These Wellness Spots in Laguna Have Your Back


For the past year and a half, we have all been kept safe within our luxury house and lot in Santa Rosa or Luxury home in Laguna — others mostly in the Metro — and we are slowly starting to go back to normal. Now with the lessening cases of COVID-19 and the continuous rolling of the vaccines, we begin to go back to the business centers of our country. Just like before, we would also need those moments of calmness, rest, and relaxation during our free time. Despite working from home in our house and lot near Nuvali or within our home within Brittany Corporation we cannot escape stress. Fortunately, wherever you are right now, there are loads of places to unwind, especially in Laguna.

scary ride in enchanted kingdom for the thrill | luxury homes by brittany corporation

People in a ride in Enchanted Kingdom | Photo from Two Monkeys Travel Group


Work Hard, Play Hard, Unwind

Stress is inevitable especially if you always work hard for yourself and for your family — to achieve your own definition of success. Most people would drink out on Fridays, others would head out for a vacation, some others might prefer enjoying their whole day with their family, but everyone is sure to want a whole day of rest or even sleep. Who would not want to spend the entire day in their luxury house and lot in Santa Rosa or a Luxury home in Laguna? Well if you are tired of just staying in your house for relaxation, wellness spots in Laguna are the place to be. 

It’s all over the Philippines, Laguna Included

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “Wellness” is defined as being in good health; for others, wellness also means being happy. With that in mind, it is truly what anyone would desire regularly — be it in-home or in various places. Although you can find wellness by eating a proper diet and by working out; both can be easily achieved even within Brittany Corporation. Aside from those usual wellness activities, you are sure to have thought about going to a spa or even an amazing massage. Residing in your Luxury house and lot in Santa Rosa or even in Brittany Santa Rosa, you can easily get to the many wellness spots in Laguna. 

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88 Hotspring Resort

Looking to enjoy your time with family or friends while relaxing? 88 Hotspring resort can cater to your every need. Found in Calamba, Laguna, this resort offers rooms with various amenities, Korean cuisine for your meals, villas with ocean views, and a massage service to top it all off. What makes going here a whole lot better is the fact that it is a couple of minute drive from your house and lot near Nuvali or luxury house and lot in Santa Rosa — you can even choose to spend the night there. If you are looking to spend your weekend resting and relaxing out of home with family or friends, then this is the place for you.

ncie swimming pool with a good fountain | luxury homes by brittany corporation

One of the four pools in 88 Hotspring Resort | Photo from TripAdvisor



Heading to the cheaper side of things, the Los Baños Therapeutic Massage Center and Health Spa is the wellness spot in Laguna for you. Offering what seems to be the cheapest yet surprisingly good massage, this Health Spa is a livelihood training program of Los Baños, Laguna. Despite being far away from your home in Brittany Corporation, this is an ideal stop during your long road trip in Laguna.

laguna spa center in los banos laguna | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Inside the Los Baños Therapeutic Massage Center and Health Spa | Photo from Vanessa Liwanag


Hidden Valley Springs

If your idea of relaxation is a silent retreat within nature then this not-so-hidden gem within Calauan, Laguna is the place for you. Showcasing cool flowing waters from waterfalls, surrounded by an array of unique flora, behind the infamous mount Makiling, nothing says nature relaxation more than Hidden Valley Springs. Around an hour’s drive from Manila or less if you will be coming from Brittany Santa Rosa, you can regularly take time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life here. What makes this an amazing wellness spot in Laguna is mostly its natural beauty and atmosphere.

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hidden valley springs in laguna | luxury homes by brittany corporation

A handful of people enjoying Hidden Valley Springs all to themselves | Photo from Biyaheng Laguna


Enchanted Kingdom

Aside from having health as one of the many definitions of wellness, happiness is sure to be one of those definitions that makes wellness. With happiness and enjoyment in mind especially with your friends and your family, then Enchanted Kingdom is the place for everyone. Found in Santa Rosa, Laguna, you are sure to see the towering height of their rides and attractions from the South Luzon Expressway — more so if you reside in a Luxury home in Laguna. Despite putting the relaxation aside for the thrilling joys and entertainment the rides and attractions bring, you are sure to come back for more. What makes going to Enchanted Kingdom a whole lot better is that it caters to anyone regardless of their age, making it an ideal place to bring your friends and family for a day or two of fun and excitement.

enchanted kingdom relax fun with the wizard | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The Front Gates of Enchanted Kingdom | Photo from Cebu Best Spots


The Joys of Wellness

There are probably more health and wellness spots in Laguna not mentioned in this list but are still worth the travel. Residing within Brittany Corporation can help turn what is a rare opportunity into a regularly done hobby. Always be sure to stay safe and healthy to enjoy more of what life has to offer — with the easing COVID-19 restrictions, there are more places to go, food to eat, and things to enjoy. 


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