Enjoy a luxury home experience with reliable internet connection 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many have been forced to stay at home for an indefinite period of time. A lot of activities like going to offices, malls, social gatherings, and traveling for leisure have been gravely affected because of the implementation of safety precautions. New developments in the New Normal made us dependent on some technologies, particularly on a reliable internet connection. 

The shift to indoor lifestyles like cooking, baking, gardening, and learning new skills created an effective indoor environment for many families. Distance learning and work-from-home setups have also become the new norm for students and working professionals. 

Trying out new recipes, watching food blogs, starting your mini home garden, attending the language classes that you have recently enrolled in, or keeping up with your workload while working from home, are the luxuries one can enjoy with a stable and reliable internet connection.

A man in his luxury home wearing a blue checkered polo shirt browsing with fast and reliable internet connection on his silver laptop which is placed on a brown wooden table alongside his notebook with a pen

The shift to indoor lifestyles in the New Normal has made most activities internet-based for most professionals, families, and homeowners.


The Benefits of a Reliable Internet Connection


It goes without saying that the invention of the internet has fast-tracked humanity’s evolution to a more digitized world and way of living, offering endless knowledge and entertainment. It plays a critical role in workplace efficiency, stakeholder relations, educational activities, and even connectivity to family and friends, among others.

One of the most important advantages of the internet is speed. Gone are the days of snail mail – literally coined as snail mail due to the long span of time it takes for a receiver to collect a letter, relative to the day the letter was written and submitted to the post office. Now, one can simply message or formally email and the recipient will not only be able to access it, but also receive notifications upon receipt, in a matter of minutes or seconds. Consequently, employees and management no longer need to be right next to each other in order to be productive. In fact, the nationwide quarantine due to the global pandemic proved that the work-from-home setup saves time, energy, and money without compromising productivity. 

The educational systems across the globe have also adapted to the new normal by enforcing school from home. Students regularly report to their teachers online and do work in the comforts of their homes. These real-time video call sessions blur the difference between physically attending school and studying online. Prior to the internet, students used to spend so much time trying to research a topic in multiple books. Today, one can research through a search engine like Google with ease, and see thousands of references with just one click.

In terms of relationships, whether familial, romantic, or friendly, one can better manage and maintain healthy connections despite the distance – which is especially true for overseas Filipinos who work abroad for the sake of the family. Within the household, it’s sometimes difficult to leave your senior relatives at home. With the use of the internet in portable gadgets, it’s much easier for them to be able to learn how to work on things and even use online maps to go to unfamiliar destinations, complete with multiple routes and different modes of transportation from point A to point B.

Without a reliable internet connection, those online voice calls, chat messages, and video sessions will make it easier for people to instruct their parents, as well as connect to them during the quarantine. After all, the elderly are most susceptible to contracting the virus. Truly, through the internet, humanity continues to progress amidst a global pandemic.

Streamtech poster on reliable internet connection in Brittany properties | Luxury homes by Brittany Corporation

With the strong demand for reliable internet connection in the New Normal, telco players like Streamtech answer the call for high-speed connectivity for Brittany homeowners.


With the rising demand for technological innovations, a new telco internet service provider player has been introduced in the market – Streamtech. Streamtech offers an affordable and unlimited fiber connection to its subscribers and it aims to be one of the biggest and technically advanced cable systems in the country. Currently, they offer services such as fixed broadband for residential and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Direct Internet Access, and Metro E connectivity for bigger businesses. As of writing, their services are available in Metro Manila, Rizal, Cavite, Batangas, Iloilo, Pampanga, Bulacan, Ilocos, Naga, and Nueva Ecija, with more areas to come as they continuously expand nationwide. 


With the many internet service providers in the market now, why choose Streamtech?


First, Streamtech aims to provide a reliable internet connection through its unlimited fiber internet and strong technical support team. Second, with widely deployed technical teams, Streamtech ensures that its subscribers can experience quick installations of internet connectivity, faster than their competitors can. 

Interior photograph of the bathroom a Brittany luxury home furnished with multiple green indoor plants and Victorian furniture

The standard of luxury now comes with the added value of a convenient internet experience in the comforts of your own luxury home.


With internet connectivity also being an important factor at home, Brittany Corporation, the leading housing brand of Vista Land for luxury homes in the Philippines, has partnered with Streamtech to provide a high-speed reliable internet connection to its homeowners. The fiber internet connection of Streamtech is now available in the different luxury homes of Brittany’s themed communities in Cavite, with expansions in Laguna coming soon. This partnership entitles Brittany homeowners to enjoy exclusive perks offered by Streamtech, one of which is installation and connectivity within 48 hours after subscription confirmation. This great deal offered by Streamtech can further make life sweeter in your Brittany luxury home as you will have a seamless connection to your work, friends, and loved ones while in the comfort of your home.

A luxury experience at your fingertips


Living in a Brittany home is a luxury in itself. So, having a fast and reliable internet connection sets the standard of high-value home investments. Streamtech’s commitment to providing high-speed connectivity to Brittany homeowners further reinforces the standard of having a luxury home with a more convenient lifestyle a Brittany homeowner should enjoy.

To know more about Streamtech and its services, you can visit Streamtech’s official website.