Essential Items Everyone Should Have at Home

Decorating one’s home is one of the most exciting activities to do, may it be to your primary home or your secondary home, it’s always one thing that everyone is looking forward. It often shows the characteristics of the owner of the house or sometimes the total opposite. As you welcome yourself into a new home, here are some essential items that you must never forget to have. Of course, there are a lot more to consider, but having these things outright would be a much more help in helping you settle in smoothly. 


Light colored theme bedroom in a luxury home for sale in the Philippines | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Light colored theme bedroom that would fit any luxury home in the Philippines as their go-to design


We list down our essential items to have as you move in to your beautiful mansions in the Philippines:


Cleaning Supplies

Everyone wants to come home in a place where they can relax and have some peace of mind, and what better way to achieve that by having a clean home. This is often overlook as one is trying to move in to their new home. Having the basic cleaning materials like a broom and dustpan, mops, vacuum, toilet brush and a couple of rubber gloves should be always included in your things to bring as you move in. Cleaning the whole place before decorating it and a post clean up after would always be necessary to ensure that you are able to reward yourself with the coziest ambiance. This would also help you be more prepared for unnecessary mess from piling up by having these essential materials right at home.


Vacuum being used to clean classic Victorian-inspired rug in a luxury home in the Philippines

A versatile vacuum to help you keep your luxury home nice and tidy


Basic Construction Tools

It’s always a good idea to become a prepared scout, than to be caught off guard having these next items on our list. Moving in to a new home is easier if you are ready to measure things up to what types of decorations you would want to have and its sizes. A little adjustments won’t hurt as some bright ideas always comes at the last moment. So having a pair of screwdrivers, a hammer, measuring tape, electrical tape, extension cord and a step ladder is always essential as you move right in to your new home. Basic tweaks and renovations always comes in mid every time one is about to move in to their new mansions in the Philippines. By having these items at your home as you move in more things would easily help you navigate your desired furniture and other fixtures in its right spot. 


Steel measuring tape pliers and a hammer are some essential items one needs when mainting and caring for their luxury home | Brittany Corporation

A steel measuring tape, pliers and a hammer should always be found in one’s luxury home


Essential Items for your Laundry

Another essential thing that you should never overlook are your laundry essentials. A laundry basket to keep all your used clothes in one place, a couple of detergent, fabric softeners and an iron and its ironing board to help you prepare your clothes, unless you’re more on the casual attires and your clothes does not necessarily need usual ironing. This would also be very handy if laundry shops are not that close to your home, as these essential items would help you easily cope up with your daily routines.


Iron and ironing board are some essential laundry equipment for your mansion in the Philippines by Brittany Corporation

Iron and ironing board are your most essential laundry equipment that you should have upon your move in into new mansions in the Philippines


First Aid Kits are Essential Items Too

Like what Ralph Emerson once said “the first wealth is health” keeping ones health in check is always a priority. That’s why having your first aid kit as part of your essential items to bring as you move in to your new mansion in the Philippines is very vital. This would help everyone stay away from sudden panics in cases of emergencies at home. Having the basic pain killers, bandages and one’s usual health maintenance capsules should never be left off your basic check list in moving to your new home. One can never predict when an emergency can occur so having these essential items on hand as you move in is very important. 


Stethoscope medicine pain relievers and first aid kit are important whether you are in a luxury home or not | Brittany Corporation

A stethoscope and other go to pain relievers are a must as you move in to your new luxury home in Santa Rosa


Fire Extinguisher

Last but definitely not the least on our list is your very own fire extinguisher. Keeping a positive mindset at home, especially moving into new mansions in the Philippines, we can never overlook a small possibility of unpredicted fire emergency. Safety is still our utmost priority as we move in to your new home, may you be transferring in a new community or a community that you have known for a long time, being ready for this type of circumstance is always crucial. Being a step ahead won’t hurt and would definitely keep your family safe and would be free from any bothered thoughts. In this list of essential items that you should have moving in to your new home, here is a short list of the best fire extinguishers you should consider:

  1. Tigronyx Fire Extinguisher – 10lbs ABC Dry Chemical 
  2. Cycolne Fire Extinguisher – 10lbs ABC Dry Chemical
  3. Mkita Fire Extinguisher – 1KG Dry Chemical


Man holding fire extinguisher which is one of the most essential items with a background with red pink and orange gradient | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

A proper way in handling a fire extinguisher to better navigate its outburst of chemicals to hold off the fire.


Having to sleep at night knowing that you are well secured in whatever happens would always add more comfort in your sleep, especially if you are still trying to get used to in your new home.


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Panoramic view of Eliot in Promenade where the grandest mansions in the Philippines are | Brittany Corporation

Eliot Luxury Model Home – one of the grandest mansions in the Philippines, located in Promenade Santa Rosa Laguna – an exclusive community across Vista Mall Santa Rosa.


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