The Luxuries in the New Normal

Life as we normally know it has definitely changed. Hence, the new phrase, ‘New Normal’. Before the lockdown, luxuries in the New Normal such as taking good care of your health wasn’t a priority and healthy habits were something you could simply put off on your to-do list.

Have you been wanting to try a new fitness regime? You have probably postponed it for as long as you can as there doesn’t seem to be an urgent need for it, especially if you feel that you’re already keeping a good diet and you’re still pretty young to get any serious illness. Been meaning to move to another community that’s less dense, in hopes of having just a bit more privacy? Maybe you’ve put it off for as long as you can, thinking it’s not really much of an essential. It’s something that’s not on the same level as the items you’ve put on your ‘urgent’ to-do list. You’ve got places to be and deals to close, and squeezing in some time to go to the doctor’s for a general appointment or starting on a new fitness regime seemed trivial at the time.

Girl cooking breakfast in the spacious kitchen of her luxury home, luxuries in the new normal | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Cooking as an indoor activity allows you to maximize the spacious kitchen of your Brittany luxury home.


Pre-pandemic, most people would opt to allot their finances for fancy dinners in new restaurants, watching the latest movies in the most comfortable theaters, lavish trips out of town or the country, and more. But with the recent changes the world has faced, we are obliged to stay at home for as much as we can, and limit our movement only to the most ‘essential’ activities. These essential activities include going to the grocery to pick up food items, quickly stopping by a pharmacy to purchase some medicines, or going to your workplace if you’re part of the essential workforce.

In the iconic children’s book entitled “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, there is a  famous quote that goes, “What is essential is invisible to the eye.” Health, one of the luxuries in the New Normal, definitely goes beyond the physical. Aside from making sure we don’t get any sickness, we should also be looking after the mental and emotional aspects of our health. If one aspect is left unchecked, it’s bound to affect the other health aspects.

This is why the concept of self-care is all the rage especially as of this date. Through living in one of the luxury homes by Brittany, you can definitely practice self-care by simply being at home. Taking good care of our health has to be holistic and consistent.

So aside from setting that annual general doctor’s appointment and starting on new fitness regimes, what else is there to do to achieve this, especially at this time? The simple answer to this equation: living life in one of Brittany’s luxurious residential communities.


Brittany, a Cut Above the Rest


Vista Land is the leading and largest integrated property developer in the Philippines, with a solid 40-year track record and over 400,000 homes built in 49 provinces, 147 cities, and municipalities in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. It operates through its five distinct subsidiaries, Brittany Corporation being one of them.

Known for its themed luxury real estate homes situated in master-planned communities all within a 28-year track record, Brittany is surely a cut above the rest. With all its residents fully equipped with everything that’s essential to provide you and your family the luxuries in the New Normal, you’ll definitely aspire to be one of them. Here are more reasons why:


Luxuries in the New Normal Are Just Within Your Reach in Brittany


The residents in luxury real estate properties of the awe-inspiring Brittany by Vista Land definitely have just about everything within their fingertips. With developments situated in prime areas like Vista Alabang, a master-planned community, you can easily find all that you’ll ever want and need.

Vista Alabang is accessible through major road networks like Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway and South Luzon Expressway, so you can easily find your way to your next luxury home at one of the Brittany properties in Vista Alabang. One of its residential enclaves, Amore at Portofino, is also strategically located just 20 minutes away from NAIA 3 and BGC, and 29 minutes away from Makati CBD. Now, aside from its accessibility, what else makes it such an astounding master-planned community?


Essentials Just Within Your Reach are Luxuries in the New Normal


The fresh air emanating from the beautifully lined trees and greenery along the well-maintained roads and sidewalks welcome you to the community. Just five minutes further down along Daang Hari, you’ll catch sight of The Evia Lifestyle Center, most known to house various restaurants that can cater to diverse palates and provide all your home needs.

While we still have to limit our mobility for the sake of everyone’s safety, Evia is still there to provide you with all your essentials — from food and appliances to home furniture and retail needs.

Aside from high-end clothing stores, in Evia, you’ll find AllDigital, which you can count on for your entertainment and work-from-home must-haves. There’s also AllBike, if you’re looking to start cycling as a new habit to up your fitness and health goals. If you’re working on your green thumb while staying home, Green Centrale is there to give you a variety of plants for you to take care of at home. For groceries and home items, AllDay Supermarket and AllHome have you covered. As for your pets who are a special part of the family as well, you’ll find Pet-Buddy to be a delight as you can easily grab pet essentials there too.

Coffee Project Black in Evia Lifestyle Center most innovative cafe in the metro near luxury house and lot properties of Portofino in Vista Alabang - Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Now, who doesn’t want to dine and chill at this coffee shop-slash-restaurant-slash bookstore? The interiors alone can provide an experience you shouldn’t miss. Image from Coffee Project / Facebook


Take a break at  Coffee Project Black x Fully Booked, where you can easily take a to-go cup or two of your favorite hot beverage, and you can even discover your next favorite book to curl up with when you get home.


Exceptional Healthcare is one of the Luxuries in the New Normal


It has become increasingly important for us to focus on how we can better protect and preserve our quality of life. To do this, it is vital that we go through regular health checks and have easy access to premium and trusted healthcare facilities.

With its residents as the top priority behind the master-planned community that is Vista Alabang, prior to having this ‘New Normal’, it’s located in close proximity to hospitals like the Asian Hospital and Medical Center, the Makati Medical Center, and St. Lukes BGC.

Having such convenient access to exceptional healthcare most especially nowadays is one of the luxuries in the New Normal. With it, you and your family get to take advantage of advanced medical technologies which will not only improve the quality of life but also lengthen it, giving you more time to pursue what’s truly essential: spending more time with family and friends and pushing towards our passions and goals, no matter how challenging the times maybe. Simply adapting to the ever-changing world, living in one of the luxury homes by Brittany allows you to embrace all the years of your life with much vigor and gusto.


Brittany: Your Home Beyond The New Normal


Once the economy has fully bounced back and online classes slowly start to be a thing of the past, you’ll surely love the convenience of having the workplace and schools just nearby. An ambitious 10-hectare business IT park is set to be built in Vista Alabang, along with the future University Town, a 100-hectare fully integrated development showcasing currently existing educational facilities like De La Salle Zobel, San Beda Alabang, Southville International School, PAREF Woodrose School, and many more prime universities and schools — each one just as globally competitive as the other.

For now, Vista Alabang will take care of the essentials. As the light at the end of the tunnel grows closer, you’ll be looking forward to taking advantage of the Palazzo Verde, which inevitably stands out at the community with its exquisitely designed Victorian architecture that surely paints a grand celebration. Once we start to say goodbye to virtual Zoom parties, get ready to say hello once more to attend the grandest of occasions at one of the most famed luxurious events venues in the country.

With all these and more as we face the new normal, the conveniences of having everything close to you isn’t just forms of luxuries in the New Normal anymoreit is essential.


Social Distancing Is The New Trend


Portofino at Vista Alabang community with a grand fountain amenity area - Luxury Homes by Brittany

Grab the chance to choose the life best fit for you.


Brittany, as the country’s pioneer in building thematic and luxurious real estate properties, definitely takes the meaning of luxury-themed developments up to a notch. Not only does each home perfectly capture the essence of the set theme through its architecture and landscaping, but the canvas they lay on also ties the whole community together.

For example, the luxurious Italian-themed residential homes in Portofino at Vista Alabang, one of Brittany’s residential developments, are surrounded by refreshing pocket gardens. Along with its paved roads are endless rows of trees and well-manicured hedges and greenery, giving you more than just luxuries in the New Normal with enough fresh and clear air that’s much needed these days. 

Another residential enclave developed by Brittany is La Posada at Lakefront Sucat, a picturesque community inspired by the San Francisco Bay Area. Truly, living in a community built and transformed by Brittany will surely take you to another wondrous world, making you feel like you’re on a pleasurable out-of-country vacation every single day. Never mind if your trips are canceled for now, because new luxuries in the New Normal such as living in a community developed by Brittany won’t make you feel that you missed out on anything at all!

To add to that, each residential lot is spaced adequately, which allows you to get a vast and clear view of the skies behind each side of the homes, mimicking a picture-perfect painting from every view. Distance is not so bad now, is it?

Being the country’s pioneer in building luxury-themed developments inspired by the world’s greatest destinations, living in one of the luxurious residential themed communities by Brittany will constantly give you total peace of mind. Complete with round-the-clock security, electric fencing, a 24/7 roving patrol, and CCTV cameras at all entry and exit points as well, your security in these communities are guaranteed.


Green Is The Way To Go


Red bike parked in an open space park in the luxury house and lot development, one of the luxuries in the new normal - Luxury Homes by Brittany

Biking around an exclusive community surrounded by vibrant greenery and luxury house and lot developments give the best kind of outdoor vibe for biking.


With so much nature around you, you’ll be looking forward to staying at home more. You’ll find that your “home” is one of the many luxuries in the New Normal as it is not limited to the confines within its concrete walls. You can still maintain a holistic and healthy lifestyle around the community in safe spaces.

With a lot more space, your safety is essential you won’t have to worry about anymore. You can enjoy having an energy-filled jog along with the impeccably maintained trees and landscape, or maybe riding your new bicycle from AllBike around the community’s pocket gardens. Maybe you’d like to take your pets along for a walk with you and enjoy the community’s many exclusive amenities like the Al Fresco lounge.

In addition to all this, investing in one of the luxury ready-for-occupancy homes by Brittany doesn’t only assure you of a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle in your everyday life—Green is definitely the way to go, not only with nature but also with your finances as well.

Owning a residential property developed by Brittany will surely be one of the luxuries in the New Normal and your most treasured assets as you don’t only get the best value out of it by getting to live a comfortable life at home with your family even in the new normal, but you also get to create more value out of your ownership. Since the beginning of 2017, properties by Brittany have observed a 90% increase in value, having an impressive rate of 30% return on investment for each passing year.


Better Quality Time With Your Family


Filipino family of a mother, father, and toddler enoying the comfort and safety - luxuries in the new normal at Brittany

The biggest drawback of doing everything online is being unable to see your potential luxury home in person before you commit.


With all these crossed out on your checklist, you and your family are well on your way to being consistently holistic when it comes to taking better care of your health especially at these unprecedented times.

Residing in one of the luxury homes by Brittany does not only help you consistently follow the preventative measures that are enforced these days,  but it also greatly improves your overall health—body, mind, and soul. You’re able to appreciate a higher quality of living and time spent with your family at home, living in such a harmonious community where you easily get all that’s truly essential, no matter how many changes we have to face in the future.

The changes we have adapted to so far to earn these luxuries in the New Normal have moved us to realize that the things that were once seen as forms of luxury before are actually essentials, not only to survive but most importantly, to live through and be able to gracefully adapt to the ever-changing times.

Indeed, health is wealth. This is just precisely why the residential properties developed by Brittany are known to be ‘luxury’ properties. Living in one gives you a form of wealth that no one can ever take away from you. It is the kind of wealth that allows you to truly make the most out of the world’s most valuable resource—time.

Wouldn’t you want the same for yourself and your family? Invest in your home for a lifetime with Brittany, and embrace the luxuries in the New Normal with grace.