The Beginner’s Guide to Off-Road Running


Sometimes, running on the road can feel a tad bit repetitive and boring — even running the same route but the other way around. Living in a luxury home in Laguna or a Luxury house and lot in Santa Rosa can give you the entire subdivision to run in, but in most cases you have run every street already. If these are the case then off-road running is just for you. What makes off-road running much better for your case is that there is quite the number of running trails in Laguna near Brittany Corporation. The best thing about running off-road is that you can bring your friends along or even your active companion.

man jogging on off road trail | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Person Running down Trail | Photo from Runner’s World


Before Starting 

You may be experienced running on the road or within Brittany Santa Rosa, but running off-road is on a different level. So before you set foot in any running trails in Laguna, do keep these things in mind first. Do try the easier and shorter trails first before heading into the bigger and longer trails; compared to the road, sometimes you cannot see what is ahead of you in the trail. Living in a house and lot near Nuvali or even within Brittany Corporation, runner’s really have the road for themselves. A little respect for others and for the trail you will be running in can come a long way. Finally, navigation. Before heading out to any trail make sure that your GPS is working and that you have informed someone as to where you are going — in the worst case your GPS fails. With all of this out of the way, do make sure to take your time to take in the beauty of the trails you are running in.

Compared to the road, there are no shops or vehicles nearby so investing in proper gear is a very good idea. You may need to get a small bag which can contain an extra shirt and a bottle of water. Having a first aid kit would also come in handy should the situation arise(but let us hope that you would not need to use it). Aside from just the gear, it is important to know about the route you are taking so that you can get through that trail without a hitch.

jogging outfit | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Trail Running gear | Photo From HiConsumption


The Trails

Now that you are all prepared, you think about which trail to head in first. Living in a Luxury home in Laguna or a luxury house and lot in Santa Rosai can help you decide since there are already a few out of a handful all over Laguna nearby. Although some of these trails are initially for cycling, they are still a good option for you to run in. Some of these can be considered quite advanced since people would normally hike in these places.

Nuvali Trails

Living in a house and lot near Nuvali or in Brittany Santa Rosa has never been this rewarding with nature all around and the various new hobbies you can have. Boasting two trails which can be used by cyclists and runners, the Nuvali Trails is a good place to hone your skills and endurance until you can run that fifty-kilometer trail two.

Agila Base

This 10.5 Kilometer Out and back Trail found near Los Baños, Laguna is a moderately trafficked trail that is usually used by Mountain Bikers. But don’t let that discourage you from heading out into this trail since it offers an amazing nature setting which can greatly benefit you and your run. What makes this trail all the better is the fact that it is quite near various luxury homes in Laguna or a few minute drive from Brittany Corporation if you are looking for more adventures off road.

Mount Makiling

Now for a trail that is rated as difficult even for the mountain bikers. Mount Makiling provides an out and back trail for cyclists, hikers and runners alike. This 17.5 kilometer which can be found near Los Baños, Laguna is a perfect trail to run in especially if you love nature set trails like the previously mentioned trail. What makes it a whole lot better is you can even spot beautiful wild flowers on your run or even while you take a hike. If you live in a house and lot near Nuvali or even in Brittany Santa Rosa, this is just a few minutes drive giving you more reasons to add this to your list of adventures all over Laguna. 

hiking jogging off road | luxury homes by brittany corporation

People Hiking Mount Makiling | Photo from TripAdvisor


What comes after

Just like most strenuous or physical activities, it is quite important that you regularly rehydrate during the activity and get a good rest afterwards. Living in Brittany Santa Rosa is probably the best thing that can happen for you since it is fairly near not just these trails but also various trails all over Laguna. Even if you do live in a luxury house and lot in Santa Rosa you can easily get to and from these trails. As you take your rest and relaxation in whichever home you are in, you can start searching for your next off-road adventure in one of the trails in Laguna.

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