7 Productivity Habits for the New Normal


The global pandemic has changed the world in immense proportions, and even the largest corporations in the most progressive countries were caught off guard. Its large-scale effects are definitely overwhelming, affecting even the smallest and most personal aspects of our society, including the productivity habits that people follow. According to Oxford University’s International Journal of Medicine, the COVID-19 is considered not just a global health issue, but also a socio-economic crisis. Studies have found that profound psychological distress and other negative manifestations on mental health rapidly emerged worldwide. Feelings of uncertainty and loss of motivation weigh heavy on students and workers alike, especially on those who initially planned on starting a new business or endeavor. 

Fortunately, at this point in time, the world is doing much better. Albeit slow, we should acknowledge the progress world leaders have made, and the massive efforts of global organizations to respond to the health crisis as fast and as much as possible. The race to the COVID-19 cure is not over, but humanity is picking up speed. With this mindset, it is easier to hope for a better future for ourselves and our children. After all, how we experience everyday life is shaped by our perceptions and overall mentality. Below are daily simple habits you can start at home to reignite your motivation and essentially increase productivity.

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7 ways to improve productivity habits at home in the new normal


1. Be proactive, not reactive, to situations.

Most of the time, we tend to immediately react upon receiving any type of news, particularly to negative content. Our moods are naturally easily affected by negative comments, but rarely swayed by positive remarks. Knowing this, we realize the importance of one’s mindset. 

“This is happening to me” VS “I’m doing this”

Reactive people have a passive approach to circumstances, thinking that the world is happening to them. A proactive stance pushes the individual to be active, with the belief that he/she has control over what is happening to him or herself. Of course, there is a myriad of factors that influence one’s mood, but the way we react to situations makes all the difference. Remember that proactivity is increased productivity.

2. Begin with the end in mind, and write it down.

Whether you stick notes on your bathroom mirror, curate a personal mood board, or simply journal, it is far better to visualize your vision of success as compared to just keeping it as a thought in the back of your mind. Humans are visual beings, therefore a tangible reminder of your idea of success strengthens your motivation to take the difficult steps.

It’s incredibly important to remind yourself of your “why.” You often hear this from motivational speakers and HR practitioners who talk about increasing productivity, but this three-lettered word holds so much meaning. There are a whole lot of obstacles one has to overcome before reaching his or her goal, but what truly motivates you to achieve this goal is your dream of success, a financially liberated family, a business you’ve always envisioned yourself to own, a legacy you want to leave behind, or even just to be loved and accepted. A common example of this is placing pictures of your family in your office.

3. Figure out your goals and roles in life, then prioritize accordingly.

First and foremost, what is your role in life? Are you a father, a mother, a business owner, or a community leader? You can be many things in life at the same time, but you are not all of them to the same degree. Even in the work setting, you must arrange your tasks according to priority in order to accomplish them in the most efficient manner. True discipline is knowing what’s essential as compared to what’s urgent. Now that you’ve determined your goals and your whys in life, you should discipline yourself by staying on track towards your goals.

As beings whose attention is easily caught by what’s in front of us, we tend to nitpick our everyday situations and pay attention to the details. This may seem like manifestations of increased productivity, it’s actually counterproductive. Without setting your priorities straight, you’re not seeing the bigger picture; and without the bigger picture, you’re only playing around with puzzle pieces.

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There are many physical activities that can also serve as bonding opportunities for families, such as biking around the parks and roads of their luxury home.

4. Seek to improve both the physical and mental aspects of your health

Physical Health

Our most basic concept of health is physical health, since it’s the one most visible and quickly felt by the body. These can also be easily distinguished by any of the 5 senses. This may seem irrelevant to young individuals, but non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, stroke, diabetes, and certain forms of cancer are heavily linked to lifestyle choices. Because of this, they’ve even been labeled as lifestyle diseases.” Fortunately, there is an array of good practices to improve physical health, and ultimately improve one’s well-being for increased productivity, even during a global pandemic. With this, it’s much safer to practice fitness at home instead of risking your health at the gym. You’ll be surprised that there’s a huge list of exercises you can do at home without spending a single buck. With the convenience of choosing the type of exercise and trainer on platforms such as Youtube and Zoom classes, it’s easier to break a sweat at your own pace. Less strenuous activities to increase productivity include gardening, biking, and rearranging furniture to your liking. Of course, sleeping well and proper diet factor in your physical health.  

The reason why sick leaves are paid time off from work is that illnesses do obviously hinder productivity in the workplace. Likewise, it’s difficult to cook, paint, write, or do any activity at home when you’re under the weather. Taking much-needed time out of your day to rest and exercise is essential because optimal health produces optimal results.

Mental Health

Mental health, which is equally an important component of overall health just as physical health, is often talked about nowadays to raise awareness on this aspect of health, but not much as an important element in increasing productivity. Mental health comprises our emotional, psychological, and social well-being which affects the way we feel, think, and act. The fun thing about boosting your mental health for increased productivity is that you also boost your overall happiness. Little acts such as bonding with family at home and playing with your beloved pets in your backyard can greatly improve your mood and de-stress you at the same time. Taking a breather by working on your passions like painting or writing also clears up the mess in your mind, right in the comfort of your study or bedroom. Being one with nature is also a common trend in discussions on mental health and luxury living, which is why a luxury house and lot usually comes with a sprawling park surrounded by trees. 

Within the scope of this article, mental health affects the way we deal with stress, relate to others, as well as make the right decisions. Given this, it’s a no-brainer that increasing productivity is also very much dependent on how you take care of your mental state. There is a common saying that one should not make decisions when high on an emotion (usually feelings of passion such as love and anger), and there’s a reason why. Take a step back, unwind with your family at home or practice breathing exercises in your garden, so that you come back to your workspace feeling refreshed and focused.

5. Identify your strengths and weaknesses for better productivity habits

Every person has both strengths and weaknesses. Yet, the productive person reflects on these and makes decisions and life choices based on these. If you are good at business writing, then you may find it more enjoyable to work on something along with that strength. If your colleagues have been praising you for your innovative ideas, maybe it’s time to materialize these ideas and start a business. If you have an eye for luxury houses and lots for sale, you should definitely invest and become the next big real estate mogul. These are certainly attainable, but not so for those who may not be quite skilled or knowledgeable in these fields. Of course, with eagerness and interest, one can sharpen the saw and learn more about turning a goal into a skill, and ultimately a strength. Don’t let strengths be just strengths that your peers observe. Let your strengths bring you success through increased productivity habits.

On the other hand, even the strongest and most successful person in the world has weaknesses. Contrary to common belief, weaknesses can be used as tools for increasing productivity. After all, one does not get better by sweeping his weaknesses under a rug. It’s important to acknowledge and accept your weaknesses, something that isn’t always as easy as it sounds. This self-reflection not only provides an avenue for you to know more about your boundaries and limitations, but also the points you can work to improve on. After all, the biggest room in the world is room for improvement. With this in mind, weaknesses don’t always have to be weaknesses. When worked on, they can become skills. Over time, these learning experiences can even become strengths as well.

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Working from home gives you the liberty of balancing work, life, and self-reflection.

6. Set your boundaries to set your life

In line with the previous point, knowing your weaknesses can lead you to a wealth of self-understanding. Setting your boundaries and limitations cuts out the irrelevant tasks, decisions, and thoughts just floating in your mind. You have to clear out this mess in your mind in order to perceive the world clearly. If you are working on something you are completely unskilled and uninterested in, the task usually either drags on or you become unmotivated. If this is a long-term project, chances are you’ll end up burnt out. This is because you’re not matching your work with your skillset — and more importantly — not setting your boundaries.

Many of us, especially the social butterflies and networkers, tend to please people. Hence, we end up saying “yes” to every request or work, even when we were most inclined to say “no.” Let’s get this straight. Saying “no” is not unprofessional or unkind. Rejecting something that you were never good at or something that was never meant for you is advantageous to both parties. Your rejection will lead the requesting party to search for another individual who may have the competencies and the keenness to work on that task. On your side, you have avoided a type of work you would never have enjoyed.

7. Establish daily routines as a backbone of your productivity habits

Life can be mundane on some days, and then hectic the next day. This is most likely because you do not monitor your productivity, and your efforts depend on your sense of urgency. This can disrupt the balance of your life, not to mention the meetings you’ve set with business partners or the movie nights you’ve promised to spend with the kids. Living this way also affects the way your body responds to things. For instance, if your body has not been set to do strenuous activities in the mornings, then doing so will definitely shock your body and leave you with body pains. You need to ease your way to it in order for your body to adapt to your new productivity habits. Likewise, your mind has to be set for the tasks you want to accomplish. Setting routines can help you train yourself to optimize your day and regain the balance you want to achieve in your everyday life.

The Morning Routine

The morning routine is very important because it will set your mind and body for the rest of the day. If you wake up earlier, you get to schedule and do more out of your day. If you start the day with a healthy activity like eating a hearty breakfast or taking your dogs for a walk, you’ll definitely feel better throughout the next couple of hours. Checking your to-dos for the day and the week reminds you of your priorities as well. Similarly, if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, you’ll be in a sour mood for the rest of the day.

The Nightly Routines

Your routine at night determines how your rest will fare, as well as how you will start the following day. Putting away your gadgets and turning off the blue light, and even smelling the scent of lavender, signals your body to prepare for a good night’s sleep — and we have already established how important rest is. Make sure you live in a luxury home that’s conducive for plentiful and quality rest. Many individuals also prefer to list down their tasks for the next day so that they can plan the day ahead. It also saves time when you’ve already prepared your outfit and materials that you need to work on the following day.

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Brittany Corporation’s luxury houses and lots embody the classic beauty of a warm home that welcomes work and play in the most luxurious ways – with the embrace of nature, sprawling spaces, and convenient locations.


The impact of habits to increase productivity should most importantly be reflected in one’s behavior at home. In order to increase productivity, people should be able to create the very environment that would foster these habits. With this, one can always start their journey in the comforts of their own home. Know that there is a silver lining to staying safe at home. It’s the perfect time to unwind, reset your mind, and increase productivity in different and unconventional ways. If your home is one of the factors that affect your productivity, consider relocating to a safer and more comfortable place, one where you can enjoy the luxury of your own premium space. After all, the above-mentioned habits to practice at home are fruitless without the conducive environment to foster increased productivity.  

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