Experience the best outdoor dining at Evia

Within the master-planned development of Vista Land – Vista Alabang, one can find comfort and a sense of harmony, in the fascinating Evia Lifestyle Center.

Evia Mall is located down South, and very accessible via Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway. In Evia, you will experience an outdoor extension to its upscale neighborhood, Portofino where you can find luxury homes for sale in Daang Hari.

There’s no better place to relax and dwell within the captivating atmosphere of  an Italian-emblazoned lifestyle center with your family and loved ones. You will find comfort and safety staying in Evia, with its open space features, and open airy restaurants that provides scenic view while enjoying your meal.

Visiting Evia is like travelling to world-class dining experience with its must-try restaurants that you would experience. Here are some of its must-try restaurants that features outdoor-like dining experience.

Coffee Project Black

First on the list, Coffee Project Black, a proud homegrown brand that has elevated the café experience for Filipinos since its introduction in 2014. Coffee Project Black has always provided us world-class coffee, desserts, pastries, and affordable meal as well but there’s even more things to expect about it. Recognized as one of the world’s most Instagram-able restaurants, people tend to enjoy not only the captivating menu of coffee project but also the impressive interior designs of its every branch. It surely let you relax and be productive simultaneously.

In Coffee Project Black, you will experience the peace and comfort while sipping your favorite blended coffee. It also offers complete set of meal so you don’t have to worry when taking your lunch or dinner. 

If you’re also a book lover, you will surely love staying in Coffee Project Black. It features variety of good books from Fully-booked, and enjoy reading while under the trees and majestic views.

Another Story

Here’s Another Story, telling stories of different cultures from around the globe by installing world-class dining facilities that showcases multiple traditions. Offering vibrant ways of indulging your food from its colorful accent chairs to its splendid dining tables, Another Story truly jumped to another level. This captivating restaurant provides mouth-watering home-cooked comfort food for people who love to explore finest cuisines. Famous for its salted caramel cheesecake, you will surely love staying in Another Story all day with your friends.

If you’re also looking for a terrace outdoor vibe, Another Story is the place to go. You will enjoy the panoramic view of the class and vibrant experience in Evia.


Famous for its pizza and pasta, Italianni’s is one of the most sought-after. With its elegant interior designs that ensembles minimal aesthetics and modern wooden dining facilities, this restaurant will always conquer every diner’s heart. Behind all the delicious Italian cuisines served in its every table come with the story of a humble beginning to a success narrative.


There’s nothing compared to a teppanyaki dining experience, right? Treat your family to Teppanya for an interactive, dynamic, and classy show of flipping and chopping — a show better seen than explained when it comes to a restaurant that incorporates fresh ingredients, homegrown talent, and well-executed Japanese classics at the forefront.


What else in Vista Alabang?

Evia Mall holds way too many great reasons for anyone of us to drive down South including its beautiful landscape, IG-worthy coffee shops, convenient grocery shopping and boutique for your pets.

Aside from being a master-planned development that offers convenient lifestyle with present restaurants in Evia, it’s also a home to the three grand enclaves of Portofino – Portofino Heights, Portofino South, and Amore at Portofino. Filled with classic Italian-inspired homes, it completes your experience from a fine dining escapade in Evia to luxury living at Portofino.