How to Prepare for Long Bike Rides


Life is Like Riding a Bicycle 

As John F. Kennedy once said, “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bicycle.” Cycling may be considered a sport by the common people, but for bikers- it’s a lifestyle. There’s more to biking than just gearing up and heading to the road and putting your limbs to the test. It’s an exhilarating experience that helps you feel better in many aspects than just physical.  

man on a bike on the side of the road facing the sun | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Biking on the Road | Photo Courtesy of iStock


It’s easy to incorporate cycling into your everyday routine, you can bike almost anywhere! Whether it be to work, school, or when visiting an old friend or relative, biking is one of the healthiest and budget-saving ways of transport. However, if you’re in for a bigger challenge, take the time to go on a bike ride. Long-distance bike rides are also enjoyed by a great majority, whether it be on the actual road or on a trail specifically made for biking.  

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A Guide to Getting Ready for Long Bike Rides

Before we go hit the road, it’s always important to prepare everything beforehand. Especially for beginners, a bike ride is extremely tough. Without proper preparation, you’ll have a much harder time and might end up not enjoying the ride at all. Not to worry, here’s everything you need to keep in mind when getting started on your journey: 

Make sure you’re prepared for your bike rides

purple water bottle on the side of the off-road biking trail | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Bring at least a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated at all times. | Photo by Julia Sakelli from Pexels


Before going on an adventure, make sure you have what it takes to get started. Know what bike ride is suitable for your body, there’s always a bike ride suited for everyone! The next part of this article gives important tips you should consider when on the ride. 

Get a bicycle 

Of course, you can’t go cycling without a bike. Your bike is going to be your best friend, so make sure the bike you get is suited for you. Don’t be tempted by those sweet and awesome designs- we know they’re cool, but it wouldn’t be cool to get injured over choosing the wrong bike.  


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Check your bicycle 

After getting your bike, you must make sure that it’s in good condition. Fancy looks won’t cut it – it has to be fully functional. Check the tires, the gears, the brakes, the chain, and pretty much everything else. It’s always good to go on a test ride before going on the actual bike ride to ensure that nothing is wrong with your two-wheeled pal. 

Prepare your protective gear 

man in protective gear going off road biking | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Regardless of the trail type, it’s always good to wear protective gear for protection. | Photo by Lars Mai from Pexels


Whether it be cycling in traffic or on a trail, you should always wear your protective gear. A helmet is an absolute MUST for cycling. Make sure you wear your helmet properly, otherwise it would be all for naught. Kneepads and gloves are also highly encouraged, especially for bumpy or long trails. Make sure your clothes are right as well. 

Plan your route 

Although going with the flow might seem like a nice idea, it is extremely unsafe. Know your roads before you ride on them. Make sure you plan your route accordingly based on your capabilities. It’s also highly recommended to separate your routes into segments to give yourself a break. Mark your landmarks to help know you’re going. Don’t know what route to go on? Keep reading and we’ll help you out! 


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Review the rules 

Regardless of where you’ll do your bike rides, every place has its rules. If you’re going to cycle in traffic, make sure you know and obey all traffic rules and know the roads. If you’re going on a trail, make sure to follow all the rules implemented by the park. Rules are made to ensure a happy and safe ride for all bikers. 

Have some essential tools prepared 

set of car tools as a holiday gift | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Have at least a portable tool kit with you at all times in case of accidents.


What can go wrong, will go wrong. Even if you prepare everything beforehand, you’ll never know what could happen on a ride. One of the most common occurrences is getting a flat tire. Most bikers have a pump and some patches ready for this occurrence. It’s also better to train yourself in basic bike repairs before heading out. 

Find a friend

a group of friends with their bikes taking a break by daang hari | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Consider biking with your friends.


No man is an island. As stated earlier, anything could happen when you’re out on a ride. It’s always good to have someone by your side, especially for longer and dangerous rides. There are several biking groups, you’ll definitely find the gang for you. However, if circumstances really prevent you from having a companion, make sure to at least let someone else know. Inform them of your entire trip, including all your routes and planned stops. 

Pack food and water 

It’s easy to get hungry when you’re on the bike rides. Energy snacks that are easy to eat are most suited for biking. Water is a must for all sports to keep you hydrated. Most bikes have racks just for your tumblers, and some bikers have water pouches in their bags for easy access. Remember to keep yourself hydrated! 

Go and get out there! 

Always remember that the main goal in biking is to have fun! Relieve stress and enjoy the ride. It’s not a competition, so just make the best out of every ride!  

Beginner Tips When Going on Bike Rides 

When you’re already suited up and ready for your bike ride, here are some things you should always bear in mind to ensure that your bike ride goes smoothly. 

Pace yourself

biking speeding through the streets in red and yellow gear | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Don’t forget to pace yourself and take rests every now and then. | Photo by T B from Pexels


Don’t get too excited and use up all your energy from the get-go. Long-distance rides are a battle of endurance rather than speed. You’ll need to manage your energy efficiently to make sure that you last long and survive throughout the ride.  

Use gears smartly 

Bike gears are made to make your biking much more comfortable. Most bikes have at least 3 chainrings for different situations. Study up on what your gears do so that you can fully utilize them in whatever situation you find yourself in. 

Make sure you’re going in the right direction 

You don’t want to get lost when you’re out biking. It’s always handy to have a map of your route prepared just in case, especially for new areas. However, the norm these days is to use a maps app with a GPS tracker on your phone. This lets you know in real-time whether you’re going in the right direction or not.  

Eat and Drink 

woman taking a rest on a railing while holding a mug and her bike | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Food and water are fuel for your body. Don’t forget to take a break and recharge. | Photo by Munbaik Cycling Clothing from Pexels


Take snacks periodically and don’t let yourself get hungry. It’s also good to regularly hydrate yourself, which is why most cyclists get a bag incorporated with a water bag- that way they can drink water without going through all the hassle! 

Know your limits 

Follow what your body says. If it says it’s tired, then go take a quick break. To ensure accidents don’t happen, always know your limits and act accordingly. A bike ride wouldn’t be fun if you sacrifice your own safety. 

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