiful spaces both inside and outside the home.


6 Ways to Increase Storage Space


Home is home, whether you have a typical suburban dwelling or a luxury house and lot. As much as possible, we’ll do our best not to leave it or change it too much.

To help you make the most of what you have, we’re going to give you a few tips to increase storage space in your beloved abode.

1. Open-Style Wardrobes Save Space Luxuriously

Open-style wardrobes are just recently becoming a new trend. “Open Style” is an umbrella term that typically characterizes non-traditional wardrobes composed of shelves with fewer walls, putting the clothes in open display to the rest of the room.

It saves space because you don’t have to allocate extra space for the opening of the door, which could be significant especially for larger wardrobes. These styles of furniture can be made of a variety of materials including wood shelving and decorated metal pipes.

If you’re strapped for space, you can simply have a functional, vertical wardrobe that is integrated into your room. You can create a wardrobe without walls to further enhance the feeling of space, and the lack of doors means that you can put it in unconventional places such as an unused wall surface or even the wall-side of your bed.

On the other hand, if you built your own luxury house, you may have a designated walk-in closet. Open-style wardrobes will still help save space within the room, allowing you to use the space more effectively.

Vista Alabang | Portofino South | Leandro House Model Kitchen 2 | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Built-in cabinets at the a luxury house and lot model in Portofino Heights, Vista Alabang.


2. Built-In Cabinets Are Sleek And Functional to increase storage

Built-in storage such as cabinets and kitchen drawers are characterized by shelvings and storage systems that are directly mounted to the wall. This provides additional strength to the furniture and allows it to be placed higher than freestanding cabinets.

For example, one can put built-in cabinets on top of the sink. Directly attached to the wall, they are unlikely to give in to the weight, affording you to increase storage space; compared to if you only bought freestanding furniture which will consume floor area.

You can create built-in cabinets wherever extra storage is needed, such as in the kitchen, bathroom, under the sink, in your bedroom, or your home office.

Not only do they give you more storage and reclaim the floor area, but they can also be designed and painted to match the appearance of the background wall. This gives the illusion of continued space, making the bulky furniture blend in perfectly well with the rest of the space behind it. The luxury homes created by Brittany feature creative, aesthetically pleasing furniture that can have multiple uses to save space.

3. Customize Your Furniture To Have Multiple Uses

If you have one piece of furniture for every specific use, then you’ll quickly run out of storage space. You’ll find that there is only so much space you can find in your house, and sometimes you will have seldom-used furniture that will just sit there occupying precious space until the need arises for it.

To mitigate this problem, use multipurpose furniture. These are furniture that you can use for one or more purposes, and these types of furniture are specifically designed as space-savers.

This requires a little bit of creative thinking, especially since homeowners have different circumstances and needs. To help with your brainstorming, here are a few examples:

Storage Shelves on Doors

The doors of your bedroom, bathroom, or even kitchen doors can be mounted with storage shelves that can take care of light but pesky items. Things such as towel holders, indoor slippers, bottled toiletries, etc, are light enough to be supported by a shelf mounted to the door.

Of course, since your door will move a lot, you have to make sure that the items won’t fall. Basket-type shelves or enclosed shelves are perfect for this purpose. More than that, you also have to consider the kind of door that you have, specifically whether or not it can hold the weight. Make sure your door is made of solid wood before attempting to store things on it.

Pull-out Drawers on Bed Frames

Bed frames that double as storage units are popular in luxury homes. These types of bed frames will have pull-out drawers on the underside of the bed–space that often goes unused and neglected on traditional beds. On the drawers, you can store bulky, space-consuming objects such as blankets, extra towels, and even shoes and slippers.

Add Drawer Organizers On your Cabinet Doors

Your kitchen will often have a lot of essential lightweight objects that easily get into disarray. Things like cleaning items, detergents, and utensils are light enough to be placed on organizers mounted on the cabinet doors of your kitchen furniture. Once again, make sure that your doors are sturdy enough to hold the weight first.

Photo Murals for your Brittany Home | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Inspect the functional yet aesthetic opportunities in your walls and ceilings to increase storage space at home.


4. Walls And Ceilings Are Untapped Storage Havens

Custom-building storage units will allow you to create furniture that can stretch from floor to ceiling. Don’t be trapped by the standard furniture that comes with your house. Simple storage spaces are cheap to commission and easy to build.

Rooms like your kitchen, bath, and laundry room are places that could use floor-to-ceiling storage units. You can store seldom-used items at the very top and the more utilized items in more accessible locations.

More than that, you can easily create and increase your storage space by hanging shelves from the ceiling as well. Just make sure you still have adequate overhead clearance, and that your ceiling and attachments can take the weight. To make sure that your free-hanging shelves aren’t a hazard, you should have them installed or assessed by a professional.

Moreover, hanging shelves can also become decorative elements to your space. You can easily create aesthetically pleasing hangings that double as storage by adding some decoration or even some lights.

5. Hunt for Hidden Spots

Be it in commercial living spaces or luxury homes, one can easily find plenty of out-of-the-way spots that can be effective for you to increase storage space.

For example, the space between the studs of your walls does not support any weight of the structure and can be used to create recessed areas in the walls where items can be stored. It can function as a medicine cabinet or even a small display shelf. Just make sure that there is no insulation, plumbing, or wiring on that part of the wall and you’re good.

Another area that often goes unnoticed is the area directly below your sink. It will often have a facade that opens to the sink plumbing and plenty of extra space all around. With a few organizers and spacers, you can use this area as storage for miscellaneous items such as dish rags, scissors, or sponges.

6. Make Use of the Great Outdoors

If you have a garage, a driveway, or a shed, chances are it’s going to be full of clutter. You can extend your storage space hunt to these areas.

Using all of the principles listed above, turn your garage or outdoor shed into tidy super-storage areas with floor-to-ceiling open furniture which are directly mounted to the walls. You can also install multipurpose furniture such as workbenches that double as storage and stalls that double as – you guessed it, more storage.

Increasing Storage Space in Your Luxury Home


Storage is important because it gives you back a lot of space that can be used for other purposes. It can give you the space you need for your ideal home, help you be more organized, avoid mess and clutter, and provides you more room to be creative.

With our tips, you can make your dwelling place as beautiful and spacious as the best luxury homes in the Philippines.

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