Daang Hari Biking Routes


Where to bike in Daang-Hari 

It’s time to figure out where to begin your journey! Daang-Hari is one of the best places to have a redeeming bike ride. The ambiance is extremely relaxing, and you’ll find several places worth traveling to. In this article, we’ve prepared different trails and landmarks you’ll want to incorporate into your bike routes the next time you set your eyes in Daang-Hari! 

If you are looking for a home that would work very well with this active lifestyle, Portofino Alabang of Vista land is the perfect place to settle down if this is the type of lifestyle you want to lead.

Vermosa MX and Bike Trail 

Are you not yet prepared to ride in traffic? That’s completely fine, there are establishments made just for your biking activities! One such is Vermosa MX and Bike Trail, a motocross and mountain bike playground.  

an off-road biking trail in daang hari | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Biker on the Vermosa Bike Trail | Photo Courtesy of Vermosa MX and Bike Trail


Enhance your skills through a variety of cycling exercises, including pump tracks and berms, as well as jump sections to make you the best cyclist you can be! There is a bike trail available for those who only wish to have a relaxing ride rather than the adrenaline rush offered by the bike skills platforms. You might also notice the dirt trail, which serves motorbikes. You’ll want to take note of this if you ever give it a try after biking! 

Bikers are expected to bring their own bike when coming to the park. There is only a small fee of Php 20 for those who enter the park, but we assure you that the experience is worth much more than that! The entrance is located at the gate of the MX pump track, and registration is required for contact tracing records. 

Make sure to follow all regulations set by the park, especially during this pandemic. Never litter, practice social distancing, wear your masks, and use your alcohol and hand sanitizers for hygienic purposes. Follow all these rules and you’re all set to practice efficient trail riding in Vermosa MX and Bike Trail!  

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Biking Routes in Daang Hari

Biking along the Daang-Hari Road is already one of the best biking routes you’ll experience in the South! Daang-Hari biking routes are known to be relaxing and stress-free. We’ll guide you through how you can plan your biking route with these special stops. 

Evia Lifestyle Center 

Every biker who has ever gone cycling on Daang-Hari has heard of Evia Lifestyle Center. Although known for the mall’s vast amount of shopping stores and stalls, Evia Lifestyle Center is a must-go for their Evia’s Biker Station. 

a rest station of bikers in daang hari starmall | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Evia Bikers’ Station | Photo Courtesy of Lorenzo Viernes (Foursquare.com)


Evia Lifestyle Center is located just a few meters away from the Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway, which makes it the ideal starting point for most cyclists who come from outside Cavite. The Bikers’ Station is incorporated with bike racks, as well as food and beverages stalls to make cyclists as comfortable as possible. 

two white tents with people inside resting | luxury homes by brittany corporation

There is also an existing bike trail located behind the station at Evia Grounds, which can serve as a good cycling practice for those who only wish to cycle short distances. This trail has been used for many competitions and events in the past and still serves as some of the bikers’ favorite places.


Evia Lifestyle Center is also home to the first-ever AllBikes branch, where you can feel free to visit and shop to your heart’s content for all your biking needs! What could be a better way to start or end your biking route other than in Evia Lifestyle Center? 

allbike bike store luxury houses and lots for sale in daang hari besife allbike luxury bikes portofino alabang | Luxury homes by brittany corporation

AllBikes at the Evia Lifestyle Center | Photo Courtesy of Business Mirror


Palazzo Verde

Palazzo Verde is a must-see for all cyclists with a Daang-Hari biking route. The gardens are in Palazzo Verde, which houses only the most elegant estate. Its picturesque view of nature makes the garden one of the most pleasing views which give cyclists a great sense of achievement. 

fernbrook gardens in daang hari alabang is also a very beautiful biking rest stop | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Fernbrook Gardens | Photo Courtesy of The Backpack Adventurer


Palazzo Verde is located on Daang Reyna- housed next to the Evia Football Field. Get your cameras ready for taking memorable pictures when reaching Fernbrook Gardens! 

Is it easy to bike in Daang Hari?

Yes! Biking in Daang Hari is pretty much as easy and straightforward as they can get. Portofino Alabang is an exclusive community right beside Daang Hari. The only challenge would be cars riding alongside you, but is not totally a difficult thing.

Once you try going for a ride-along Daang-Hari, we guarantee that you won’t be satisfied after just one round! The Daang-Hari biking routes are much suited for weekly and even daily exercise, so you’d want to consider living in the area. 

Portofino Alabang 

Located on Daang-Hari, Portofino Alabang houses the best mansions in the Philippines. If you’re looking for a luxury house and lot for sale in Daang-Hari, Portofino is perfect for you. The wide area boasts the most relaxing and peaceful ambiance, it’s promising for those who wish to take a quick bike stroll in the early mornings. 

orange luxury mansion with palm trees surrounding it in portofino alabang | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Michelangelo Mansion in Portofino Alabang.


As an award-winning flagship development project, luxury Homes in Daang-Hari simply cannot compare to the Italian-inspired beauty of Portofino. The best option you can find for luxury homes for sale in Daang-Hari is none other than Portofino Alabang. Live a life full of comfort and luxury in every aspect. 

Portofino Entryway at Community - Portofino Virtual Tour by Brittany Corporation

Roads perfect for biking in Portofino Alabang | Photo Courtesy of Brittany


Live the life of luxury you imagine it to be. Settle down in a place where your passions can be actualized. Brittany Corporation’s Portofino Alabang is the perfect place that balances the life of adventure that you crave and the idyllic leisure of the great southern Manila suburbia.

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