Elevate Your Luxury with Brittany’s Luxury Playlist


Our brain processes information in the most fascinating way. Our five senses allow us to understand what is going on around us. As Pochahontas sang in Colors of the Wind, “Can you sing with all the voices of the mountains, can you paint with all the colors of the wind?” our senses are interconnected to create the perfect definition of luxury. Brittany’s Ultimate Luxury Playlist will bring together the story of your luxury together. Impress your friends with the tunes and melodies of love and energy. Share the vibe and times of countries outside of the Philippines.


Music and Song for Any Occasion


Brittany Corporation is the premier name in luxury real estate development in the Philippines. They pioneered dream luxury homes and themed communities for individuals looking for a beautiful home to call their own. Brittany believes in the freedom to define your own luxury. This is why they’ve created thematic luxury communities inspired by the scenic beauty and exclusivity of the world’s most iconic destinations. To complement the luxurious beauty of a Brittany property, they’ve curated the ultimate luxury playlist.

Surround sound home stereo system | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Experience the sounds of Alpine Villas, the luxury houses and lots of Crosswinds Tagaytay. | Photo by Spencer Selover from Pexels


Brittany’s beautiful luxury homes are the height of sophistication and thematic appeal. The luxury houses and lots were meticulously curated to appeal to the tastes of the privileged few. From the Swiss chalets of the slopes of Crosswinds Tagaytay to the rich warmth of a Georgian country home in Promenade Santa Rosa to the Italian Renaissance of Portofino Vista Alabang, Brittany will surely have the perfect luxury home that you’ve been dreaming of. 


How Song Affects Us


Hans Christian Andersen once said that “Where words fail, music speaks.” Music is a universal language. Song affects us more than we know. So much so that a 2020 Harvard University study proves this to be true. To quote the researchers: “We propose that the music of a society is not a fixed inventory of cultural behaviors, but rather the product of underlying psychological faculties that make certain kinds of sound feel appropriate to certain social and emotional circumstances.”

More and more luxury brands are harnessing Spotify to connect with their audience. Brittany’s commitment to supporting each individual’s own definition of luxury has inspired them to come up with a list of songs to complement the beautiful sceneries of their luxury properties. Brittany brings you the ultimate luxury playlist. The playlist consists of hand-picked songs by our very own connoisseurs of music.

Some of the luxury mansions in the Philippines can be found at Promenade Santa Rosa. | Luxury Homes by Brittany Santa Rosa

Experience the classical Georgian-era music from Brittany’s ultimate luxury playlist that complements the luxury mansions in the Philippines found in Promenade Santa Rosa.


The Song for Your Lifestyle


Luxury shouldn’t end with just beautiful scenery. It should also be luxurious in the way it makes you feel to the way it sounds. Luxury should be something that can be felt through the 5 senses. To enhance your luxury experience, Brittany curated a Spotify Playlist for the soundtrack of your themed, luxury homes.


The Ultimate Luxury Playlist for the Swiss Alps


Ultimate Luxury Playlist, Seitenwind Musik, brings the Swiss highlands to your own luxury home. | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Crosswinds Tagaytay’s Ultimate Luxury Playlist, Seitenwind Musik, brings the Swiss highlands to your own luxury home.


When you think Swiss Alps, you think of a blanket of white snow laid atop the steep slopes of the Alpine mountains. You think of the cool, crisp, refreshing winds of the Andes. The Swiss Alps is a cornerstone of luxury that inspired the beautiful luxury homes of Crosswinds Tagaytay. This gave birth to the exclusive luxury enclaves of Alpine Villas, Grand Quartier, and Lausanne at Crosswinds. 

The Song of Crosswinds

We’ve added the Sound-Of-Music-worthy songs from across Germany and Switzerland to give your luxury condominium and luxury mansion in Crosswinds Tagaytay the full experience of the Alpine tundra. Make luxury a full sensory experience by adding Brittany’s ultimate luxury playlist to your beautiful luxury condominium in Crosswinds Tagaytay.

One of the most iconic sounds in Swiss-German music is the Alphorn as used by an Alphorn player with the Swiss Alps as the background. | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

One of the most iconic sounds in Swiss-German music is the Alphorn as used by an Alphorn player with the Swiss Alps as the background.


The prominent sound in Swiss music is the accordion and the alphorn. The alphorn is likened to a trumpet but has a deeper and richer sound. Listening to an alphorn reminds you of the mountains of Switzerland.

The accordion makes a very distinct sound that is difficult to describe. In the ultimate luxury playlist, we’ve added songs like Sternenschein that puts the accordion front and center. It is also reminiscent of Italian music but is still distinctly Swiss. 

Immerse yourself in the sounds of traditional Swiss instruments with the ultimate luxury playlist by Brittany for Crosswinds Tagaytay. The upbeat music and the woodwind instruments transport you to the Alpine Mountaintops in the comfort of your very own Swiss chalet, luxury mansion, or luxury condominium.

Listen to it here: Brittany Ultimate Luxury Playlist – Crosswinds Tagaytay: Seitenwind Musik

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The Ultimate Luxury Playlist for Italian Opulence


Classic Italian Music | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Portofino Alabang’s Ultimate Luxury Playlist, Classici Italiani, brings the sounds of Italian Opulence to your own luxury home.


Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Inspired by the quaint opulence of the Italian renaissance, Portofino recreates the luxury mansions of the Italian architecture scene. Italian luxury mansions are known for their asymmetrical massing, tall towers, and smooth stucco finish with exuberant ornamentation. Portofino’s luxury houses boast of these classic Italian distinctions with a modern twist in consideration of the Philippine weather.

The Song of Portofino

Since the pandemics start in 2020, the wanderlust in everyone is getting stronger. Although we are allowed limited travel, the arrival of the new delta variant may act as another hindrance to traveling. The new trend of Sofa Travel is bringing people all over the world. Brittany’s themed luxury houses are a perfect place for your very own sofa travel.

Trevi Fountain | Luxury homes by brittany corporation

The Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy is an iconic landmark in Italy. Brittany’s Ultimate Luxury Playlist aims to make its listeners feel right in the middle of the Trevi Fountain.


The Ultimate Luxury Playlist for Portofino consists of a mix of classical guitar and more contemporary Italian music. We have the warm vocals of the legend, Pavarotti and we also have a more classical contemporary sound from Sofie Winterson in Portofino. Listening to the playlist will surely evoke a feeling of love, calm, and luxury as you lounge in Italian-themed luxury mansions in the Philippines found in Portofino.

Italian music is very rich in vocal music like operas and ballads. It is also heavy on string instruments, like the guitar, and sometimes the accordion as well. We’ve added the song O Sole Mio by the legend Pavarotti to showcase the operatic style of singing in Italian Music. There are also instrumentals like Piccolo Maria to highlight the mandolin, an instrument from the lute family. 

Listen to it here: Brittany Ultimate Luxury Playlist – Portofino Alabang: Classici Italiani

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The Ultimate Luxury Playlist for the English Countryside Nobility


Promenade Santa Rosa Spotify Playlist Album Cover | Brittany Corporation

Promenade Santa Rosa’s Ultimate Luxury Playlist, Georgian English Country, brings the sounds of English countryside nobility to your own luxury home.


The year is 1800. The Georgian-Regency era was one of the most iconic periods of the British aristocracy. Named after George, Prince Regent, the temporary king of Great Britain while his father, George III, was ill, the regency era was time to behold. Many of the most popular romance stories were set in the Georgian-Regency era. It makes one wonder, why Regency era?

The Song of Brittany Santa Rosa

Promenade by Brittany Santa Rosa boasts beautifully crafted English country, Georgian architecture luxury mansions in the Philippines. Entering Promenade, you are welcomed by the Obelisk inspired by Nelson’s column in London’s Trafalgar’s square. Inside, you will see immaculately manicured hedges creating beautiful hedge mazes that give a sense of excitement.

Obelisk in Promenade Santa Rosa | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The Obelisk in Promenade Santa Rosa exudes the opulence of the English country-themed luxury development.


The popular music of the time was a harpsichord. It is a small piano with a very distinctive sound. It sounds nothing like a piano but plays like one. The ultimate luxury playlist for Promenade Santa Rosa is full of harpsichord concertos. 

The Georgian music featured in the ultimate luxury playlist takes you back in time to social dance as if you were invited by the lord of the house himself. Just like they did back in the time of Jane Austen when rich, single men would invite the eligible ladies in town to find a wife. 

As they said in Pride and Prejudice “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” of course that is not the case now, but it is nice to note the cultural differences that we have. Today, we are able to enjoy the finer things in life without the pressure of finding a wife or husband.

Harpsichord | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The harpsichord was one of the most popular instruments in the Georgian-regency era. The ultimate luxury playlist has a number of songs with the harpsichord as the front and center.


We’ve added songs like Suite in D Minor: II. Corrente Allegro by Thomas Chilcot to let our listeners experience the magical sound of a harpsichord. The song has no lyrics nor vocals whatsoever. It makes us travel through the times with its tunes and content. Sadly, the harpsichord is not that common anymore. On the bright side, there are plenty of songs available online when the harpsichord can be heard and appreciated.  

Listen to it here: Brittany Ultimate Luxury Playlist – Promenade Sta. Rosa: Georgian English Country

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The Song of Luxury


Regardless of where you are, you can bring the themed content of Brittany’s luxury properties anywhere you go. Feel free to mix and match the music to your home. Music is such a wondrous thing that adding that to your daily life can really change the way you appreciate your surroundings. Imagine drinking your morning coffee to the sound of a Swiss alphorn or even a harpsichord. 

How inspiring it would be to travel by listening to the lyrics of the rich baritone of Italian opera singers as they sing about love in your Portofino virtual tour. Luxury should not be limited to visuals. It can be anything. Follow Brittany Corporation’s official Spotify to find the best music to complement your luxury homes. Let luxury be defined by the way you want it to be. With Brittany’s luxury homes, you are free to be your own luxury.