Culinary Pilgrimage in Laguna


Learn more about Laguna as we take a culinary pilgrimage! Laguna is noted for its gastronomy and delicious delicacies, lakes, varied scenery, woodcarvings, and traditional buildings. 

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There are many reasons why people visit the Laguna countryside. Several resorts offer hot springs where families can relax while students visit Jose Rizal’s birthplace on field trips. In addition, the province’s growing restaurant scene or newer attractions make Laguna a popular destination. You can also find your dream house and lot near Nuvali in Santa Rosa, Laguna. 

However, food is the constant thing in Laguna’s changing landscape making Laguna the perfect place to have a culinary pilgrimage.

Its culinary specialties speak to nature and manmade attractions of Laguna, such as its lakes and old houses, which have risen and fallen over the centuries. Yet, despite changes in time, the food remains fundamentally the same. 

What are the best restaurants for a culinary pilgrimage in Laguna?

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The Pigpen in Santa Rosa, Laguna

Nuvali offers a wide variety of dining options, which is the main draw to the Santa Rosa development. But suppose we have to pick a favorite. In that case, Pigpen is definitely one of the top contenders for pigging out at Nuvali. Prepared using the freshest local ingredients, their dishes feature delicious Euro-Asian flavors, from salads to pasta. It is highly recommended to make reservations. 

Located at the Cinema Building, Solenad 3, Ayala Malls, Nuvali, Santa Rosa Laguna, Pigpen opens on Tuesday from 10AM to 6PM. Wednesday to Friday from 11AM to 6PM, and Sunday from 10AM to 7PM. 

Mountain Lake Resort in Cavinti, Laguna

2 kayaks in the lake of lake resort luxury homes vacation | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Indulge in the great outdoors at Mountain Lake Resort. Photo from Mountain Lake Resort via Facebook


Mountain Lake Resort is well-known for its wide range of recreational activities. However, the Laguna hideaway is also an excellent location for families and friends to gather together while enjoying a meal. Treat your group to a culinary pilgrimage of grilled meats, delicious veggies, and as much rice as they can handle during a boodle fight lunch. The dinner is the ideal method to refuel travelers before participating in the resort’s adventures, including kayaking, ziplining, banana boat rides, swimming, obstacle course play, and observing the surroundings from the gigantic hanging bridge. 

Mountain Lake Resort is located in Brgy. East Talaongan, Cavinti, Laguna, and it opens daily from 8AM to 5PM. 

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Sulyap Gallery Café in San Pablo, Laguna

sulyap restaurant and hotel luxury home away from home old filipino house transformed into a restaurant | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Revel in the beauty of Sulyap Gallery Cafe and celebrate the food of our culture! | Photo from Sulyap website


In San Pablo, you should visit the award-winning Sulyap Gallery Café if you enjoy reliving the past. A sprawling compound filled with colonial architecture and antique décor, this property has an old-world charm that makes it unique. The food is also fantastic! Local favorites like tulingan pasta (tuna), beef splashed, and gambas alajillo are served at Sulyap, mixing traditional and modern Filipino cuisine. In addition, Sulyap offers vegetarian options and delicious Filipino fare, adhering to its vision of providing food to suit every palate. 

Are you interested in staying overnight? It has a boutique B&B as well. Online reservations are available. 

Sulyap Gallery Café is situated in Brgy. Del Remedio, Cocoland Compound, San Pablo City, Laguna, and opens daily from 10AM until 9PM. 

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A Culinary Pilgrimage in Pagsanjan Falls in Cavinti, Laguna

No doubt that the magnificent Pagsanjan Falls is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Laguna. Every Filipino should least experience at least once in their lifetime the beauty of Pagsanjan Falls. With a 17-kilometer paddle boat ride up the rapids, getting to the waterfalls is an enchanting experience in and of itself, with monkeys peeking out from behind the trees if you’re lucky. Pagsanjan is a swimming hotspot, but after a day of splashing in the waters, a delicious lunch is the perfect ending to the excursion at the nearby tropical resort. 

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Caliraya Resort Club in Lumban, Laguna

Enjoy nature at Caliraya Resort Club. | Photo from Caliraya Resort Club official website


When it comes to banquet meals, this place is the perfect spot for a culinary pilgrimage. The food is full of flavor and adventure, Caliraya Resort Club is your best bet. Adventurers will enjoy the resort’s 86-foot pool slide and challenging obstacle course. Caliraya also has popular activities such as wall climbing, ziplining, and water biking. In addition, even after hours of play, guests won’t go hungry here. An eat-all-you-can buffet lunch is included in the package! 

For your Caliraya Resort Day Pass with a complimentary buffet launch, check this out.   

Caliraya Resort is located in Brgy. Lewin, Lumban, Laguna. 

 An Unexpected Culinary Pilgrimage at The Enchanted Kingdom in Sta Rosa, Laguna

food server giving food to lady at enchanted kingdom near luxury homes in santa rosa laguna | Luxury Homes by Brittany corporation

Enchanted Kingdom isn’t just about rides. They also have some of the best food in Laguna!


Santa Rosa is not only a perfect place for an individual who’s looking for an enchanting house and lot near Nuvali. It also housed the Enchanted Kingdom, a perfect place to take your children and teenagers. World-class rides, vibrant attractions, and a sense of magic await visitors at the Philippines’ first and only theme park. Grab a bite at the park’s food outlets and kiosks between the Space Shuttle and EKstreme Tower rides. There are plenty of choices for parkgoers at the Enchanted Kingdom, from Pinoy classics at Amazon Grill to burgers and burritos at Jungle Wraps. 

The Enchanted Kingdom is located at Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Please check their website to see their updated schedule. 

 Aurora Filipino Cuisine

aurora restaurant in laguna old house turned restaurant with wooden everything | luxury homes by brittany corporation

Aurora Restaurant is a refurbished old home turned restaurant. | Photo from The Daily Posh


Authentic Filipino heritage foods are served at this converted ancestral house. Obviously, the food here is what makes this place unique. Aurora Filipino Cuisine presents the flavors of the Laguna region using authentic recipes that Grandma Aurora handed down to her daughter, Tage, and presented delightfully. 

For example, you should try the “Minanok” – the heart of a banana plant cooked in burnt coconut cream and served with banana fritters. Despite having no chicken, the consistency is similar to one, so it is suitable for vegetarians. The banana heart and fritters should be eaten together to get the perfect combination of flavors in your mouth. 

The Ensaladang Santa Cruz is also among the favorites of Filipinos! You are assured of nothing but authentic local flavors in the dishes because all the ingredients come from Santa Cruz and nearby towns. 

Aurora Filipino Cuisine is located in P. Guevarra St., Santa Cruz, Laguna. It opens from Monday to Sunday from 11AM – 10PM. 

What are the Delicacies of Laguna?

Aside from breathtaking trails, resorts, nature, and luxury real estate, Laguna also housed some famous delicacies that you’ve probably missed all these years. When you see buko pie alone, you know you are indeed in Laguna. Despite this, there are many Filipino food icons in the province. So what is delicious to bring home after a long day of food tripping, sightseeing, and bathing? Below is a list of excellent delicacies that you would not indeed want to miss. 

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Bibingka de Macapuno

tio casios macapuno bibingka rice cake luxury house and lot | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

look at the deliciousness of these macapuno buko tarts | Photo from Tio Casio via Facebook


One of the Filipino favorites is Bibingka galapong, a combination of baked coconut milk and rice cake. Despite this, the people of Laguna are turning this holiday delight into something more unique. Macapuno filling is used instead of salted egg topping in the Bibingka de Macapuno. You can get this sweet treat at Tio Casio’s in Sta Cruz. 

Located in Sambat Bubukal, Sta. Cruz, Laguna, Tio Casio’s Bibingka de Macapuno is open daily from 9AM to 5PM. 

The Famous Buko Pie in your culinary pilgrimage

letys buko pie in laguna near luxury homes in santa rosa | Luxury Homes by Brittany Corporation

Buko pie is probably one of the most famous delicacies Laguna has to offer. | Photo from Pepper


Buko pie – buko, the Filipino word for young coconut – is undoubtedly the all-time favorite delicacy in Laguna. It is a must for every traveler in Laguna. Although you can see buko pies along the road as you travel, most local residents recommend Lety’s Buko Pie.

Where are the Locations of Lety’s Buko Pie?

1. Near Heaven’s Memorial Garden located on National Road, Los Baños, Laguna. Opens daily from 6AM to 6PM. 

2. Just outside the University of Los Baños campus at Agapita Plaza. However, the branch opens only from Friday to Sunday, 6AM to 6PM. 

3. Besides Shell gasoline station on National Road in Los Baños, Laguna. The same branch opens only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 6AM to 6PM. 


Ofreng’s Espasol is a delicacy that anyone can enjoy! | Photo by Jasmine Manasala from Ofreng’s Espasol via Facebook


What exactly is espasol? It’s a soft rice cake in the form of a cylinder stuffed with sweet young coconut. Espasol is blanketed in toasted pinipig (pounded rice flakes) pulverized to a powdered texture, distinguishing it from Japanese mochi or Chinese-Filipino tikoy rolls. The pinipig powder gives espasol its nutty taste, making eating the sweet delight a little messy. Since 1974, Ofreng’s has been producing espasol. Ofreng’s, like many other local producers, packages each espasol in a thick white paper. 

You can check Ofreng’s Espasol Atbp. at 87 General Luna St., Brgy. Maracta in Lumban, Laguna. The store is open daily from 7AM until 8PM. 

 Final Thought on a Laguna Culinary Pilgrimage

Laguna has a lot to offer, particularly with the flavorful treats on this list. Undoubtedly, Laguna is indeed a complete package especially for those who want to build their permanent home amidst God-given nature. However, suppose you also want to become a part of a fast-growing residential and commercial development in Laguna, you can check each house and lot near Nuvali in Santa Rosa. 

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