Your Laguna Food Trip Guide


With the COVID-19 cases lessening and the restrictions loosening by the day, more and more people are starting to dine out with friends and family. We have to admit that Laguna is quite the size of a province in the Philippines having thirty cities and municipalities altogether. Like any tourist or even locals, we are always in search of exquisite food wherever we go. Even if you could cook spectacular food in your house and lot in Nuvali, Luxury House and lot in Santa Rosa, or even in your Luxury Home in Laguna, you are still in the search for more combinations of flavors and textures. Regardless if you came straight from Manila or from your home within Brittany Corporation, it is sure that you would want to discover more delicacies.

different filipino food on a wooden table | Luxury homes by brittany corporation

Various Filipino dishes | Out of Town Blog


Dine-in, dine-out

With another opportunity to bring out that Luxury Car from your luxury home in Laguna or from Brittany Santa Rosa and dine in the finest eateries all over Laguna. This food trip can most probably fill up your instagram feed with mouth watering food from all over the province. Without any particular order, here are the places you should dine in during your Laguna food trip. Although the list may look like an itinerary for your entire food trip.

The Morning After

Starting with a restaurant known for its breakfast menu for your Laguna food trip, The Morning After is a Filipino, American, and European restaurant found in Santa Rosa, Laguna. An amazing way to start your food trip with breakfast especially if you would be starting your journey from your luxury house and lot in Santa Rosa or from Brittany Santa Rosa. Despite serving spectacular breakfasts, they also serve Pizza, Pasta, and a whole array of entrées.

the morning after restaurant | luxury homes by brittany corporation

The Morning After Restaurant in Santa Rosa | Photo from The Morning After Facebook account


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Now for a restaurant just a tad bit outside of Laguna, but you cannot deny how magnificent the food and the view is from NAPA. A North Californian-inspired cafe found in Crosswinds Tagaytay, which is actually within Brittany Corporation, serves spectacular coffee which goes very well with the rather cold weather up in Tagaytay. You may opt to have a mid day snack or even lunch, then you can say “NAPAsarap ang kain” in preparation for the long road trip ahead.

NAPA at Crosswinds | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

You can say “NAPAsarap ang kain” in preparation for the long road trip ahead.


Kanin Club

After a couple minute drive from the previous entry, you might find yourself back in Santa Rosa just in time for Lunch. Known for its ambiance, service of staff, serving and taste of food, Kanin Club is a worthy addition to your Laguna Food Trip. Serving Filipino food, the size of their menu and flavor of their dishes can have you coming back for more. What makes dining in Kanin Club a whole lot better is the service of their staff, giving you all the reasons to dine here again This is good news especially if you live in a luxury house and lot in Santa Rosa or even a house and lot near Nuvali — you have the opportunity to try out all their dishes. In addition to just that, this restaurant will give you another reason to live in Santa Rosa or in any Luxury Home in Laguna for that matter

kanin club restaurant front | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Front of Kanin Club in Santa Rosa, Laguna | Photo from Awesome.


Suki Alfresco 

For a snack that is quite the distance away. Known for being a go-to place due to its stress-free and out-of-the-ordinary dining experience, Suki Alfresco is a Japanese restobar that can be found in San Pablo, Laguna. Despite serving their Japanese specialties of maki, sushi, bento, and dotonbori, they also serve kebab and sizzling dishes. Even if you reside in a house and lot near Nuvali or even within Brittany Santa Rosa, Suki Alfresco is worth the trip.

Owl Fab Caffe

Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, the Owl Caffe has got your back. This Italian, Mexican, and Filipino serving restaurant found in Alaminos has been rated NUMBER ONE(1) out of thirty-nine(39) restaurants in the whole municipality. Being a cafe, it rated as the third out of eight. With spectacular Mexican, Italian, and Filipino Food to go with the restaurant’s ambience, Owl Fab Cafe is a must go in your food trip. What seals the deal here is also their knowledgeable staff who would be showcasing their service, keeping the Caffe on top. 

Ted’s Kitchen

With the overwhelming presence of Asian, Mexican, and Filipino cuisine all over Laguna, this American Cafe is a refreshing site for your enormous food trip all over the province. Found in Santa Cruz, Laguna, this Cafe is known more for their food. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Ted’s is an amazing place to top off your entire Laguna Food trip. Despite being quite far, they do offer rooms to sleep in — making a two day food trip an ideal option as well.

ted's kitchen restaurant front outside | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Photo of Ted’s Bed and Breakfast | Photo from Nana Nadal


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Repeat

Laguna is an enormous province with a vast number of restaurants, cafes, and everything in between. With that in mind, the listed destination above may not be enough and there are many more all over the province. Just like any foodie, it is wise to try and find those hidden gems as well. What makes this better is if you reside within Brittany Corporation, making this food trip and new ones possible and regular. With all the food you eat, do not forget to enjoy every flavor and scenery you encounter in this provincial food trip. 

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