Blast From The Past With These Historic Places in Laguna


You may know Laguna for its many scrumptious eateries on both sides of the road and unobstructed majestic views of nature. Living within Brittany Corporation or in any Luxury Home in Laguna, you are sure to pass by various attractions such as Enchanted Kingdom, Rizal Shrine, and Mount Makiling. Some of these attractions could very well be part of Laguna’s Long History from shrines to churches. Given that our country has been through so much throughout history, every province is sure to have gone through its own history. But before all the attractions, countless fine dining restaurants, the vast roadside eateries, Brittany Santa Rosa and the infamous Laguna Loop, have you ever wondered how Laguna’s rich history came to be? 

Map-of-Laguna-Province-Showing-the-Locations-of-the-Four-Campuses | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Province of Laguna | Photo from Research Gate


Brief History of Laguna’s Historic Places

Before we head into the many attractions in Laguna with its own history, let’s dive in first to the province of Laguna’s rich history. Starting with the name “Laguna” which came from La Laguna or simply “the lake” referring to the largest inland body of water in the Philippines which is the Laguna de Bay. The province, along with most of the Philippines, was occupied by Spain in the year 1521. Followed by the Christianization of the citizens, various towns were founded around the said lake. Today, you can see the many Luxury house and lots in Santa Rosa or Luxury homes in Laguna that can help you decide where to go next. With the modernization of the country, more people started moving into luxury house and lots in Santa Rosa and in various towns as well.
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laguna-de-bay | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Photo of Laguna de Bay with Mount Makiling in the background | Photo from Devour.Asia


Historic Places 

There are quite a number of historic places in Laguna, some can even guide you to Brittany Santa Rosa. Living within Brittany corporation or even in a house and lot near Nuvali makes it easier for you to get to the many places that showcase Laguna’s Rich History. There are quite a number of Historic places in Laguna and all deserve to be in this list, but here are the notable ones you should probably visit first. Some of these places would look much better depending on the time of day, so make sure to plan your trip right since you may even come from Manila. In addition to that, COVID-19 restrictions are lessening by the day, so most of these places would be well open for the public

Arranged in no Particular Order

Gusaling Museo

As the name suggests, Gusaling Museo is a historic museum found in Santa Rosa. It contains mostly historic details on the city of Santa Rosa Pre-Spanish Era, World War II, and many memorabilias from famous people within the city. This is a good place to start especially if you would be coming from your luxury house and lot in Santa Rosa or even from your house and lot in Nuvali — made easier by purchasing real estate even online. You can think of it as a chill warm up for your historic road trip.

gusaling museo santa rosa laguna building | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Front of Gusaling Museo | Photo from Crispy Pata at Kare Kare


Museum of Natural History

Another museum in this entry, but it covers almost if not all of Philippine’s biological and zoological specimens. Found within UP Los Baños College of Forestry, this is a good stop if you are looking to learn more about the Philippines magnificent creatures. 

laguna museum of natural history | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Front of the Museum of Natural History in UPLB-College of Forestry | Photo From Zoo Institutes


Emilio Jacinto Shrine

Emilio Jacinto, known as the “Brains of the Katipunan” is one of the founding members of the said group who seeked to free the Philippines from the Spanish Occupation. Known to write for the Katipunan’s Newspaper, Kalayaan, under the pen name of Dimasilaw. His shrine was erected in Santa Cruz, Laguna where he was initially buried. Being one of the most prominent Filipino Heroes, he also has a statue in Magdalena, Laguna near the Santa Maria Magdalena parish.

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Jose Rizal Shrine

One of the most visited Historic places in Laguna has to be the one in tribute to our national hero. Sure to be a couple minute drive from Brittany Santa Rosa or from any Luxury home in Laguna, the Rizal shrine is one of the historic sites you should visit. Located just in the town proper of Calamba Laguna, the shrine is made to be a full replica of Jose Rizal’s home. Inside the shrine are also rooms, furniture, galleries, and even a statue of a young Jose Rizal. Even if you do live within Brittany corporation and regularly see this shrine as you travel Laguna, it is still one of the best attractions that showcase the rich history of Laguna.

rizal shrine in laguna | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Photo of Rizal Shrine in Calamba, Laguna from across the road | Photo from Tupang Gala


Jose Rizal Monument Plaza

Not to be confused with the Jose Rizal Shrine in Calamba, the Rizal Monument Plaza is found in the Town Proper of Biñan, Laguna. It is a major landmark in the town of Biñan wherein Jose Rizal received his first formal education. It is a welcoming sight to see when you go to your Luxury house and lot in Santa Rosa coming from Manila and passing through the town of Biñan.

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