Morning Bliss with Brittany

Awaken, by the scent of brewed coffee and the scrumptious breakfast waiting downstairs. You start to get yourself ready, stand up and sit at the edge of your bed. After fixing your white satin bed sheet, you do a quick check on your phone, a scheduled meeting after breakfast, thankfully you had the alarm set up to wake just in time for your daily activities.

You walk down your intricately designed spiral staircase, walls embedded with paintings gifted by colleagues and business partners. Art pieces suitable for the Italian atmosphere of your home. You reached the ground floor where furniture and fixtures oozing of elegant and sophisticated feel are located. Following the scrumptious scent brought about by your morning meal you found yourself in your own courtyard, the warm sunlight embracing your skin matched by a soothing cool breeze, setting the tone of your day, cool and calm. Breakfast done and a quick freshening up, you stroll a little while answering work calls, checking with your management committee on the status of the business, satisfied with the call you change into your workout outfit and do your daily routines, staying fit and healthy is of high importance to you.

Walking away from your workout area, you head on and take a bath to clean up, you want to be feeling at your best when you start working in your home office. Clean up done and work ready, you first check the recent business trends in your field, scrolling and reading articles from renowned professionals and advisors. You also take time in checking the stocks and other investment matters, in order to know how well your ventures are performing.

The clock strikes at almost 2 pm, you feel the urge for lunch. Walking to the dining area you see that lunch is already ready, for today you’ll go on an Asian cuisine cruise, delicacies that’ll surely take your taste buds on a journey.

Finished with lunch and a quick rest, you stroll in your beautiful community, a proud locale known for delivering beautiful thematic homes in coveted addresses. A stones-throw away from your daily necessities yet offers an expanse perfect for your afternoon stroll. Delighted by the beauty of your community offers and your chat with some of your neighbors about their investments, business and other matters, you go home just a bit after sunset.

Pouring a glass of wine, your start to relax in your home. Turned the television on and watch the daily international news while waiting for dinner. You pay attention to the current news and affairs, for you know that it has an impact on the profitability and overall results of your business endeavors.

Starving from a day’s work, you head on down for dinner. Scrumptious meals served on your rustic wood dining table, a fitting furniture for such a majestic home. Stuffed and satisfied, you relax in your bedroom balcony, another glass of your finest wine in hand, cool winds caressing your face, yet another day awaits.

Alarm set, ready for bed, you look forward to another day well spent.

Kick-started by your home in Brittany’s morning bliss.

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