The Inspiring Women in Real Estate


This International Women’s Month, we cannot think of a better way to celebrate than to showcase some of the women leaders who are leading by example and making a difference in this so-called “male-dominating world”.

As women, it can be difficult to believe in ourselves sometimes or appreciate the breadth of what we have achieved. The climb to the top and the pressure of proving ourselves can be tough going. As women, there are some hurdles that can make our journey to power and influence in different spheres quite challenging. 

Despite all these, we always have to believe that we can make it despite the uncertainties, difficulties, and challenges that we face. As women, we can do a lot more things, to be able to forge our own path or follow in the footsteps of those who have gone ahead of us – our fellow women who are trailblazers, innovators, explorers, and disruptors who continue to encourage, inspire, and push us to reach new heights, in business and in life. 

Male-dominating industries like real estate are full of strong women. Women, who have the intuition, patience, emotional focus, compassion, and networking ability to level the field in the workplace and in business. The list of women’s strengths is endless, and this makes us top-ranking in the business world. 

Throughout history, we have witnessed many great women in real estate who managed to tap into their everyday power to leave a mark in society. In the real estate industry, there are a lot of strong, brilliant, and inspiring women who have blazed the trail towards new and exciting developments. 

A young caucasian woman with brown hair relaxing on her Victorian-inspired couch in the living room of her luxury house | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

“I can hear the roar of women’s silence. – Thomas Sankara”


We list here the remarkable 7 women in real estate.

Get inspired with their stories that are filled with wisdom to awaken your ambition, motivation, and inner strength. 

1. Alice Eduardo, Founder of Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation

Alice Eduardo is the dynamo who founded and runs Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation, a highly successful construction and engineering company in the country. Dubbed as the “woman of steel” in the male-dominated arena of construction, she has made Sta. Elena grew into becoming a serious player in the market – an AAA and Large B firm, which means it qualifies to bid for any billion-peso project. 

Aside from this big role, she is also involved in her own projects such as the building of Hematology-Oncology Isolation Ward at Philippine General Hospital. She also shares her inspiring story and entrepreneurial journey through Go Negosyo, an institution that brings together all key stakeholders and enablers to generate competitive Filipino entrepreneurs. 

2. Hannah Yulo-Luccini, Chief Investment Officer at Double Dragon

Hannah Yulo is the Chief Investment Officer at Double Dragon,a listed property company with US$2 billion in assets, and MeryMart, a retail company that has raised over US$1 billion. Hannah has been instrumental in driving the company to its tremendous and bullish growth. The “City Mall” project, which is poised to become the foremost player in provincial retail, is one of her major projects.

She is also the Director and Treasurer of the Young Focus Foundation, which educates children from some of Manila’s poorest communities, as well as a triathlete who has represented the Philippines in the Ironman World Championship. 

3. Angela de Villa-Lacson, President and CEO of Arthaland

Arthaland was formally launched in 2008 when Angela de Villa-Lacson, the President and CEO of the company and a seasoned marketing and real estate personality, formed a team of experts from various top-players in the industry. 

Her entrepreneurial marketing expertise has been honed and polished by over 30 years of working with highly competitive multinational consumer goods companies. As an experienced real estate and marketing professional, Angela has a knack for determining what a market and culture needs. Her strict professionalism, honed by more than three decades in the business, is a top leadership trait she brings to the table.

It was under her leadership that Arthaland chose to take the path of sustainability, which gave meaning to the company’s chosen name, Artha, the Sanskrit word that means purpose, knowledge, significance, and wealth. 

4. Shiela Lobien, Chief Executive Officer of Lobien Realty Group

Shiela Lobien is currently the Chief Executive Officer and the main force in putting up Lobien Realty Group, Inc. (LRG), a full-service real estate consultancy and property investments strategy firm engaged in commercial and office space leasing, capital investments optimization, and property acquisition and sales. 

Aside from serving the said role, Shiela also advocates gender equality and women empowerment. She currently chairs the Women in Business Committee of the European Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines (ECCP), whose key activities provide an avenue for mentoring, networking, and other social activities geared to uplifting female professionals in the Philippines. 

5. Cathy Saldana, Chief Executive Officer of PDP

Calthy Saldana is PDP Architects Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, who believes that sustainability should be the new standard, and environment should be the priority in design. She regards sustainability as an intrinsic component of contemporary Filipino design. She is an outstanding architect and one of the significant female experts in design in the country, with a special passion for environmental preservation, a principle that she applies to her work as well as to her CSR involvements. 

Cathy Saldana is a leading figure in planning, interior design, and architecture in the country, working with pre-eminent residential, hotel and resort, retail, and corporate developments. Arcogroup is one of the country’s foremost architectural outsourcing teams with clients all over the globe. Cathy leads the studios’ operations with her partners toward collaborations with the best design firms around the world.

6. Ivy Almario, Co-Founder of Atelier Almario

Interior Designer Ivy Almario is the co-founder of Atelier Almario, a highly sought-after interior design firm that is well-known for their work in commercial developments such as high-end condominiums and residential projects, as well as restaurants and hotels. 

Despite having her own successful rendering firm in the United States, Ivy chose to return home to work with developments in the country. A recipient of the Most Outstanding Professional Interior Designer Award in 2017, she brings her world-class expertise to developments all around the country. 

Aside from this, she is also involved in GKonomics, which aims to create entrepreneurial opportunities in disadvantaged communities. Additionally, she envisions sustainable and eco-friendly developments to come in the future through AGREA International.

7. Jean de Castro, Specialist at ESCA Incorporated and ESCA International

Jean de Castro is a specialist who heads two esteemed organizations: ESCA Incorporated, a consultancy firm specializing in civil works, structural design, and Building Information Management (BIM); and ESCA International Inc., a leader in engineering outsourcing in the country. 

She has several responsibilities at her helm–she is a certified BIM Manager by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore, and an experienced litigator specializing in construction arbitration and commercial disputes, trained under the Philippine Dispute and Resolution Center (PDRCI) of the Philippines.

She also represented the real estate industry as an anchor on Bloomberg TV. As a consultant of the Privatization and Management Office of the Philippine Government, Jean shared her expertise on claims, disputes, privatization, and agreements. 


Women in real estate as the industry pioneers and inspirational models

Realizing a vision is tough work. Motivating other people to share your dream is even harder. Turning that dream into a reality is toughest, even for these women in real estate.

These women in real estate, who are reshaping our country’s real estate, are continuously making a significant mark not only in the real estate industry, but globally as well. They continue to become good leaders who do not only inspire her team but the whole world she is living in. They are not afraid to take risks and they are willing to share the limelight and celebrate the hard work and dreams of others. 

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