How to Succeed in Real Estate Sales


While the pandemic has considerably affected markets around the world, especially housing, the Philippines has appeared to be an exception and has an increasing market for luxury and upscale properties. In these trying times, demand for luxury, high-end properties still holds firm in the country. There have been a lot of recent studies that support this claim, one of which is from Colliers Philippines. They have presented recourses and recovery factors for specific property segments beyond 2020 while the pandemic continues to obstruct the local property market. The study stated that “Despite the pandemic and lockdowns which resulted in an economic slowdown, the upscale and luxury condominium markets showed resilience in the first nine months of 2020.” This just goes to show that demand for luxury homes and residential properties is expected to continue as the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way people live and work in the long run, and it will still be possible to succeed in real estate, despite the pandemic.

 A black couple being toured by a white real estate agent in a professional outfit, around a modern industrial home with bricked walls and white kitchen | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Despite the pandemic, the real estate industry remains steadfast, especially in the luxury segment.


Succeed in real estate, even in the pandemic

Rising demand for second homes and properties in the affluent market is one of the aftermaths of nationwide lockdowns. Given that this segment mostly comprises high-net-worth individuals, the affluent locals are perceiving luxury condominium projects as a sustainable investment option aside from the stock market. Investors have been looking for luxuries of wide spaces, with complete COVID-19 protocols, and of course, the potential for price appreciation for rental prospects immediately after the turnover of units. This is where luxury properties come into place.

The affluent market is composed of business-savvy individuals who are financially non-vulnerable in a global pandemic and seeking investment opportunities in one of their pursuits.

Brittany Corporation is the top-of-mind luxury home choice of the affluent market. Known for its thematic appeal in developing master-planned communities, Brittany offers luxury house and lot properties, luxury townhomes, luxury condominium units, and luxury lots. The wide collection of beautiful luxury properties it offers are remarkably attractive themselves and undoubtedly a sought-after investment.

Shot of business people in a meeting at office, with woman pointing at charts. Corporate professional discussing financial growth of the company | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Carefully choosing your ideal line of work is crucial.


To succeed in real estate is to choose the right niche

Every brand should always have a clear disposition as to what is the correct market it needs to target. Brittany Corporation tends to focus on the segment of the super affluent and affluent market that seeks luxury properties for sale, which is quite axiomatic, given the fact that we offer high-end and luxury properties to investors like our projects – Vista AlabangCrosswinds Tagaytay, and Brittany Sta. Rosa.

Even in these trying times of pandemic, the demand for upscale and luxury property holds firm despite the current situation. An evident figure of 40% in the affluent segment is an opportunity for upscale brands to heighten their approach in selling their products.

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The luxury segment, being the hardest market to please is actually a misnomer. As part of the Brittany Salesforce, we just need to explain to the clients, the importance of what we offer and let them experience the full set and entirety of how we execute quality service.

The eCommerce rate is rapidly growing as of the moment. A positive increase in all industries is evident in the digital avenue; 28 percent increase in the fashion and beauty segment, 46.3 percent in the furniture and appliance segment, and 47.8 percent increase in toys, DIY, and hobbies.  These industries are assumed to also have a market with high purchasing power amidst the pandemic – It is a great opportunity for Brittany Corporation to showcase the brand on the online platform.

The markets are now digital and if it needs to reach out to the right niche – it should adapt to digitalization. The Brittany Corporation is currently working its way to the online path and it will continuously improve its efforts to make it a norm.

Today, Brittany Corporation is known for being beautiful and luxurious. Moving forward, it is eyeing to also have the clients’ impression of being a digitally-inclined company, and this will help the company succeed in real estate.

Hand of a businessman or realtor holding three wooden dices with house shapes on them | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The first step in choosing the right niche is knowing what your brand can offer.

Offering the right products

Brittany Corporation has a reputation for offering themed luxury residential developments. It has a wide range of projects located in master-planned communities situated in the metro and the south.

Brittany Corporation offers its clients the best products or properties they have, that best fit their personality, characteristics, and status. Managing their future assets as if it is theirs, is also a great practice to let its clients feel the sincerity. Brittany Corporation might have various properties and projects to offer but they should limit it to what they think, as a property consultant, it is relevant and suitable to the investors.

Crosswinds Tagaytay for example is the best getaway place, holiday escape, and hangout venue for business people in the metro because of its climate and its booming businesses.

The progressive city of Tagaytay would also be a highlight that could get the interest of the affluent market because it is also a place where one can start a business and at the same time live within the vicinity.

Accessibility of the location is another factor to every property investor for there are minimal to no clients who desired to invest on a property that is isolated and has no access to public highways and expressways. Brittany Corporation master plans are considered to be an exclusive community, but accessible to all necessary facilities like hospitals, malls, schools, famous tourist destinations, and even clubhouses, all of which help it succeed in real estate.

The community is also a consideration to our clients. Aside from the beautiful sceneries and breathtaking ambiance of the projects, it also pondered about the community surrounding the properties, to assure a sound environment for the investors.

Properties at Brittany Corporation is a great investment for according to the data – There is an outstanding 90 percent increase for the past 3 years which is 30 percent return of investment per year. This means that the investors are not only buying properties per se but are also investing money for a great opportunity in the future.

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Investing in properties simply means getting a return-on-investment opportunity in the future


Partnering with a strong sales organization

Business people sometimes apprehend that to attain their objectives, they cannot or do not want to go for it alone, they need a partner. 

In Brittany Salesforce, they are not just partnering and collaborating with a group of sales professionals, they are investing their time and effort in expertise and knowledge that will enhance their ethos.

Brittany Salesforce empowers all the salespeople through trust and recognition, as a team, Brittany Salesforce respects each member to voice out their opinion, no matter what position they are in. Brittany Salesforce believes that the environment in this team no matter your age, race, gender, or religion the team fosters creativity, innovation, and a more widespread perspective in decision-making.

Hand of a businessman supporting wooden steps for his partner to walk his fingers upwards in a conceptual image of business partnership. Over blue background. Tips to succeed in real estate | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The Art of Partnership.

Brittany Salesforce aims to continuously improve its sales strategy, improve efficiencies, and outpace its frontiers. They have this continuous training and learning that nurtures their salespeople.


How to join Brittany Salesforce?

Brittany Salesforce creates access to opportunities for lifelong learners who are captivated with innovation and passionate about not just “selling”, but educating and instilling trust in their clients, offering Brittany’s luxurious master-planned properties. It also motivates the employees to be successful and thriving over the team’s performance.

Aside from motivation, Brittany Salesforce also focuses on providing convenient and equitable recruitment and accrediting process. 

Brittany Salesforce Channels and its benefits:

Brittany Brokers Group

In an environment where sales are commissioned-based, a licensed digital and high-end seasoned brokers can have fast commission release, exclusive luxurious property listings of Brittany, digital assistance, and can be part of an elite broker circle that can make them eligible to receive lots of incentives.

For your convenience, provided here is our One Click Accreditation.

Just fill out the Brokers Online Accreditation Form.

Brittany Sales Elite

The In-house group of Brittany Salesforce can achieve many benefits with competent training programs, 7-Digit Commission, Career Advancement, and Digital Sales Community.

Business-minded individuals and upscale sellers who have established credibility, and wish to succeed in real estate, may apply.

To make this process even easier, they have prepared a One-Click Recruitment.

Just fill out the In-House Group Online Application.

Digital Sales Marketer

The centralized pioneered group caters to all luxurious projects of Brittany, the main objective of a Digital Marketer is to target the audience through a purely digital platform. The benefits of a digital marketer are flexible work arrangements, vast digital opportunities, and sales incentives.

To make this process even easier, we have prepared a One-Click Recruitment.

Just fill out our Digital Marketer Online Application

A laptop showing a form wherein you can succeed in real estate | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

One-Click Online Application


At Brittany Salesforce, they thrive to create a dynamic team exclusive to few elite sellers.

Shall you have any questions and additional inquiries, feel free to contact Brittany Salesforce Recruitment Group
Contact Number:  0929 256 9921 or via
E-mail at [email protected]


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