A Look At The Brittany Salesforce Rewards Circle 


Imagine a stable career that recognizes your victories, no matter how big or small. Working in the real estate industry opens the door not only to competitive salary rates but also to top-rate incentives and stellar rewards designed to recompense your hard work, efforts, and success. As one of the largest and most established developers of luxury houses and lots here in the Philippines, Brittany Corporation by Vista Land Group ensures that its real estate professionals can enjoy the appropriate acknowledgment, appreciation, and prompt incentives that they deserve. After all, positive reinforcement in the forms of rewards and recognition marks a work culture that values and respects its workforce. It boosts employee fulfillment, productivity, and career growth.  This very principle is the pillar that supports the Brittany Salesforce Rewards Circle (BSRC). Know more about this exclusive rewards program below. 

Photo of a joyful team working together and laughing - Real estate sales professionals - Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Being a member of the Brittany Salesforce Rewards Circle lays out stellar recognition programs for valued members of the Brittany Salesforce.


About the Brittany Salesforce Rewards Circle


Being a member of the esteemed Brittany Salesforce offers more than competitive salary and attractive commission rates. You can also enjoy personalized recognition and rewards program and other member-only privileges for your valued service and contribution to the company, all through the Brittany Salesforce Rewards Circle. 

The Brittany Salesforce Rewards Circle is an exclusive rewards program for eligible members of the company, particularly to the A-List Brokers. The Brittany A-List Brokers is an elite group of real estate brokers accredited with the corporation. They make up Brittany’s unparalleled selling arm alongside the Brittany Sales Elite, Digital Sales Marketers, and Virtual Partner and Influencers.

What makes the Brittany Salesforce Rewards Circle different from other rewards program in the industry lies in its connection and understanding toward its sales professionals. The sales incentives are constantly innovated and shaped to deliver the best options that will fit Brittany Salesforce’s varying personalities, interests, and motivators. This year, the Brittany Salesforce Rewards Circle impresses by laying out The Millionaire’s Club Incentive for A-List brokers. 


BSRC Highlight: The Millionaire’s Club Incentive


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Designed for Brittany’s most-valued brokers, The Millionaire’s Club Incentive offers exclusive access to members-only benefits and privileges from Brittany Salesforce.


Brittany Salesforce recognizes every win and milestone of its team members. In addition, it goes above and beyond in recompensing those who go the extra mile to meet the needs of their discerning clients. The Millionaire’s Club Incentive is the best sales incentive and rewards program for these high-performing individuals, whose streak of consistent excellence makes them a cut above the rest. 

The Millionaire’s Club Incentive rewards eligible members of the A-List Broker whose accumulated sales hit or surpass any of the club’s three major sales targets for this year:

The 30M Club – For accumulated sales amounting to ₱30 million to ₱59 million

The 60M Club – For accumulated sales amounting to ₱60 million to ₱99 million

The 100M Club – For accumulated sales amounting to ₱100 million and above

The three clubs award eligible A-List Brokers with ₱50,000-, ₱100,000-, and ₱150,000-worth of additional incentives, respectively. Take note that these rewards are added on top of the structured commissions, allowance, and incentives that A-List Brokers get every time they close a deal. Needless to say, these incentives are exclusively for sales made under Brittany projects and properties. Brittany Corporation takes pride in its premier real estate properties that exude sophistication, exclusivity, and high market value. Themed luxury houses and lots, world-class luxury mansions, and luxury condominiums are built on scenic and strategic locations like Alabang, Sucat, Santa Rosa, and Tagaytay, making them lucrative and attractive investments for today’s affluent real estate investors and high-net-worth homeowners.

Here are the luxury real estate properties of Brittany


Crosswinds Tagaytay

Enjoy the conveniences of high living within the breathtaking leisure community of Crosswinds in The Grand Quartier | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Enjoy the conveniences of high living within the breathtaking leisure community of Crosswinds in The Grand Quartier


Crosswinds Tagaytay offers an unmatched luxury living experience with the backdrop of serene mountainsides, homegrown pine trees, and easy-to-access suburbia. Located on one of the favorite destinations for leisure and dwelling in the country, luxury condo units, townhomes, and luxury lots on Crosswinds Tagaytay’s sanctuary remain as appealing choices both to property investors and affluent homeowners.  

Brittany Sta. Rosa

Luxury mansions, luxury lots, and luxury houses and lots for sale in Brittany Sta. Rosa perfectly captures the classic architectural charms and details of Southern American homes. This Brittany property is a perfect fit for privileged homeowners seeking a quiet escape from the big city life.

Portofino | Vista Alabang

The luxury of exclusivity can be your brand of southern living with Portofino. | Photo from Brittany Corporation

The luxury of exclusivity can be your brand of southern living with Portofino.


Another prime property listing in the South of Manila is Vista Alabang. Each Italian-inspired luxury house and lot inside Vista Alabang’s 1,500-hectare enclave sets the bar high for luxury living in an active metropolis. Bringing together convenience, world-class amenities, and grand city life, Vista Alabang properties continue to attract strong local and international buyer demand. 

La Posada | The Lakefront Sucat

La Posada redefines the definition of modern urban homes by combining modern home architecture with the timeless appeal of Neo-Victorian houses in San Francisco, USA. Just a few minutes away from the country’s business districts and recreational spots of the South, luxury houses and lots for sale in La Posada Sucat,Muntinlupa continue to retain high market value to the affluent real estate market. 


The Brittany Exclusives: More Rewards for the Eligible Few


Photo of a smiling woman sitting on a brown wooden chair while using her laptop - Real estate agents - Luxury Homes by Brittany

Workplace incentives are more rewarding when they are personalized, relevant, and valuable to the receiver.


As a growth mindset and opportunities for advancement are also huge pillars of Brittany’s work culture, it ensures that every recognition initiatives and rewards programs in action support the team’s personal and professional development. That being said, members of The Millionaire’s Club Incentives can expect their well-deserved rewards to be 50% cash and 50% non-monetary perks. The latter consists of solid workplace incentives like work-related gadgets, digital marketing boosting support, and more. Enrollment to external training and webinars by industry leaders and professionals equipped with a solid track record in real estate are also up for grabs. This allows Brittany’s sales professionals to thrive even in the constantly evolving world of the luxury real estate scene.

The best part is the privileges waiting for you don’t end there. On top of the previously mentioned perks, Brittany exclusives like “Access Pass Card to All” await top-performing A-List Broker members, granting them easy access to digital kits, dropbox, the Brittany E-Suite (seller’s portal) that will support and streamline their work-related operations and transactions. And of course, access to the exclusive Brittany property listings is also included on the list. Every broker knows that connections are king when it comes to selling luxury houses and lots to the higher class market. This compels them to be strategic and savvy in securing property listings. Gaining access to Brittany property listings is already a solid competitive edge that sets you up for a lucrative and stable career in real estate. Being in the industry for more than three decades now, Vista Land remains unparalleled in scale and achievement. In fact, its property sales amount to a whopping 40 billion pesos annually. 

Timeline & Accreditation Process

Now that everything is out on the table, let’s go down to the nitty-gritty of The Millionaire Club Incentives’ evaluation process and timelines. First off, membership for this exclusive rewards program is valid from May 1 to December 31, 2021. All accumulated sales from the following timelines below are subject to the club’s evaluation: 

1ST Evaluation Period – May 1 to August 31, 2021

2ND Evaluation Period – September 1 to December 31, 2021

 Keep in mind that each evaluation period is independent of the other. That means the assessment of your accumulated sales resets or returns to zero after an evaluation period is over. Meanwhile, the accreditation process for The Millionaires Club Incentive is straightforward. In fact, you can do it virtually for your convenience and safety, especially amidst a pandemic. To receive your certificate of accreditation, simply secure your accreditation form online and accomplish a product knowledge seminar to be hosted by Brittany Corporation.  



Join the Brittany Salesforce Rewards Circle! Take the next big step in your career by being a part of Brittany’s next generation of real estate sales professionals. For more information, send an email to [email protected] or call +63929 256 992.

Know more career opportunities in Brittany by following Brittany Salesforce on their socials: Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram. You may also send an email of your updated resume to [email protected] or call 794-9999.

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