10 Personal Goals to Achieve

The past few years have brought most people into survival mode because of the global pandemic. There is not much room to think about the worries of tomorrow; many resorted to solely focusing on the challenges needed to be faced in each present day. Setting your personal goals is a great way to start the brand new year

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Today, we are finally living in what has been dubbed the new normal. Many countries have already lifted all restrictions and are starting to move on from COVID-19. This progress is triggering many people to hit restart on those goals for 2022 that were most probably put on hold during the height of the pandemic.

If you are still pondering the personal goals you want to achieve this year, here is a list of goals to set that will give you an idea of the things you might want to work on for a better year ahead.

  1. A Healthier You

The quote “you cannot give what you do not have” has been around for decades. In a generation where self-love is being advocated, it is essential to make sure that you prioritize your health—physically, mentally, spiritually—before setting goals that involve the people around you.

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Being healthier is always a goal to set


Before making specific plans to achieve this goal, a reflection or assessing your health is essential. You need to know your current needs and slowly start sustainable habits that will bring you results, not just for this year but for a long time. May it is a healthier diet, regular exercise, keeping your peace of mind, or being more in tune with your faith, investing in yourself first will bring you to the right track in achieving more of your personal goals in 2022.

  1. A Commitment to Learn More

In life, we never stop learning. This kind of attitude is what you need to have because it will lead you to continuous self-growth, eventually bringing you success in many areas of your life. Personal goals 2022, indeed.

Every day, you need to be more eager and committed to learning. It is a great way to be more focused and know what you want to achieve in your career and your life.

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  1. Further education can do many things to your career and character

It will pave your way to more opportunities, and at the same time, it will teach you humility along the way whether a prestigious degree or a certificate program you take online, committing to learn more can never go wrong.

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  1. Being Passionate about Work

Working professionals may agree that career is an extension of one’s self. While this is true most of the time, doing something that you are not passionate about can be torture. that is why having a job that you love doing is important

If you have been on the verge of quitting your current job for a while, 2022 may be the year that you finally do it. Of course, a thorough assessment and planning are vital before you jump the gun. Just remember that being practical while minding your wellness can go hand in hand

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  1. You Can Do More Things You Enjoy

Even if you are very passionate about your job, It is not an excuse to always go beyond your allotted work hours. Achieving a work-life balance is also essential, and it is only possible if there are things in your life that you love to do aside from work. This is where hobbies come in.

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Crocheting has been one of the trendy hobbies during this pandemic


It is not a secret that many people still opt to spend their rest days at home as a safety precaution from the virus. This pandemic-induced habit led many to rediscover their hobbies for the past few years. May it be tending to plants, baking, or the creatives like crocheting and painting, choosing to do more things that bring you joy will be a great goal that can help you enrich yourself more.

  1. I will Prioritize Rest in 2022 – Your Daily Mantra

Rest is most often neglected by people as it is usually seen as unproductive in our society. This mindset should be broken and start redefining rest as an equally important appointment, just like any other schedule we have in our daily calendars

Being kind to our bodies is the best gift we can give ourselves. This year, make sure to add to the top half of your personal goals in 2022 to commit to a healthier rest habit that will no longer be compromised by any other schedule in your day.

A healthy amount of sleep and rest allows you to be more productive in the following days. It can help you with your critical thinking and decision-making every day.

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  1. Being Financially Secure is what you want to achieve

Financial security is a dream many people have. However, many working professionals have been falling into mindless spending, especially with the boom of online shopping during the pandemic.

If you have been struggling in this area, decide to cut back on expenses and start building a financial goal that you can work on moving forward. Once you have created it, this could be one of the best personal goals 2022 you will ever make.


  1. Start Building Your Own Home

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Building your own home allows you to have an investment that can last for generations



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  1. Investing in Your Relationships

Social distancing made a huge impact in our relationships. Online fatigue has been a sad reality throughout the course of the pandemic.

This year, with the easing restrictions from time to time, take the opportunity to reunite with family and friends face-to-face. Making time and going the extra mile for our loved ones is always a good idea as long as we ensure the safety of each other.

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  1. See More of the World

In the past two years, there were brief windows of opportunity for people to travel. With all the lockdowns we have experienced, a well-deserved vacation is almost considered a need. So the next time you have the chance to fly out, do not hesitate. Go ahead and book that ticket!

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Staycations have become more popular during the pandemic

  1. Live Each Day with Gratitude

Whatever the circumstances we are facing, we can only experience true joy and peace when we choose to live each day with grateful hearts. As you tick off your personal goals 2022 one by one, always choose to live with gratitude. It is good to work with the future in mind but do not forget to keep a balance by still living in the present.


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