Career At Brittany Acceleration


Speeding up your career at Brittany and achieving your definition of success will be a journey that is unique to you. However, there are some useful tips which can help accelerate your career growth.

Career acceleration is a result of consistently applying these tips. Wondering what these guiding principles are? We have listed them down for you.

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Switching on the right mindset for your career at Brittany

Career growth starts with having the right mindset and understanding why work requires this mindset. Pursuing a career at Brittany Corporation entails the right combination of skills, continuous learning and curiosity.

Growth mindset, when applied to careers, pertains to a mix of optimism, a keen willingness to learn and loads of curiosity. These are the necessary characteristics to stay in the learning game, and achieve future career success.

Since careers at Brittany are non-linear, expect flexible work as well as team and independent work. There can also be multiple career changes and challenging roles, which require a mindset of resilience. Resilience enables you to tide over the changing external factors and mold your career according to these factors.

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Developing your career at Brittany largely depends on being able to know your skills, strengths and values and reflecting these through your own personal brand. Early on in your career,you should begin to develop the practice of seeking feedback, which includes informal and casual feedback from mentors, senior leaders and even those outside your team or industry.

As most experts say, seeking feedback is recognized as a behavior that promotes learning agility, which is a future skill. Seeking feedback, even though it may be threatening to your self-esteem, is crucial for an individual’s career development because it enables one to understand his/her behaviors and foundational skills.

As you change careers, you will also need to look into your transferable skills. You can use various tools and assessments to help you with this.


Sensing your Career at Brittany Dream

There may be a lot of strategies to accelerate one’s career growth, but unless you sense your career dream deeply and powerfully, these strategies will lack a driving force and energy.

Your career dream consists of how sensing you want to feel doing the work you want to do. Check yourself. Do you want to feel more inspired, feel more powerful, feel more creative and more independent, or do you long for higher growth? This feeling will keep you going after your career aspirations in the long haul.

Career acceleration will not always be upwards, so take time out to sense your career dream.


Surround yourself with people you can learn from throughout your career at Brittany

As we know, learning, networking and reinventing are the mantras for career success and one of the best ways to do this is to be around people who support your learning and from whom you can learn new ideas, perspectives and skills.


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The more diverse your relationships, the greater opportunities you have to get exposed to great people and absorb new ideas from them which you can apply to your work. Exposing yourself and creating your own ‘advisory board’ of people who are invested in your career success, will ensure that you are always primed for the right career moves.

You can share your career at Brittany aspirations with your advisory board and enlist their help in getting work and projects which are cross-functional, strategic and offer high visibility.


Develop powerful habits

As the saying goes, “we are what we repeatedly do”. This makes excellence not an act, but a habit.

If you look at it in a deeper sense, career growth is about habits of success. These habits could range from exercise and eating and sleeping on time, to habits for increasing mindfulness and habits for practicing downtime from social media and smartphones.

According to experts,  1% improvement done consistently amounts to a 37% improvement over a year, because of the power of compounding. While these habits may not look as glamorous a contributor to career success as maybe developing strategic networks, these habits make all the difference to supercharging your productivity and creativity. And career success is about your productivity and creativity applied to greater and more complex goals.


Experimenting and trying something different

While some people say that in order to achieve career success, you have to keep your head down and do the work well, or remain loyal and the company and your bosses will take care of you, but these don’t apply to most work settings anymore. Now more than ever, you have the power to stir the wheel for advancing your career and it requires you to take an experimental and flexible approach.

Do not be afraid to take a few experimental steps into doing the unknown. While in the short term, this may sometimes not turn out exactly the way you hoped it would, over a period of time, it pays career dividends.


Branding yourself smartly

Smart branding is often defined as being able to know what your strengths are and putting them out in a fun and unique way. And it doesn’t have to be all about work, rather, it means individuality and uniqueness, which clients look for nowadays.


Energizing yourself 

Career success is about managing your energy and keeping it growing steadily to serve you in pursuing your career aspirations. Even now, highly productive people who are at the top of their game, swear by taking care of their health and energy.

Companies nowadays expect much greater individuality, flexibility and creativity from their employees. Rising to positions of leadership therefore requires employees to craft their own career development strategies. There is much power to be gained through growing your personal brand, finding a mentor and gaining feedback.

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