Top reasons why you should invest in real estate

There are countless reasons why you should invest in real estate, may you be a first-time investor or a long-time realtor. In real estate, investors can have full control of their cash flow depending on their real estate strategy.

Buring a House and lot for sale investment in Sta Rosa with a real estate professional - House and lot - Brittany Sta. Rosa

Real estate investment choices that you should consider our luxury homes in Santa Rosa Laguna.


Quoting the famous line of Will Rogers, “Don’t wait to buy land, buy land and wait” is the perfect quote that all long time investors will give as advice to first time realtors. Real estate, may it be under the category of luxury properties or low-cost housing, are assured of value appreciation. There are a lot of ways on how one can grow their real estate investment. To name a few, have it rented out or even flip it after a few renovations to add more value in the said investment. Assuming that your real estate investment is a ready-for-occupancy unit, the realtor can either wait for the market condition to help it increase in value, this is where new developments take place to add more advantage in the said property, or purposely have some additional innovations to your property before re-selling it on a higher market value. Aside from these strategies, here are some of the main reasons why you should invest in real estate luxury properties.

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Steep Value Appreciation

Real estate investors make a living through rental income, any profits generated by property-dependent business activity, and appreciation. Real estate values tend to increase over time, and with a good investment, you can turn a profit when it’s time to sell. Rent also tend to rise over time, which can lead to higher cash flow. Especially with lot only investments, you are definitely promised of a value appreciation overtime compared to building investments, where its value usually depreciate, unlike lot only investments, there is no place to go but up. Like Mark Twain said, “buy land, they’re not making it anymore”.

Luxury real estate investment value appreciation of house and lot for sale - House and Lot - Brittany Corporation

With real estate investments, value appreciation is guaranteed especially with luxury homes for sale in the Philippines.


A safe outlet for portfolio diversification

Investing your money in different asset classes and securities in order to minimize the overall risk of your portfolio is the best way to do, especially if you are starting to build your long-term assets. Having real estate as one of your investments will keep you assured that whatever happens to the economy, your real estate investment won’t be highly affected since real estate investments are one the safest and usually unharmed investments there is. There might come a time that the appreciation for your investment slows down, depending on the current economy state, but definitely it won’t last long and eventually be seen on the rise again. This is because real estate investments are tangible assets, giving you a lot of options to go about them when the time comes to let go of it.

Money investments grow with luxury real estate - Luxury Homes for Sale in the Philippines - Brittany Corporation

It’s time to start spreading your wealth through different types of assets to start strengthening your net worth – luxury homes in Santa Rosa, Laguna is one safe option here in the South Metro.


Inflation Hedge

With the positive relationship between GDP (gross domestic product) growth and the demand for real estate, helps the inflation hedging capability of real estate investments. As one’s economy expands, the demand for real estate drives rents higher, giving realtors more returns in their asset. With that being said, real estate tends to maintain the buying power of capital by passing some of the effects of inflation on to the realtors’ tenants. As the economy continues to improve the investing power of realtors becomes more felt since flexible interest rates are now seen giving them more leverage to invest on more favorable real estate assets. 

Real Estate Investment Trusts

These are companies that own or finance income-producing real estate across a range of property sectors. So if you are planning to invest in real estate, but aren’t ready to make the jump into owning and managing properties, this is another reason why you should still consider investing in one. REITs offer investors the benefits of real estate investment along with the ease and advantages of investing in publicly listed stock. Real estate investment trusts have provided investors competitive market performance, transparency, liquidity, inflation protection and divided-based income.

Real estate investment trust (REIT) - House and lot for sale, condo for sale, lots for sale - Brittany Corporation

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are one of the main reasons why one must invest in real estate today.


Build Equity and Wealth

The moment you pay down a property mortgage, you are then rewarded a chance to build on your equity, an asset that’s part of your total net worth. With real estate investments, you are able to build a good equity that you can use as a leverage to buy more properties and increase cash flow and wealth. It’s either you invest more on luxury house and lot or lots only unit for sale or invest in multiple small time properties to help you build your net worth. Real estate investment are also considered a more consistent contributor in making you wealthier than other assets, as discussed by David Greene, a contributor in 

Coffee mug on a wooden table in the living room of a luxury home which is featuring a notepad with a pen a phone and a silver Apple laptop | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Time to start checking on your investment and start making your money work for you with luxury homes investment.


There are more reasons that could help you decide why you should invest in real estate, but the given details above are the most common reasons why more and more individuals are going in to real estate investments. Houses and lots for sale, condos for sale, and lots for sale properties you may consider for your next real estate investment is the high-end brand of Vista Land which is Brittany Corporation. Brittany has a wide array of product offerings here in the south metro such as houses and lots located in Sucat, near Alabang, Santa Rosa, Laguna, and Tagaytay. 

For one, Brittany Santa Rosa, is one of the most famous developments in its location as it holds three exclusive communities offering different types of thematic developments that one could only think that can be found in international ground. Brittany Santa Rosa has communities with a South-American inspired development and an Old English inspired property as its main offering in the Lion city of Laguna, Santa Rosa. Brittany Santa Rosa is the lone luxurious development in the city and the most exclusive one there is, without compromising its great access to key developments in the area.  With this being said, if you are looking for a property for your first investment, we can highly recommend this luxury development in Laguna.

Eliot House and Lot for Sale in Sta Rosa - Promenade Sta Rosa - Brittany Corporation

Eliot Luxury House Model – Brittany’s Designer Collection found in its luxury real estate development in Santa Rosa, Laguna.


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