Luxury Real Estate Brokers for The Affluent Market


Real estate brokers of the various brokerage firms here in the Philippines operate in a very kind of potentials. Some are keen on selling in an exceedingly general market, while others focus their efforts on one particular niche. Some property agents specialize in the foremost elite, the luxurious property market.

The luxury property market here within the Philippines is usually characterized by exclusivity, located in optimal areas, constructed and finished with high-end materials, and designed with uncommon architectural details and exceptional amenities.

Real estate agents who concentrate on luxury assets often deal with the High Net Worth (HNWI) or the Super Affluent Market with a net worth of $1M and above, excluding properties. For the super affluent, income isn’t any longer the most determinant but in assets.

In recent years, the emergence of a better class of affluent market has been observed especially within the property sector. These people have wealth worth $500M. They’re among the Philippines’ wealthiest individuals—only 24 families belong to the current class. But there’s more to working with these people than simply showing expensive homes. Here, we take a glance at what it takes to become a real estate broker or agent for the affluent market.

1. Luxury real estate agents often deal with super affluent individuals—people who have assets of $500M or more.

2. To be a successful agent for these individuals, it’s important to understand the main points of your properties and be an expert within the market.

3. Build contacts by developing a circle of influence and networking

A black couple being toured by a white real estate broker in a professional outfit, around a modern industrial home with bricked walls and white kitchen | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Despite the pandemic, the real estate industry remains steadfast, especially in the luxury segment.


Know The Important Details

One of the most important things that agents who deal with luxury real estate—or any realtor for that matter—can do for his or her clients is to listen to all pay attention to all the details. This includes key features of a property, location, amenities, and anything else that will help it sell. People who want luxury properties tend to want most of the same things everyone else does—a good neighborhood, access to shopping and community services—as well as some extra flourishes.

Luxury homes are usually large and exceptional, so you would like to bear in mind the features within the construction and finishes from the structural components additionally because of the finer appointments.

Affluent clients can be demanding—perhaps even more than other customers. One of the better ways that luxury real estate agents can meet their demands is to be detail-oriented and prepared. Clients can always be more demanding if they are confused about something. Be specific, timely along with your information, and be the expert whom they can trust. Be organized and concise.

Business executives and real estate brokers interacting with each other in a conference center lobby | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Investing in properties simply means getting return-on-investment opportunities in the future.



Do real estate agents themselves need to be wealthy and well-connected to find and work with affluent clients? The answer to this question is simple. No.

They do need to be experts in the market. They need to be able to talk intelligently on comparable. To be experts, these agents need to be familiar with the properties. This means seeing the homes that are for sale as well as any other inventory that has been sold.

Besides filling in clients about the real estate market, agents should be ready to share detailed information about the neighborhood. Agents also need to be experts in the area, including information about the non-real estate—luxury lifestyle and shopping center and recreational opportunities in the community— restaurants, golf, and so forth. A lot of the clients are going to have home offices, so they also need to know about things like internet services and flight information from local airports.

A wide shot of the facade and surrounding landscape of the Lawrence Model Home | Brittany Sta. Rosa | Promenade | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

The Lawrence pre-selling luxury house and lot model sits on a spacious 803 square meter lot. This quaint English mansion is right across a romantic man-made lake and the grand obelisk fronting Promenade’s main gate.


Develop a Highly Influential Circle

One method many real estate agents, brokers, and realtors use to build contacts and generate leads is through a real estate circle of influence strategy. This method focuses on generating leads through the people the agent already knows—family, friends, neighbors, classmates, business associates, and social connections.

Developing a circle of influence becomes very important to real estate brokers working with the affluent. Because most people buy, sell, or rent property at some point in their lives, every person an agent meets could become a client—not necessarily right now, but perhaps at some point in the future. Making an effort to learn about each person in your sphere of influence and maintaining regular contact with them can make a big difference. People may not be searching for homes, but often make quick decisions when the right property comes along.

Networking with other real estate brokers and professionals is also a good practice to help you connect buyers with sellers. Building a qualified team that can quickly address any property-specific questions and concerns can be indispensable.

Rely on a network of professionals to assist you, including inspectors, contractors, and engineers.

Ace the Marketing Strategies

Real estate agents use a variety of tools to market properties to potential buyers. In many cases, the marketing techniques are similar for standard or luxury properties. In general, you have the same tools—professional photography, floor plans, details of the home, surveys, history of the property, videos, and so forth.

In today’s time, the digital platform is where luxury real estate stands out from any other part of the market. This is often used to advertise luxury properties more than any other price point in the market. You’ve probably flipped through at least one website with a lot of high-definition photos of stunning interiors and well-manicured landscaping of some of the world’s most expensive homes.

Planning day-to-day activities at your luxury home - Managing business from home - Luxury homes for sale - Brittany Corporation

If there’s one thing permanent in this world, it’s change. A contingency plan will help you quickly pivot should certain issues arise without losing momentum.


Be Prepared

Breaking into the highly competitive luxury real estate niche can be intimidating. It’s important to be yourself and remember that you don’t have to be wealthy and well-connected to be successful in the luxury niche.

A person is not judged by the amount of money that they have in their checkbook. Some of the most genuine, giving and warmest people that some have had the pleasure of working with—and later became friends with—were luxury clients.

Boning up is one of the best ways to avoid intimidation. Know every detail about the property, know the comps in the area, know the community, and know your client.

Don’t be intimidated—be prepared. Get to know what is important to that client. Is their pet their favorite child? Are schools important? What are their hobbies and things that are happening in the lives that are important to them?

Building a career in the luxury real estate market can be emotionally and financially rewarding. If you’re just learning the field, watch how your agency’s most productive real estate brokers work with well-to-do clients. Another route to mastering the luxury market is being hired on to the sales organization of a highly successful luxury-market agent. You may end up staying with the team or moving on, but you will have learned from top people in the industry.

Successful real estate brokers that focus on the details, become experts on each property and the surrounding communities, learn about each potential client and listen for – and quickly respond to – each client’s questions and concerns.

Brittany_Portofino Heights_Raphael_Exterior

Luxury homes for sale by Brittany Corporation are located at master-planned locations.


The Best Real Estate Company to Work For

Real estate can be a rewarding and challenging career. Teaming up with a company that offers top-notch training vastly increases the chance of a new agent succeeding. Brittany is one of the best real estate companies to work for, known for its programs and dedication to investing in its real estate brokers’ success.

A career as a real estate agent can be rewarding, but it can be hard to gain traction in the business without the support of a good team.

Real estate companies that offer comprehensive training and mentorship programs can help new real estate brokers get started and succeed.

Brittany Salesforce provides career support and training to real estate brokers.

Brittany Salesforce

The official central selling arm of the Largest Homebuilder in the Philippines, Vista Land.

Its vision is to bridge the gap between the developer and the affluent thru property investors by providing the best professional training, supports, incentives, and other assistance to their sales channels.

One of the strong sales channels of Brittany Salesforce is the Brittany A-List Brokers.

They have the privilege to enjoy the exclusive reward program, The Brittany Salesforce Rewards Circle. BSRC provides various external training, digital supports, perks, and privileges.

In addition to outstanding training programs and other benefits, Brittany Salesforce offers the Millionaire Club Incentive program and an inclusive company culture focused on agent development, as well as generous commissions and growth opportunities.

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