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Carolyn is the biggest luxury house and lot that Georgia Club and Augusta offers. This luxury house model is spacious given its 265 sqm floor area. It features a 2 car garage, porch, powder room, storage room, living and dining area, kitchen and utility area, and maid’s room with toilet and bath on the ground floor.

The second floor has 2 full bedrooms with their own toilet and bath, a master bedroom with its own toilet and bath, and a walk-in closet. This luxury house for sale also offers an attic as additional space for the family.

This Carolyn luxury house model can be found at Augusta and Georgia Club, Brittany Corporation’s Sta. Rosa, Laguna luxury house and lot projects.

  • 242 sqm
  • 265 sqm


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A charming home that provides peace of mind and long breath of comfort for those who want to relax and live a tranquil life.

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